Can LeSean McCoy still lead the BIlls as a RB1

The 5-foot-11, 210-pound LeSean McCoy, who’s in his 10th season, and his 4th in Buffalo, after starring for 6 seasons in Philly, has been a great playmaker as both a runner and a receiver. He has loaded up 724 carries over the last 3 seasons along with 141 receptions – but he’s now the magical and dreaded 30 – so it’s a legit question if he can put together another 1000 YD season in NFL action this year..
McCoy just came off a season where he rumbled around the gridiron for 1138 yards and 6 TDs, which would give the majority of teams a confident feeling as to what they were packing in their backfield. Then there is also that shadowing feeling that LeSean was still a disappointment for the Bills in 2017 with what he put out on the field.
After running off with the NFL’s rushing title in 2013 and racking up 2146 yards from scrimmage for the Eagles with 11 total TDs – he had some problems in Buffalo busting out behind a subpar Bills offensive line. Sometimes finding himself trying to do too much. With games of just 3.9 avg/carry in 9 of 16 games in 2017 he did have his share of issues. Although a season average of 4.0 yards a carry is ok – it is also the lowest of his career – as far well below his career avg of 4.6 YPC. Yet, McCoy is still viewed at as the veteran RB for Buffalo who fits the modern day RB model with his feet and skilled hands.
The versatile RB has held up pretty well throughout his excellent and lengthy career when looking at how many yards he has put up. Having dealt with really no significant injuries besides the MCL issue back in 2015 – he has been pretty healthy.  LeSean didn’t break down last year with his Buffalo career high of 287 carries – but can he actually handle 260+ carries more? And he is now 30 years old – he knows the history when playing as a 30 year old RB are never great.
He is not the quick jump step runner who blew to the outside zone as much as he used to do back in years past, but he still had managed some really good runs in 2017 – but it did seem that his best runs were more out of desperation more than evasive ones. McCoy found ways to break tackles consistently enough and find a way to eat up some tough yards, and he was still actually one of the lone offensive bright spots in 2017 for the Bills. And as we know – Buffalo has some serious offense needs – as they were just 22nd in ppg the NFL and scored 24 or more in just 5 of 16 games. But if they could try to combine a veteran runner like McCoy with an improved O-line, and gear up a talented young QB with Josh Allen and 6-5 WR Kelvin Benjamin opening up DBs – they can try to become a far better offense than they through on the field in 2017.
But, if we are being truthful, he just doesn’t seem to have the East / West quickness and enough of the long speed to make enough big plays when he breaks into the open that he used to have. But, with that being said, as long as LeSean can stay on the field, and stay out of trouble off the field – he can still be helpful to his team – even if he doesn’t have the decisive, explosive plays as much as he did when he was 25 years old.

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