The Miami Heat are being overlooked by many

With the NBA season  back in full swing – and then the NBA playoffs – it is time to ask the question – how long are people going to ignore the Heat?  Miami had been playing some really good basketball this year, and the NBA playoffs will be starting up – it might be time to not.
They have been able to win 84% games at home – where they have been lethal. Miami had won just 39 games last season – but they look to have gotten their heads on straight this year, they have gotten so much better and will likely end up with some court advantage this postseason.

The Heat are very deep, with a lot of guys who can put the ball in the hole, with 8 guys averaging 11 or more /game. Miami made some quality moves in drafting sharpshooter SG, Tyler Herro, and picking up Jimmy Butler – I love the Butler pickup especially. His game is effortless and has shown that with 7 games of 25pts and 6 or more assists. Herro and Jimmy Buckets have been good pickups. 22 yr old Bam Adebayo is also an improving big man with his 16 ppg and 10 rpg as he has been inserted into the starting lineup. The Heat have shown this season they can beat the elite teams with the team they have on the court – as they had gone 2-0 vs the Bucks and 2-0 vs Toronto. I’m not saying they’re going to run through the playoffs – but they’re definitely going to be far more of a handful than some may be expecting. Miami has a roster that can beat anyone in the East, as long as they play to their potential, and I give them a lot of credit, and when the playoffs start, the teams that make some noise are playing 8-9 guys.

More of the media should be putting the Heat in conversation in the top teams of the NBA. And the Heat bring a fiery glimmer of hope to the league that there are still some teams that are making the right moves, and getting better to become a contender in the NBA. Miami are better than the Sixers and their hype train – and they are better coached, I feel the Heat are more well rounded than Denver, as well. Milwaukee has arguably one of the best players in the NBA, in Giannis Antetokounmpo – but his supporting cast is lacking.

There is a player induced mismatch of talent in the league, so to see a team like the Miami Heat coming around and potentially be making some noise is an inspiring and pleasant surprise. I think they are very capable of going deep into the NBA Playoffs in the Eastern Conference this year.

The NBA return will be very interesting

There have been reports all over the news, that the NBA is looking at the possibility of picking up play relatively soon. Players are working out, getting ready for the next step, as they need to start getting mentally and physically ready for the final push of the NBA season. I would think that most players are ready to get back on the court and finish the season they started.
The NBA is targeting July 31st 2020 for a return to play, per Charania. NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the league office informed Board of Governors that July 31 is a target date for return of season, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium.
The NBA seems like they are going to be able to move forward with the season, including an interesting playoff format. There have been talks of having an expanded playoff, a notion that essentially would have teams that were on the brink of making it during the season to play in to get the final spots. The NBA could have “play in” playoffs for teams that were close to the 8th seed – this could be a ton of fun, and borderline brilliant. It would bring excitement to teams that were catching momentum late in the season, until stoppage, or banged up, and were thinking they were done. The NBA having essentially 2 sets of playoffs, one for the top tiered teams and another for the lower tiered teams trying to get in, would be awesome. With a compromised on court season, some teams were already packing it in – this could change that mindset – this breathes new life into them.
From what I have seen, and heard, there won’t be fans, and home court advantage will be nullified, as games will be played at a neutral court and our VegasTopDogs experts will be ready.
Things are going to be different in many ways. The season finishing and playoffs impending, can not only bring some closure to the league’s season, but also some much needed sports excitement. Of course, the playoffs popping up at this stage of the year, could very well lead to the Finals this year going into August, which would be very different. And obviously, the sooner the playoffs begin, then, the sooner the brass can start figuring out when next season can start, with some basis of a game-plan in place.
You cant get to step 2, until you get through step 1.
I think it would be unfair if the NBA went directly to the playoffs, like some have suggested. Especially, when there are teams like the Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans and the Sacramento Kings, who were all very much in striking distance of getting into the playoffs in that 8th slot, as the West is filled with teams that can make that jump in. Yes there are some teams altered in some way from the time off – like Philly and Portland, but in basketball, notably, I feel that the better team wins the series, probably 90% of the time. And if a team like the Lakers cannot handle the 8th seed, regardless of who it would be, then maybe there is something to be said there.
We miss the euphoric escape of sports. Sports is something that brings people alive and fills is with excitement. I feel society as a whole, need sports entertainment – we can watch flowers grow, only for so long. It’s good to feel that win as your team is on top at the end of the buzzer, and it is great fun to watch fast paced action with great athletes. These players are getting paid lots of money a year, these guys are young, hungry and competitors, although some are hesitant – I would believe the vast majority of the guys want to compete, at least I would hope so. Anything that brings back some keyhole semblance of basketball, and gets us back to normalcy is going to be accepted. Some may be excited and sit with their fingers crossed – others may not want the season back, under these circumstances – but I think, no – I know – regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, basketball fans will watch the games that return.

