The underappreciated Matt Moore doesn’t get a fair shake anywhere.

When Matt Moore was picked up initially by the Dallas Cowboys in 2007, not a lot was expected from the 6-3 undrafted free agent QB from Oregon State. He didn’t come out with the big splash that other QBs that year came out with, like super flop JaMarcus Russell, in what, largely ended up a horrible QB draft class.

Moore came to Carolina, and put up average numbers when playing for the Panthers for 3 years, 2640 YDs, 16 TDs, 58% passing completion, and 17 INTs. All as a backup to his team goading them to a 7-6 record when starting there, and not even a full season behind him in span of games played.

After only 3 starts behind him, sitting chiefly behind 44 year old Vinny Testaverde, he got his opportunity to play significant ball in 2009. Finally in game 12 of the season, he was able to get a real chance, playing decent, throwing 14-20 and a win over Tampa Bay. Not the best game played ever, but passable.

When he finally became the starting QB for the Dolphins in 2011 in his 4th year, replacing the lumbering Chad Henne, Moore was steady, putting together nice numbers, 2497 YDs, 16 TDs, only 9 picks and a 61% passing completion. Having some sweet games, vs the Patriots, he went for 281, and 3 TDs in the air, vs the Cowboys, he put up 288 in that game. But yet, still no one trusted or believed in the 27 year old QB, that he was a potential key for a team?

Moore, wearing the teal and orange, played soundly. Going 6-6 as a starter, better than what they had in Chad Henne before him. The games they lost with him at QB, 4 of those games they lost by 3 or fewer points. Where does the difficulty lay? Besides the fact the defense gave up 26+ in 3 of his losses as well, doesn’t help. He had offensive weapons that included the oftentimes difficult Brandon Marshall, and Brian Hartline, finally getting Reggie Bush, who played excellent when he got there in their offense.

So Ryan Tannehill was drafted 8th overall by the ‘Phins in the 2012 draft. Deciding he was going to become the QB they have been pursuing for since the retirement of Dan Marino in 1999. The Dolphins have been mostly irrelevant for several years, without a power QB leading their team. Looking for another Marino is going to be nearly impossible, he was a special player. Tannehill at Texas A&M was a late bloomer who gained interest in his Senior year. But he doesn’t get me stoked up as “the man” in Miami.

Was he the best option to throw in now? Moore had the team looking respectable last season; he appeared to have the team under his control. Why does no one have any belief in this guy? Is he the next “big thing?” Probably not. Is he an adequate QB who I think has the capability to put up 22+ TDs, and 3500 YDs, and get your team to the playoffs? Yes I do think he does.

What’s the worst that could have happened to the Dolphins if they started Moore this year over Tannehill? He plays reasonable and your team is winning, keep going with him. Let Tannehill learn a bit behind him. If he plays badly, fine, you tried something that many decided to give up before, and put Tannehill in.

I think Miami fans, are looking to be soothed with a “big name QB” draft pick. I think they would have been better going in the direction of WRs Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, or even DE Bruce Irvin, personally. Moore is not a bad QB, unluckily; I don’t think he is given the best chances to play and get a team that will say, “We believe in you, let’s see what you can do for us.”

Written by Frank Jordan of


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