Is CeeDee Lamb now the Cowboys Top WR

With Amari Cooper’s role looking as if it is taking a backseat, CeeDee Lamb is looking to be the clear WR1 on a team that likes to throw the ball, with a slinging QB who has no problem hanging big numbers on the stat sheet. Cooper is getting a little less action because of CeeDee Lamb – and that means a lot. Lamb is going to get 135+ targets from Dak Prescott, and the former Oklahoma WR appears to become the primary endzone target. It is difficult to say a player isn’t a WR1 in that situation.

I’m not saying Lamb is going to be the reason this team becomes a SuperBowl champion – but the Cowboys had to be pretty confident in what he brings to the team. He is a very talented player, Lamb was really good last year and should get even better this year, and going forward. But he is certainly one of the main reasons they are sitting at 8-4, currently in the top slot in the NFC East.

CeeDee was a very good player last year for Dallas and he had some promising WR numbers. It came from steady play in his games, as he was consistent all last season. There’s no question he is the real deal.  Lamb saw a 17% target share on the team, meaning Dallas was putting the ball in his direction, and that was with Amari Cooper still getting 20% of Dallas’ targets, without Cooper eating as many looks – his numbers are going to increase. He has had 7 or more targets in 7 of 11 games along with averaging 8.1 targets /game on the season. He is getting the looks, bottom line. The Cowboys have been a top ended passing team – for several of the last seasons. For anyone to be a number one WR, they need targets, and Dak throws the ball. Having a confident QB who can deliver the rock is essential – and he constantly throws for over 280 /game, and it is increasingly looking as the identity of the once dominant running game of Dallas.

Prescott doesn’t force throws to anyone, but Lamb has been getting the lion’s share – and looks to continue being the focal point for Dallas to zone in on. He’s the type of player you can feed targets to, as a physical CB1 cannot shut him down – but, having that option certainly is nice, even though not necessary. With Amari moving more into the WR2 slot, his targets will at least the same as what he did last year, if not they will only go up. He has developed as a receiver, has a very accurate QB, on a team that believes in their offensive unit. Making them a lethal duo to deal with for opponents.

The 21 yr old WR was good last season and absolutely deserves to start being looked at among the league’s WR1’s. Lamb ran over teams for 58 YDs /game, and had some solid pieces of the target share, which is only getting bigger, absorbing 111 targets, 74 receptions, along with 935 receiving yards while snagging 5 TDs. Those numbers put him as a strong 2nd option at the position. But this year, I think it is safe to say we can all assume that his top end production has improved and is getting more and more consistent. His downfield yards, and TDs that is showing this year, are certainly enough for a WR1 for the Cowboys.

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