NBA season recap and what to look out for

One of the most exciting leagues each year, one of the most followed and that causes the loudest noise in general, the NBA, came to a forced stop a few weeks ago. Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has caused chaos in the sports world and some of the fans that have felt it the most are the true basketball fans, who were enjoying one of the best, most competitive seasons of the NBA in recent years.

This seemed to be like a good year for LeBron James to win his 4th NBA ring, backed up by the greatness of Anthony Davis and a greatly assembled LA Lakers team. LeBron was even leading the race to NBA MVP when the season stopped. The Milwaukee Bucks are the best team in the league, according to numbers, and were showing off amazing strength and team play, lead by the “Greek Freak”, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Other teams like the Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat or Boston Celtics, in the East, or the LA Clippers, the Denver Nuggets or Houston Rockets, in the West, were giving this season the extra ingredients we were all waiting for, while we got closer and closer to the playoffs.

The NBA has announced that they intend to finish the season, hopefully coming back to action in early June, and moving the NBA Finals to August, considering a probable format change. We all certainly hope this will happen, and we will get to watch the ending of a remarkable season, at least so far. In fact, former players and media have already commented that, if the season were to be completed, we might be in for the best playoff run ever, considering that all the superstars and best teams in the league are getting a 2 month rest, allowing them to get in shape, adjust details, work on the floor and get ready to fight for the ring. This hiatus will definitely help players return in top form and allow veterans like LeBron himself, to get to the playoffs 100% healthy.

These are the individual leaders so far in the 2019-2020 NBA season

          Points per game: James Harden, 34.4 – Houston Rockets

          Rebounds per game: Andre Drummond, 15.2 – Cleveland Cavaliers

          Assists per game: LeBron James, 10.6 – LA Lakers

          Blocks per game: Hassan Whiteside, 3.1 – Portland Trail Blazers

          Steals per game: Ben Simmons, 2.1 – Philadelphia 76’ers

          Field Goal percentage: Mitchell Robinson, 74.2 – New York Knicks

          Three Pointers made: James Harden, 271 – Houston Rockets

          Three Point percentage: George Hill, 48.0 – Milwaukee Bucks

These are the team leaders so far in the 2019-2020 NBA season

          Points per game: Milwaukee Bucks, 118.6

          Rebounds per game: Milwaukee Bucks, 51.7

          Assists per game: Phoenix Suns, 27.2

          Blocks per game: LA Lakers, 6.8

          Steals per game: Chicago Bulls, 10.0

          Field Goal percentage: LA Lakers, 48.5

          Three Pointers made: Dallas Mavericks, 1026

          Three Point percentage: Miami Heat, 38.3

          Free Throw percentage: Phoenix Suns, 82.6

If the NBA playoffs started today, just to have an idea of how things are currently in the league, in the East we would have Bucks vs. Magic, Raptors vs. Nets, Celtics vs. 76’ers and Heat vs. Pacers. In fact, Bucks, Raptors and Celtics had already clinched their playoff spot before the season stopped. In the West, we’d enjoy of Lakers vs. Grizzlies, Clippers vs. Mavericks, Nuggets vs. Rockets and Jazz vs. Thunder. Only the Lakers, so far, had clinched a playoff spot, their first since 2013.

