Well the weather is getting warmer which could only mean two things…One, you should have started your diet earlier and two, BASEBALL has arrived. Say what you want about the popularity of football, and the personality of basketball but baseball is still the national past time. Each spring we look at our fantasy leagues, we open our season tickets, and we look to see how our favorite team will finish. But for the real, true bettors, baseball is the sport in which you can make your most green. If you take 100 sports players in a room, all 100 will bet football, 80 will wager on hoops, and about 50 will play baseball. But it is this 50% that are not just fans but are “in the know.” They have the discipline and the sense to understand that betting isn’t about winning but about value. And baseball offers just that.

You can be 1-4 and still be in the plus column in MLB. It’s about weather conditions, starting pitchers, bullpens, and trends and streaks. MLB is the streakiest of all major sports. You see the thing in football is 99% of your games are played on Saturday and Sunday so you are forced to play those days even if you aren’t crazy about them. Then there is nothing to watch but one Monday Night game so you must play that. Baseball has at least a dozen games 6 days a week and a half dozen or more the 7th day. A disciplined player can do very well in baseball. As I have stated before many times, I am not into future bets because I would rather play more money on one game then tie my cash up for six months but future plays are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Below are the ODDS TO WIN THE 2014 WORLD SERIES:

Dodgers 4/1

Yankees 6/1

Tigers 7/1

Nationals 8/1

Cardinals 8/1

Angels 10/1

Red Sox 10/1

Rays 10/1

A’s 12/1

Reds 12/1

Rangers 15/1

Braves 15/1

Giants 15/1

Mariners 18/1

Indians 18/1

Royals 18/1

Orioles 20/1

Blue Jays 20/1

Pirates 25/1

I am not going to break down each team by team and remember we are looking at value. At 4/1 the Dodgers offer no value whatsoever. The Yankees are 6/1 but are getting that respect because they are the Yankees. They are getting old and just aren’t the Bronx Bombers they were for so long. The Tigers have a great shot because they have both pitching and hitting but is 8/1 enough return for six months. The Nationals have no heart so forget them and the Cardinals always have a chance due to the fact that they have great coaching, hitters, pitching, and pride. The Rays have a very talented team but lack the overall leadership to bring them a championship. Not because I am a Red Sox hater but twice in back-to-back years just ain’t gonna’ happen especially with the losses and trades that occurred. The A’s, Reds, and Rangers all offer value but I feel will fall short of the mark. Now Atlanta, they have value. Pitching, offense, coaching, bullpen, etc…They are a solid team. The Giants have the pitching staff but averaging so few runs per game just ain’t gonna’ get you a Title. The Mariners, Indians, and Royals will all at some point lead their perspective Divisions but just don’t have what it takes to win it all. Baltimore, despite being in the most-competitive Division in baseball still has an outside shot and offers tremendous value at 20/1. Toronto will get lost in the AL East shuffle. Now Pittsburgh, to me is interesting. Not a big salary. But they have quality players and offer both veteran leadership and fresh, young studs. It’s a shame but forget about Arizona. You will always have the Cubs faithful betting, swearing, and praying for a post-season win but it just won’t happen in my lifetime. You can take the Phillies, Brewers, Padres, Rockies, White Sox, Twins, Marlins, and Astros and put them all together and still you wouldn’t be able to field a championship team. Well, sports fans, there you have the breakdown of the MLB ODDS to win it all. Now, as the best MLB handicapper alive, if you want a winning season, just follow me right here. I don’t play every day and I don’t go above a certain price even if the ’27 Yankees came back. Remember one thing… This is about making money and having fun. But for me it is always more fun when I am making money. So be smart, pick your spots, and by no means play every day. Good Luck on this upcoming MLB season. Joe D’Amico of VegasTopDogs.com.

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