March Madness best teams to win it all

With March Madness here, we all need to get our planning and brackets filled out as soon as we can and of course, pick the winner to take home some cash.

There has been a ton of upset games this season, all throughout; this honestly, has been one of the best & most up and down seasons in college basketball I remember, in recent years. Of course UConn’s phenomenal run in 2010-2011 is the most intriguing storyline I have had in recent memory, with their awesome run to win it all, after have a very mediocre season in general. But the man that year was Kemba Walker, and his heroics, lifting them up on his shoulders and leading them to take the title home.

Such great stuff, it can’t be scripted, one of the most magical times of the year for sports. We know for a fact there will be big upsets along the way, some we will always aim and predict, and several that may blow our minds when they happen.

So after scouring and looking and thinking things over, I have come up with my top 5 teams in the NCAA, who have the finest odds to win it all this season. And we begin now, so pay attention.

5- Michigan Wolverines (Record 25-6) PPG: 75.4 OPPG: 62.6 FG% .487 3PFG% .388. Reason why to watch them; their pure talent level is almost unmatched, with Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Glenn Robinson III, all possible 20 point scorers any night, especially with the amazing play of their PG Trey Burke, they are dangerous to matchup against. They can score the ball very well and they have some great shooters, several of their big scoring threats are shooting 47%% or better.

4- Florida Seminoles (Record 24-6) PPG: 72 OPPG: 53.2 FG% .485 3PFG% .382. Reason why to watch them; Florida can straight lock it down on defense, and they do it with quickness. They have held 77% of their opponents to below 60 points, on the season. They also have a sweet shooting team, led behind Erik Murphy and his deep ball threat. They can play with anyone, beating some good teams, like Wisconsin, & Ole Miss down the season.

3- Kansas Jayhawks (Record 26-5) PPG: 74.6 OPPG: 61.3 FG% .473 3PFG% .363. Reason why to watch them; a big powerful team. With Jeff Withey in the middle and his 9 rpg, and also their 6-8 F, Kevin Young who also grabs 7 off the glass, they can hit it hard. The front court alone are monsters on the board. They also can play great defense behind the 4 blocks/game of Withey.

2- Duke Blue Devils (Record 27-4) PPG: 78.4 OPPG: 64.8 FG% .479 3PFG% .416. Reason why to watch them; either love ‘em or hate ‘em. But they can light it up, with great offensive firepower. Behind Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly and Quinn Cook shooting from behind the arc, they open it up for everyone, and can put points up quickly if you don’t stay with them. Coach K is always a mastermind from courtside.

1- Indiana Hoosiers (Record 26-5) PPG: 80.8 OPPG: 62.2 FG% .488 3PFG% .418. Reason why to watch them; the team to watch, of course, what they don’t do well, is a better question to ask. They have remarkable talent in Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford. Zeller can use his size to maul while they also keep opponents off the glass as much as they assault them. Of the top teams, they are the paramount scoring team in a very good Big 10 Conference. They have played some great talent on the season and have slain loads of teams along the way.

So there you have it, my top 5 best bets to win it all in this years NCAA brackets. So fill ‘em out and make your decisions count.

Written by Mike Anthony of

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