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Is Zion Williamson the next NBA Super Star

Zion was a beast and the best player in the nation in high school a few years ago – many former players have said he was a man playing with boys out on the court. And his play in college has been arguably some of the most impressive I have seen in years, and was the best player in college basketball. What I have watched, is a man ready to play the game vs other men. But, you obviously just never really know how good a player will be when entering the league.
LeBron  James never played college basketball, and came straight out of high school and many of the media already had him pegged as being better than most of the league, which in turn, I really think hindered some of his “like-ability.” But, when LeBron was coming out of high school – he probably was better than probably 50% of the NBA.
That is far from false.
And when he came into the league, and was faster and quicker than everyone over 6-6 despite being the size of PF, and put up 21-6-6 in his rookie year in 2003. So young players, the right young players, can make some impressive and ridiculous impacts on the court very quickly.
Zion is one of those players I think will make a fast impact.
Zion Williamson was a phenomenal college player, putting up 23ppg and 9 rpg – and he comes with a massive amount of potential. His drive to the hoop can be a little sloppy at times, but he has a savage knack to be able to still get his shot up. I don’t think Zion is going to dominate the NBA immediately when stepping on the court, and will need to improve his game, and he will need to continue to work on his shot. But, in the same sense, I think any player worth a lick of being a great – works on his shot and his game. He has mostly been muscling kids on the court – and hadn’t shown a steady and reliable shot. It took Blake Griffin several years before he became more than just a dunker, as he came out in 2009 from Oklahoma as a box player only and dominant PF. Griffin in college, was a wrecking ball who crushed teams with power and leaping ability. Now he has himself a very solid shot, and plays good D, as well.
Those who want to bang on Zion Williamson – let the 19 year old play his first NBA game before people start to “hate” on him. He has shown he has a tremendous work ethic, and he is only going to get stronger, and more explosive as he gets older and more learned. And as his body matures and he gets more acclimated to the NBA – I think it could be awesome and a lot of fun to watch. That’s what I find so intriguing about him- he has such an explosive part to his game that is really exciting and raw – and he isn’t anywhere close his prime yet.
I don’t understand how the thought of a young guys being considered a top tier player as a rookie is so incredibly unheard of. When KD came into the NBA in his first year, back in 2007 – he put up 20ppg and he was just 19, Karl-Anthony Towns at 20, grabbed 11rpg and scored 18/game. Luka Doncic is only 19 years old- and is putting up 21 / 8 / 6 in the NBA. All very young when playing the game at a frightening level. We can all look at guys like Kwame Brown and Greg Oden, and think how they just fell apart at the next level. But, I think Zion’s definitely a better prospect than either of them – so if he does what he is expected to do – he will be just fine.
Can we guarantee Zion is going to be that good? No.
Can he be? Absolutely.

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Does Kyrie Irving fit in Boston

