Mid-season NFL MVP

The NFL has had an unusual year thus far through week 10 as some of the elite teams are atop where they should be and some surprises along with teams under achieving. Thus far the teams and corresponding players who have helped their teams do well: starting from number five and working my way up we have #5 Calvin Johnson of Detroit, #4 Tom Brady of New England, #3 Alex Smith of San Francisco, #2 Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay and the winner is Peyton Manning of Indianapolis. Detroit is 6-3 and tied for second place in the NFC North. Johnson has 54 catches with 885 yards and 11 TDs. Tom Brady has New England in first place with a 6-3 record despite a poor defense. Brady’s numbers are as follows 66% completion rate, over 3,000 yards passing and 23 TDs. Alex Smith has San Francisco at 8-1 and in first place in the NFC West despite considerable criticism in the offseason. Smith’s numbers 63% completion rate over 1,700 yards and 11 TDs, as he is managing the games to a T. Aaron Rodgers is having a crazy year as he has Green Bay at 9-0 and running on all cylinders. Rodger’s numbers are off the charts with a 72% completion rate 2,869 yards and 28 TDs. Peyton Manning hasn’t played a down, but he is clearly the MVP as Indianapolis is 0-10 without him and has been outscored by 169 points this year.

Peyton Manning could probably win the award every year with how much he means to the Colts as he got them a new stadium and put them on the map, no year, not even the year the won the Super Bowl, does he deserve it more. They have done a complete 180 without him as they could be 10-0 or possibly 8-2 range with him and atop the division, but without every aspect seems to suffer not just the offense. Sure he doesn’t play defense or special teams, but what he does is set them up to capitalize.

Without him the defense isn’t playing with a lead or playing knowing if we keep it close he will bring us back in the end and we will win. As for special teams it is trying to get better field position because Peyton isn’t back there to go on 85+ yard drives in two minutes before the half or at the end of the game. So special teams is trying harder and not getting results and the defense is worn and tired and all this equals to the pressure on a retired quarterback off the couch and a young guy in. In my option yes Aaron Rodgers is having a crazy good year and he will probably win MVP, but if I had a vote it would go to Peyton Manning as he is the team, is so valuable and simply makes everyone else on the team around him better both offensively and defensively.


MVP Award goes to Peyton Manning!

Written by Frank Jordan for VegasTopDogs.com


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