Why Green Bay will win the Super Bowl

Some teams have some hot months, or hot runs, we have all watched it – we all witnessed Pittsburgh rolling with an 11-0 record then ended their season by getting wrecked 48-37 this year. The Packers went 13-3 this year – what does it look like they will end up as? Another flop or Super Bowl champs?

The Green Bay Packers offense is more suited for any kind of weather, including nice weather, rain, or snow – than any other offense in the NFL today. They have the ability to run the ball with 5.5 YPC rusher, Aaron Jones – bad weather isn’t going to slow down that Packers offense. Green Bay has been scoring like a well oiled machine – with a top ranked scoring offense –  putting up 31.8ppg. The Packers have been so even balanced with their running and top ended passing game – the Packers showed to have the system to go anywhere and win. They have also been outstanding with a fantastic 3rd down conversion rate at 49% – that is tough to deal with, they just stay on the field, scoring points, and wearing your defense down. And the Green Bay defense is tough as well, especially vs the pass – they have shut down opposing QBs from lighting them up all through the season – which is key in this pass heavy NFL.

Green Bay showed even more than what I had expected – their offense has shown a lot of growth – last year Aaron Rodgers had one of his lowest QBRs of his career – this year he was at his 2nd best of all time – 26 TD passes last year to a whopping 48 this year. QBs can get butterflies in the playoffs –  again, Rodgers has the experience – he will be just fine, we saw that again on Saturday vs the top ranked passing defense LA Rams when he threw for 296 and 2 TDs in a 32-18 victory.

Green Bay has also been really tough to handle when playing at home – even the way things are now. AR12 has 19 games behind him as a postseason starter and has shown he has the courage and skills to handle any pressure that comes with the postseason. When a team just keeps blowing out teams the way Green Bay did this year, with 9 wins by 14 or more, and teams repeatedly have had no answer for Rodgers and his craftiness – it’s hard to say they can’t do it. There just is no game plan to stop the Packers that has been effective thus far – that is the main problem for teams playing them. I see a championship in sight for Green Bay this season. They are a very real problem for anyone dealing with them.

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