The numbers that Kyrie Irving has put up over 7 seasons in the NBA are great, Kyrie is obviously a great basketball talent, there is no question about that. But can Irving allow Brad Stevens to coach his game – instead of trying to be the main course? Given what Boston did last year in the playoffs – they have some experience, having a healthy Gordon Hayward and a superstar now, they should be much better. I just don’t feel like Kyrie loves the system. The successful system that got the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals last season.
Without him.
From how well the Celtics were playing at the end of last season and into the playoffs it just looks far different from what we have watched this season.
I don’t think he has fully bought into Brad Stevens’ system and the Celtics culture, Stevens has shown that he has a specific system and it has worked, for 6 seasons, and going 197- 116 (.629) since 2015. Getting to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, with a very average roster, which showcased talents like Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.
Boston is set up as a team to keep games close – if Kyrie could play within the offense for the first 3 quarters – get others involved throughout, keep Tatum getting his shots, let Gordon Hayward have his looks, then he can begin his showcase for the final 6-7 minutes of the game, I feel it would be more effective. The C’s offense is free flowing where everyone has a part in their offense, for Irving though – it is all about taking over the game. He should know when and how, by now. He is great at the end of games, with accurate shooting and a wicked scoring touch, and Kyrie has a clutch gene, as he has shown with his several outbursts in his career. With his awesome performances in the 2015 finals – he was beyond dynamite when the lights were on. And the biggest issue will be in the postseason when Boston is going up against powerhouse teams, that can put up huge points and have several guys who can score 20 or 30 – they need him because he can take over and score buckets in close games.
He’s shown to be a great player, but when he stops and dribbles for 8-10 seconds it ruins the rhythm of the offense. Guys start milling around – looking at him, then back at the shot clock, waiting to see what he is going to do with the ball. Is he going to dribble until 2 seconds and shoot – or dribble, drive and kick out for a bad three point shot? Irving is then being a detriment to the functionality of Boston. It is those times, on the court, the other players seem bored and almost annoyed with him during the games. Gordon Hayward has played better when Kyrie isn’t playing. With more shots and more confidence – he shows his ability, the C’s seem to play much better, as a team, when Kyrie is not on the court. Boston shoots better, passes better, and they play team ball, the ball moves around, and gets all of the guys involved. Jaylen Brown and Al Horford also play better. It is quite possible they are better off without Kyrie Irving.
If we are being honest, though, at this time, the Boston Celtics are not winning a championship with Kyrie. The Celtics aren’t going to win it without him either. Not as long as Golden State is still running the West with their All-Star team. They bought a team that is so over the top and there is no team right now that I can see being able to handle their talent and firepower. It is extremely tough to compete for a championship in the NBA anymore without having a stacked team across the board. We live in the “players era” – where the top teams need 3-4 guys who can score close to 20/game.
The truth is, they may play better without Kyrie – but without Kyrie Irving they are not winning a title. He’s a big-time superstar and when playoff crunch time comes around – he shows up. Boston is a good team – but as we watched last year play out – when a superstar took it to the next level, they weren’t able to respond. So with that – the Celtics may as well keep Kyrie on the floor as that “just in case” player. Kyrie gives them a threat to have a punchers chance to punch back.

James Harden is the NBA MVP this year

The 2017-2018 season has been a great season with a multitude of players doing some great things on the courts. From Anthony Davis in New Orleans to the Greek freak and his career season, even to LeBron James and his never ending skills. Then there is a special player for Boston, who has been putting up big numbers and shooting 40% from deep.
James Harden laid out the NBA’s 1st 60pt triple-double in it’s history vs Orlando back on 1.30.2018. What he did was beyond something that most would have ever considered a possibility. Hitting 63% from the field and putting the team on his back – along with clutch buckets when his team needed it most. They needed every bit of his massive amounts of production. It was what many would consider an “MVP moment.” That awesome outing vs the Magic seemed to plop Harden, as the favorite for the prestigious award. The award that has gone to players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Russell Westbrook over the last 5 seasons.
The MVP has found a way to elude Harden twice in the past three seasons. He was 2nd to Stephen Curry in 2015 and yet again to Russell Westbrook last year. And he put together seasons that were certainly worthy of the MVP. The idea of excellence and the definition of the MVP, is of course, purely subjective. Even though the 6-3 Westbrook was the MVP last season with a dismal shooting efficiency, on a sad non-contending team, was last year’s MVP. The 28-year old PG won it last season based on his triple-double gimmick game. When  Westbrook won the MVP in 2016-17, it seemed the standard shifted from best player in the league to just the best entertainer. When things like that happen, you can get the feeling that that winning is no longer relevant. But it should hold some semblance of value, not all of it, but I just cannot see a team that wins only 47 games on the season, having the leagues “Most Valuable Player.”


