What does resigning Cam Newton mean to Carolina?

Carolina recently resigned Cam Newton back to the team that he started his career with back in 2011. There have been a ton of opinions on the signing. Carolina appears to some, so desperate for a QB, they signed a mediocre guy that played for them once before to take over again as their QB. Some feel they brought back “Superman.”

Firstly, Teddy Bridgewater replaced Cam in 2020 and then they paid Darnold to replace Bridgewater in 2021. So they’re already 2 QBs past Cam at this point. Bridgewater had the highest ceiling and I feel deserved the chance after his awful knee injury. But, if we are being truthful, he’s pretty average and lacks great arm strength but he has shown he’s a capable QB who can win games. Secondly, Darold started playing badly when McCaffrey got hurt, including going 1-4 with a horrible 52.9% passing since week 5. But before that, he was looking like he was going to be the guy the Jets thought he was supposed to be, putting up 297 /game with 67.7% passing, while going 3-1 through the first 4 weeks.

At this point though – it is starting to look like constant 2nd guessing by the GM, which creates a low level of confidence to many. Cam went to the Patriots in 2020 and had a terrible season with just 8 TDs and 10 picks, along with one of his lowest yard passing totals in his career. Newton was awful last year with a very bad TD to Int ratio and throwing for just 177 yards / game, again, certifying to his doubters that he’s a run first QB, and is just not a good pocket passer. Regardless of trends and the “running QB” methodology, that is indeed what a QB should be able to do.

Newton truly has never shown anything to me as a starting NFL caliber QB besides his ability to run. I’ve always been critical of his ability to pass the ball from the pocket and his heart. Another huge question I have is Cam’s durability.
Can he stay upright?
This will be his 11th year and he is 32 years old. I don’t believe his legs will be quite as big of a factor now like they used to be, as his legs were his biggest threat to defenses. I think most would agree, he has passed for 24+ TD passes in a season, only 3 times in his career. Cam will run more than what they had, and he will give the fans some nostalgia. But if we’re being honest, Cam’s heart for the game has been questionable ever since the Broncos put the hurt on him in SuperBowl 50.

He was always arrogant on the field and has always carried himself with a loud brashness and cockiness. Never more than when he had the nerve to come down on his teammates after the loss in the SuperBowl. He was terrible during the game with a 43% passing game, 2 fumbles, and a costly interception. To me, he is an unlikeable player – he just hasn’t ever met a team’s expectations, maturity or consistency. Carolina let him go because they decided they got as far as they could with him. But now they felt they had to resign him because they needed a QB. Which is a common case of desperation.

Carolina resigning Cam Newton is not unlike taking your ex back – it never ends well. It’s like it’s the same thing over again. You know what they bring, you’re kind of comfortable with what you have – but at the end of the day there’s a reason you moved on. I do feel as if all he has to do, at this point, is do a decent job, and Carolina will probably give him another contract. At this point of the season, they seem to want to just try their best to attempt to remain a .500 team.

Newton is, and will always be overrated.
He lacks true QB skills and leadership.

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