Boise State Broncos vs. Oregon Ducks – Las Vegas Bowl

Las Vegas Bowl

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Boise State Broncos vs. Oregon Ducks

This is a great game and you can expect more defense than Vegas probably wants you to think there will be. The Broncos can put the screw to teams and although they will have their hand full with a reasonably potent Oregon offense, remember this; this is not the same old Oregon Ducks. They are better than in the recent couple of years but not great. The Chip Kelly days are long gone as well as the high flying quarterback such as Marcus Mariota. There are a tons of great games this year and some, bring great sports betting value. Find out which ones are great, and find out which ones are not so great. Enjoy the bowl season and good luck.


The Broncos are a funny team. They can pour it on when they feel the need and urgency and they can also lay up a stinker at will. When they stink up the joint, they tend to do it in grand fashion. The Broncos are not the Broncos of a decade ago. Ten years ago and even further back they were an up and coming power house. Chris Petersen was in town and it was high scoring, good times. They were kicking everybody’s tail and taking the college football world by storm. That Broncos team and program in general, have left the building. The Broncos struggled against Fresno State but the defense kept them in it. If the Broncos win this game it will be on the strength of the defense.


The Ducks are not even close to the once grand powerhouse that they used to be. This program has fallen from grace and done it very quickly. The Oregon Ducks football program was a national frontrunner, a team that could be counted on to go the distance and always be a national championship contender. As much as Boise State is rebuilding, the Ducks are rebuilding even more. This team is trying to find itself in every way. The offense is tremendous when they find it and the defense is good when they use it! This game will be a competitive matchup and a back and forth duel. Look for the defense on both sides to be somewhat better than Vegas thinks it will be. Tis one could easily go under the total and should go to the wire. Have fun with this one and be sure to check out the latest prop odds. There are some good ones in this game.

This affair is always fun simply because of the Las Vegas presence. It’s even more fun to be there in person and have a little action on the side. There is nothing quite like betting on a game and seeing the game live, in person. The best thing, is cashing that ticket after the game. If you can’t be there in person, not all is lost. You can still dial up the online sports bookie service and win some cash. Have fun with this one and good luck.


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