Harden is talented enough to be in the MVP conversation every year. He is an incredible player that more often then not, finds the best way and most efficient route to get his numbers.  As of this article, Harden has gotten a league leading 657 free throw attempts this year, as always, he gets to the line frequently, 5 of the last 6 seasons he has attempted 10 or more/game, which adds greatly to his point total, stops the clock, and gets his team “free points” as he is a very good free throw shooter, at 86%.
Harden has a history of complaining a lot to the refs – and it takes him out his game sometimes. But, if we are being 100% honest, what player doesn’t sell the call in this day and age, whether you like it or not. Harden has been known to embellish contact. If players know he does this, they shouldn’t keep their hands down, defend with their hands up. He is great with crossing the ball over to draw lazy low handed defenders into slapping him on so many shot attempts it’s incredible. Yes, it slows the game down, yes it makes the game boring and can get the team out of rhythm- but as a team, if getting uncontested shots vs contested shots is a bad thing, then call me bad.
Harden has 4793 career free throws vs 4591 field goals made, which is beyond comprehension, as well. As long as the league gives the calls to him, he is going to continue doing his thing.Just because some fans find his style of play distasteful doesn’t mean it isn’t efficient and smart. In an MVP race, it isn’t a beauty contest, and points from the foul line are just as valuable as points from anywhere else on the court.
As every year, we have to mention Lebron James in the MVP race this year. Yes his 27ppg and 9 apg are in the top 5 of the league. But, James still has not been overly dominant this season, and he certainly hasn’t brought the Cavs to the next level, in fact, LeBron doesn’t have the Cavs even to be the favorites in the East. LeBron has had an outstanding career – but he does not deserve to be the MVP conversation this year.
Harden has been more efficient than both LeBron and Curry, leading the Rockets to a far and away better record than the Cavs and a couple of huge wins over Golden State. Harden and Kyrie, in my opinion, should be the frontrunners, but Harden is still the clear choice.
Opponents often have attempted to attack Harden, based on his reputation as a sloppy defender, in hopes of slowing him down offensively, by forcing him to work hard on the defensive end. But this season – Harden is averaging career highs in steals at 1.9 and blocks at 0.7 per game, which leaves most opponents confused as what to do with him.


Harden is way ahead of the pack this year. Even if someone is not a big Harden fan, watching him play, verifies that he’s the most valuable player. And when watching Kyrie, Curry, even James, I just don’t feel like any of them quite hold a candle to him. If I am putting together an NBA team, a legit NBA championship contender. And I’ve got the 1st pick, I’m taking James Harden over everyone else. His smooth shot, excellent vision, and basketball smarts make him beyond guardable, and his ability to get to the line whenever he seemingly wants to – brings his team to another level.
Who in their right mind, wouldn’t acknowledge Harden making the Rockets better? He truly is the Houston Rockets. If you were to switch Harden and Curry out,- do you think Golden State would still be anywhere near the top in the West, would the Rockets still be winning like they are? We know the answer.
James Harden is the #1 player in the NBA  this season and my clear selection for the league MVP.

How the PG position has evolved in the NBA


The role of the point guard in the NBA has changed over the years. It used to be all about ball ?distribution. Point guards were doing one thing better than everyone else – distributing the rock. They used to be a moderate scorer, top ball handler, and your main assist guy. They were the player who made the team work, the true leader of the team on the court. The evolution of the point guard in the NBA has gone into a direction I never saw coming.

The scoring point guard.

Like, as in, scoring 25, 30, 40 points…scoring point guard. These kind of numbers are at a different level.

Growing up, I, like many others in my era, watched the greatest point guard ever, Magic Johnson, orchestrate the game on the court like no other. This was a player who, at 6-9, and even though shot over 50% from the field in his career, only finished as a top 10 scorer in one solitary season ’86-87. Magic probably cold have put up a lot more points in his career, but he chose to run the offense instead of dropping 25-30 every night.

In this day’s NBA, the pass first point guards are very hard to come by. There are numerous reasons behind this, in my opinion. When the NBA stopped hand-checking, it made it a whole lot easier for perimeter players to get their shot off. Which typically opens the game up for smaller guys, aka the point guard. So the smaller PGs in the NBA have more space to look for their own shot more frequently. The lack of post playing bigs, and the stretch big evolution has tremendously opened the game up for the PG. Now when a PG gets himself into the lane, there’s oftentimes no one there to solidly protect the rim vs them.

