Have the Dallas Cowboys turned it around

It, of course, is far too early to decide just how strong the Dallas Cowboys are going to be by season’s end. Every season, there is a team that will start red hot, and then blow it. Other teams start slow, and bumble along early, and will appear beatable, and then will come roaring back to finish 12-5 .Every.

Dallas have been looking pretty strong this season, sitting at 5-1 so far after 6 games. With Dak being Dak, good chemistry and excellent scoring they have seemed like they got things in order. They have rolled up a compelling record vs their division – being able to take care of business in your playground is always a great start. And, playing in a division with the hapless Giants and Eagles – doesn’t hurt, who have been a combined 14 – 31 over the last 45 games. They can legit look at their division and know they should be able to win v the majority of their division games, every year.

Their offense has gotten them big plays and a lot of scoring opportunities – as they have had a lot of coherence on both sides of the ball. Dallas is 9th in the NFL with a meager 35.7% 3rd down conversion rate – which says a lot about why the Cowboys have been able to rack up some big Ws. Their ball movement has been tough to control with their mix of lethal passing and running game. Having that dual threat ability is why the Cowboys have been the top scoring squad in the league

CeeDee Lamb has been a great WR, with 49 targets and 497 YDS, as the 22 yr old and Amari Cooper compliment each other on the field. Cooper catching 72 or more passes a year in 5 out of 6 years from his rookie year has been a real accomplishment, and he appears to be well on his way to those kinds of numbers this season as well. And Dak getting them the ball like he does, with his remarkable accuracy, makes teams confused on who they need to throw a double with a safety on.

Zeke has been one of the best RBs in the league for many years, and with Tony Pollard as his duo – this tandem can be very dangerous. Elliot isn’t quite the complete gamewrecker that he was 3-4 years ago – but he still can tear off a big chunk run or take it to the house if someone misses a tackle. On running plays, they keep blocking until the whistle, as they don’t get overpowered on 3rd and short, as Zeke has picked up 29 first downs, and hammers out 6.5 YPC in the 3rd quarter of games – his pounding style certainly wears down teams. Play action is always a serious threat since their running game is still as potent as the pass, with Zeke pounding the rock.

Success starts with stability – a QB who has thoroughly learned the playbook, and a RB that is fiercely competitive and always wants to keep getting better.
They have these both.
Many teams in the NFL hope to get their team chemistry to the point where they feel confident every Sunday. It is easy to say because the Cowboys play in a weak division in the NFL, they have an easy couple of wins – but that really doesn’t explain everything. Dallas looks like they have finally gotten it together. And I think they will be the team in the NFC East for another several years.

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