Will Joe Flacco thrive with the Broncos

Joe Flacco has landed himself on another good defensive team with the Denver Broncos, and he also has something to prove now, with the Baltimore Ravens choosing to go with 22 yr old QB, Lamar Jackson. I feel this will also light a fire under him.
Flacco will be a much better fit than Keenum who was grabbed too fast and for too much money after his 2017, 22 TD season with Minnesota. Flacco is a great fit for Denver to win big games, and he has won some big playoff games over his 11 year career, and was a huge reason for Baltimore winning a Super Bowl in 2012. Figure there are less than 7-8 “bigtime” QBs in the NFL – having a QB like Joe Flacco isn’t so bad for a team with a giant heart and mighty D. He may not be a 35 TD QB – but he has shown he has whatever it is that makes an NFL QB. Not everyone can be the top QB – it doesn’t mean they can’t play the game at a great level.
Many folks forget he took down Brady in Foxborough back in 2012, when they won the SB, when Flacco put up awesome numbers in the postseason. After what he did – he can be considered arguably one of the best post season QBs ever. With playoff numbers of 25 TD passes, over 3200 YDs, and having thrown 2+ TDs in a game 9/15 games – it is hard to deny. And he has been tough on the road, as well – with his top 3 biggest YD passing games, and dealing with road crowds in 12 of his 15 postseason games.
And Flacco hasn’t had much help at WR or RB since the Bowl. With an aging Steve Smith and “flash in the pan” Mike Wallace at WR and since Rice left, or was stuck with Terrance West or perennial mediocre RB, Justin Forsett, running the ball. Baltimore invested everything in their defense and forgot about their offense, they just never added anything to the recipe for him to succeed.
When the Ravens drafted Jackson, it caused some ugly tension between the Ravens and Flacco, he saw the writing on the wall, anyone could. Baltimore should of kept Flacco, Jackson will not be as good as they want him to be. Joe Cool has the poise and the calm experience to do well in Denver, and Baltimore will wish they kept him soon enough, when Jackson is passing for 160 YDs, turning the ball over twice a game, and completing just 56% of his passes.
Flacco is better than Keenum – this shouldn’t be a question, but can he still play?
Yes, I think he can.
Can he outplay what Case Keenum produced?
I am sure of it.
Case had his success in Minny because of Pat Shurmur and what he created with what he had, not because of Case Keenum, let’s be 100% honest here. Case is an average QB, and is most suitably a back up. Zimmer and the Vikings were certainly right all along. Keenum had a great season with 22 TDs and his “I’m chucking this, and I hope someone catches it” pass to Stefon Diggs vs New Orleans – but he was a one-hit wonder. He can not carry a team anywhere on his own, which is why I was floored when I saw the numbers that teams were tossing at him after his big season. Showing again, all it takes is a good run and a few big plays to pull in money from these owners.
The Broncos are only a few years out of winning a Super Bowl with a 39 year old, 9 TD passing QB in Peyton Manning, this team is not garbage, in any sense of the word. Denver won the Bowl with a washed up QB, a decent run game, and a QB attacking defense that struck fear in opposing teams.
They haven’t hit on a QB in the draft for what seems like 100 years, and they will need to keep an eye out for someone to start grooming for the teams future – but the team has a defense that is ready now, and a fanbase that wants W’s in the column. Joe Flacco is that QB of the now – he is not a gamble on the future, he’s exactly what the Broncos need right now. Elway needs to prove the naysayers wrong with his QB choices. Flacco is more than enough of a QB to keep them in the games enough for their vicious defense to handle what they need to do, he can, and will get the Broncos to the playoffs. He is a lot better than many people give him credit for. Baltimore rarely gave him a surrounding cast, now he has something to work with, Joe Flacco is going to be great for Denver. He’s miles ahead of Case Keenum. Denver has a run game with explosive 1000 yard rusher, Phillip Lindsay, the Broncos team is going to be pretty nasty on both sides of the ball.

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