It seems to be on the surface, that the PG position has evolved because there were a bunch of shooting guards who wanted the ball more, so they learned how to handle the ball better, and called themselves “point guards.” Perfect example, and I am not a huge fan, is Russell Westbrook. He is easily the most athletic PG I have seen play the game. He can score, pass the ball, when he decides to, and an outstanding rebounder. There comes a time to accept the changes, and see what talent this NBA has today. But his game and style in which he plays is everything I never considered when I think of a PG.

We have seen the PG position change with players like, Steph Curry, who is seriously making a legit push to be the best shooter in the history of the NBA. 25 year old John Wall is in incredibly rare and genuine elite passer, who at the time of this article, if he has the expected 15 year career, he will probably end up in the top 7-8 category in this stat, which means he would surpass Gary Payton and Isaiah Thomas. And he also a very talented defender, and one of my personal favorites. And, then we have Chris Paul, who is arguably the best overall point guard in the game. This is the most competitive era in NBA history for the point.

The game has always evolved, and will just continue to do so. In this game today, the point guards are needed to carry more of the scoring load. The game is designed for shooters. And I go back to the point of declining of dominant post play by the old school bigs. And let’s also keep in mind, the play making SGs as well as the 3. The NBA is always moving into a direction to accommodate the players coming in. Yes, it used to be more physical, it used to be dominated by guys down low, bumping shoulders and backing in down low. But today, the game is played outside the paint, its controlled by the 15 foot shot and obviously the three point shot, which is more of a game changer than ever these days. Think about his fun fact, in 1990, the top three point shooter, Vernon Maxwell, had 172 made treys, on 510 attempts, hitting only 34%. In 2015, Stephen Curry shot 646 treys, knocking down 286 at an incredible 44% shooting pct. It’s a head shaking era.

The NBA is much more 3 point driven now, so everyone at every position shoots the deep ball. It’s not a commodity anymore, its part of the game, the game plan goes off of the three point shot. The league is geared towards athletic shooting PG’s and the wing player. We can look at the top 10 players in the NBA, and the majority are all in the 1-3 positions now. The PG position is becoming the position to be in, in basketball today. Your job isn’t just to get the ball to the best shooter, or the big down low. You have skills that allow you to do that, as well as, drop 25 in a quick second.

Let’s just enjoy what the game has become, today. We can have a serious, conversation between players like Steph, Paul, Kyrie Irving, Westbrook, Damian Lillard, John Wall, all of whom are great PG’s in the NBA today. It comes down to what everyone expects as what they want from their PG for their team. It is all a matter of preference. Give me anytime in the NBA, when we have witnessed at least 10 candidates competing for one specific position as the best. The PG position is overflowing with talent. We used to have 3-5 guys who were considered the best PGs in the game, we can look at a boatload of guys now, and have a serious debate as to what we can be comfortable with naming the best of the PG’s.

The game is changing, and it’s not all bad.

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Does LaMarcus Aldridge immediately make the Spurs the favorites again in the Western Conference


LaMarcus Aldridge signed a 4-year, $80 million contract with the option after the 3rd year, with the Spurs. Aldridge had been the main man in Portland, and was one of the most important building blocks for the reshaping of the Blazers. He also became Portland’s 2nd all-time leading scorer, trailing only their legendary G Clyde Drexler.

Then the Spurs went out and made this great pick up. Adding him to a team that was already a consistent winner, taking him from out of Portland. The way it looked, winning it all, just wasn’t going to happen up in Portland. That’s the brutal truth.

He has averaged over 20ppg in each of the last 5 seasons. This last season finishing with a career best 23ppg also adding 10rpg in 71 starts. The thought of a player like Lamarcus trying to get a championship for himself by winning it in Portland, would’ve been great. He was the obvious first true star, they had in many years. But, after 9 years in the league, Aldridge, never got a chance to get passed the 2nd round of playoffs. I always felt he was always underappreciated in Portland because of upstart G Damian Lillard.

