Is the NBA 4-pt shot something to be considered

Over the last several months there has been murmurs about the possibility of adding a 4p shot to the NBA game. The 3 point line is 43 years old, as it was introduced to the NBA back in 1979. I am more than sure the 3p shot sounded like a gimmick to some guys that there was going to be a 3 point line, just another “trend” – just like every new rule, similar to zone defense. Some people used to think the 3 pt line was stupid when it was first brought into the NBA. As it made the NBA game more open, and brought a new angle into the game, it was fun and gave a bonus for taking the lower shot percentage shot. At the time, when players like Moses Malone and George Gervin were putting up 20+ ppg based on getting to the hoop – it opened the game up for guys who were higher skilled in shooting.

With 70+ players dropping 100 3p shots in 2022 – which by the way is utterly mind blowing, compared to 86-87 – when the leading 3p shooter, Larry Bird, knocked down 90 through the whole season. We have heard the concept of possibly adding a 4p shot over the last few months. Seemingly because it has become so common in the day’s game. If they opened up a 4 pt shot – it seems like players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and DeMar DeRozan would be drastically behind as a player. If the NBA created this – then the rest of the league will be training that shot. The league is already putting up 30+ /3s a game  – why not push it further out? Players like Donovan Mitchell and Stephen Curry would be ahead of most – because they have been training for a long time in shooting from far distances. That doesn’t make the idea any better.

The possibility of the 4 point line would basically eliminate the big from the NBA. Without question – just so fans know. The game is already pushing the offense further away from the basket, making guys whose best skill is their hook shot and footwork down low – becoming irrelevant. I do think that the idea of getting an extra point from beyond half court would be reasonable. As usually the half court heaves are at the end of quarters, so I can see maybe giving them an extra point. There really aren’t a whole bunch of shots made from half court – so teams getting extra points for that sounds ok to me.

I feel that adding the 4p shot would destroy the post game, eliminating talented slashers, a good mid range game, along with the basics of solid fundamental basketball. Shooters are already rewarded with an extra point for shooting from deep – and if there was a shot worth double the standard bucket, then teams would focus on getting deep ball shooters – which would continue to destroy the rest of the game. I think many of the younger generation tend to forget about the skills of the games past. There are many ways to play the game of basketball, but I think this would wreck it for many fans. Personally, I love watching smart passes on drives with excellent play execution, moving without the ball, I love the skill of shooting from deep – but making a center irrelevant is sad to me. The 3p shot has transformed the game, any of us old school fans can relate – as the game has transformed to ISO and pick and rolls. Teamwork and moving without the ball seems to have gone out the window, making big men not nearly as important as they once were.

If a 4-pt shot was added – I feel that every individual stat in the past wouldn’t matter. Many feel that the 3pt barrage we have seen overtake the NBA for the last 7+ years, has wrecked the game as it is – the thought of adding a 4p shot would certainly turn off many fans. Would the numbers that legendary players like Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain hung during their illustrious careers hold up to players like Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard chucking up 9+ shots from deep? Sadly, the big man of baby hooks and up and unders seems to have died years ago and continues to. The game down low has been ruined. I think anyone over 35 would agree with that, as of the current state of the game – the idea of adding a 4p shot isn’t a great idea –  I strongly feel that it would ruin the game for good.

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