Is 2012 a new start for the Dallas Cowboys

Are the Dallas Cowboys really a different team that they were last year in 2011? Many people think so, many are very hesitant, as always. The Cowboys are one of the teams in football, either loved or hated. And there are many grounds behind that, the Super Bowls, the strut they carry, Jerry Jones? Seemingly every year they have high expectations thrown at them which have been tough at best.

In 2011, the Cowboys finished 8-8, good for 3rd in the NFC East, and out of the playoffs. A team that at a stretch from 1991-1999 made the playoffs 8 out of 9 seasons. From 2006-2009 they got in 3 out of 4. In 2011, they scored erratically; putting up 23/ game, and their defense was tolerable, giving up 22/ game. The worst issues they had was their pass coverage, which was 23rd in the league, allowing 244 YDs/game. Including 7 games of 260 or more, where the ‘Boys went 2-5.

It starts with Tony Romo, who has taken the most heat for the Cowboys, has been clobbered by many analysts all over, Cowboy fans alike, and just football fans in general. They guy has been excellent in his 8 year career, and only 5 as a starter, mind you. So the loathing, I don’t completely understand. He’s tough, has played through injury (broken ribs anyone?), put up incredible numbers (4000+ passing YDs 3 times, 26+ TD passes 4 more times)oh and has a 61% winning record as a starter for the ‘Boys. Yea, gotta say, not understanding the hate for the guy.

But his leadership seems to have been the thorn in the side, with his sloppy 1-3 record in playoff games. Being donned “the mistake waiting to happen.” The fumble, the pick, there’s always something, a feeling of imminent trepidation late in an important game.

Sounds very close in resemblance with another legendary QB, yet who fans seemed to admire for everything he brought on the field. I was never a big Favre enthusiast, because of his high turnover ratio and brainless decision making at times, but the guy was certainly tough, had a cannon for an arm and did win many big games in his career. Personally the comparisons should stop, and now. I think if Romo gets his Superbowl, personally, I would say he was a better QB than Favre was, looking past the 20 years Favre played for his numbers. Romo has been greatly underappreciated by many.

Every season the Cowboys are under immense pressure, simply because they are the Cowboys. They have failed in 3 of the last 4 seasons, and have crumbled under pressure, can this team show what they are capable of with new look, and a new team.

Concluded with Brandon Carr, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, and rookie Morris Claiborne to the Cowboys for the 2012 season should definitely shake things up. Carr, who is a very talented pass defender, with 4 INTs in 2011. Bryant is an athletic WR who has the potential of 1300 YDs and 11+ TDs. Murray was a great surprise they found later in the season in 2011. And Claiborne, I am very high on, with the absolute capability to be the defensive Rookie of the Year. Have they addressed and fixed the weaknesses? I think they have.

Some say the window is closing in Dallas, and it likely could be. But it could also be a great run they are ready for, 3 years in the making. Romo, at 32, is the most significant offensive skill player they have, and he likely has another 6-7 years in him, I would believe. Their schedule this season isn’t terrible, with an improved defense, big wide outs, DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer chasing down QBs, a nice running game to even things out. I think a strong playoff run would be a very feasible 2012 expectation for the Cowboys.

Written by Tony Karpinski of

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