Aldridge, is a big man in the game who can score very well. In the playoffs, he always showed up but couldn’t get them moving. LaMarcus is straight money, especially when he gets himself on the low block, he absolutely demands a double team or it’s lights out. With career averages of 19ppg and 8rpg. Those are numbers that are a huge reason why numerous teams coveted him, and wanted to bring him aboard. The Lakers, Heat, Phoenix, New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks and the Rockets all had interest in him.

But the San Antonio Spurs landed him. They were already a 55 win team without Aldridge, they are a team that has their share of established stars, but age is creeping up on them. Obviously we know a team has to have others around as well, no one has ever won a championship on their own, without a proper supporting cast.

The 4 time All Star could make the Spurs championship favorites. At least 2nd only in respect to the defending champs. Having him teamed up with the ageless wonder, Tim Duncan, they could have arguably one of the most formidable frontlines in the NBA. Granted they still have to go through the tough West. Stacked up against teams like Golden State, obviously. Oklahoma City should be ready to come back around. And even the Dallas Mavericks with their changes, Deron Williams and Dirk Nowitzki will want to show they disagree.

Of course, the defending champs the Warriors will be, and should be the favorites. And the Clippers resigned their rebounding machine, in DeAndre Jordan, they will still be a top ended team. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are a deadly combo, then with Paul Pierce, that’s still a tough team to hang with.

Keep in mind, the Spurs won the series matchup against the Warriors last year, 2-1. Outscoring them by 17 overall. And now they just went and added more offensive firepower and a rim protector, Aldridge can handle those duties for the Spurs. They have a very serious possibility of handling the champs. With that team they almost created the perfect enemy for Golden State, take a good look at the team’s that gave the Warriors problems. The Spurs lashed them pretty well the last time they played, 107-92. That wasn’t pretty, Kawhi Leonard handled Stephen Curry, pretty well. I think if the Warriors had run into the Spurs in last years playoffs, the Spurs might have beaten them. They gave the Warriors the most problems over the last several years.

Duncan is going to play less minutes during the season to make sure he’s ready for the playoffs. This is now Aldridge’s, and Leonard’s team. Tony Parker will still have his number of games where he will get his. But overall, this team just got that much better, in a hiccup. Tony Parker is getting old as well, and is becoming more and more injury prone, and the bench isn’t strong as it had been in the past. So this adds tremendous upside.

Duncan, we know, is an old, aging player who only averaged only 14ppg this last season. Leonard is not a top end scorer yet. he’s average, at best, but he needs to be put in the position as the 2nd option. The Spurs are an older team, that needs to make a power move like this. This move is something that suddenly can rejuvenate this team. Fans who think this team is too old and done, are going to be frustrated again. They just continue to build championship teams, each and every year.

With a lineup with Aldridge, Duncan, Parker, Green, and Leonard, they are going to give teams a lot of problems. This was a great move for the Spurs. The Texas road trips going through Dallas, San Antonio & Houston will be brutally hard. There will likely be at least 4 teams in the West, that could be better than the top team in the East. This off season could not have possibly gone any better for the franchise. Aldridge and Leonard will keep the Spurs among the NBA’s best for years to come. More importantly, for the past 5 years there’s been this sense of impending doom and uncertainty waiting for the Spurs heading into the post Duncan era. That has been lifted with the solid core of Kawhi, Aldridge, and Danny Green to build around now.

Spurs are a very good organization and it’d be pretty special to see the “Big Fundamental” get another ring on his way out. The Spurs are an institution of what I love about basketball, they are complete. They are a team, first and foremost, always. San Antonio, grabbed a great player to carry on the winning tradition after Duncan retires.

As long as he plays with their style of play, he will fit in perfectly. The Spurs are going to be scary good this season, Tim Duncan will likely move over to center, so Aldridge to play at the PF, where he is made to play. This could also even mean that Duncan would be willing to re-sign for a couple more years, who knows? Timmy now has that chance to go out with yet one more championship. The NBA should be concerned.

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