Davante Adams is the key for the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has been the 800 lb gorilla on the mountain in the NFC North for many years –  with division titles and a dominant record vs the conference. And they have also had more than their share of great players walk through their locker rooms. But, as we all know, at the end of the day, there is a guy who has been the standout for the team. The player who has been the one who is the one who always shows up – regardless of who they are playing – what the odds are and when the game s being played. Green Bay has had more than their share of amazing success in the NFL for many seasons, with NFC North division championships, multitude of Hall of Famers, and of course their titles –  they have been very fortunate on the offensive side of the ball, in particular.
The Packers have a legendary history, littered with a ton of great guys who have been explosive playmakers. They have had their fortunate share of historic QBs – and most recently, Aaron Rodgers. But beyond the guys throwing the ball, who make teams pay with the one handed catch and the tough across the middle catch, off double coverage, knowing they are getting drilled when touching the ball. The gutsy guys who spread the game downfield, the ones who break your back, when you think you have the team baked into a corner, make the play.
Davante Adams had a great season in 2016 with his “out of nowhere” 12 TDs and the ability to force coverage’s for other players on the field. The 26 year old WR has not been easy to bump off the line, with his size and aggressive style – especially when he gets moving with his natural physicality. With 72 receptions and 9 TDs so far this season – Adams, has been more than enough to handle at WR for anyone in 2018. While lighting up teams for 95 receiving yd/game, as well as 7 catches/game he is a treat to watch. And is making is it difficult in a feisty division where teams have some quality DBs and strong pass defensive schemes. The 26 yr old has had 221 receptions in the last 3 years of his career with the Pack. He has also chewed up 2835 yards and an awesome 31 receiving touchdowns in those same 3 years.
Adams has given more than his share of fits to opposing DBs to teams. His good route running and gritty competitiveness being his top strengths to get the fans excited and helping lead his team to the ever crucial division wins. He oftentimes, finds himself being the guy that the Pack can look to get the ball in his hands when they’ve got to get something going. Davante has been the sparkplug in that passing offense. Standing out with his ability to crack a double team – as well as his sure handedness when the ball is in his hands. Having had 16 games with 80 or more receiving yards over just the last 3 seasons –  speaks volumes on many different aspects. Most recently, in the 11.15.2018 game vs Seattle, even though they lost with shoddy defense, and playing a top ended unit – when the chips were down, he, of course, came up with the big plays with 166 receiving yards.
Adams has proven that time and time again, when things gets tough and the team desperately needs the sure first down or the big catch deep downfield – he has shown he will always be there for them to get the job done. And his QB always trusts his guy to get the play when needed – as shown by his massive target absorption. Whether its by a quick slant or post – Davante Adams is the real deal for GB. The Packers would love to see that continued leadership and growth out of Davante – and every off-season, he keeps showing himself as a leader and a true professional. He has always shown that for the Green Bay organization. He is a guy who can straight up win games, when someone needs to step up and make the big play to turn the tide of the game, Adams is always there doing something, that opponents were thinking was impossible.

How much of a factor could WR Kenny Britt be in St. Louis?


The Rams picking up Kenny Britt this offseason provides a nice big target for Rams QB to throw the ball to. He is used to having his hands up as he has been arrested more times than I have fingers. It appears though that this year Britt has turned his life around, after all of the problems that he has carried around, he could be a great boost for the WR corps of the Rams. Britt is coming off a dreadful season, with the Tennessee Titans, grabbing just 96 yards off a measly 11 catches. And worse yet, never found the endzone.

He ran into issues with the coaching staff in Tennessee, and never really got himself off the bench long enough to get playing time. And this coinciding with his law problems, do not help his cause for many teams to take a liking to the possible headache he could be. He was more than a handful at times.

It is obvious that the Rams were looking to surround their 5 year QB, Sam Bradford with some talented young receivers. And it is possible the Rams’ best move might have been rolling the dice on Britt.

Let’s put things in perspective, Sam Bradford was the best QB Britt has had the position to play with in his 5 years. Now this season with Bradford injured, again. Sadly, I don’t think he will ever remain healthy to become a solid QB1 again. They have had some moderate success with 26 year old as their future QB. As well as I think Bradfords days are numbered as being the helm as their starter.

Losing miserable QBs like bust Vince Young, Kerry Collins and Matt Hasselbeck. There cannot possibly be a question of his talent. He has just ran into so many issues along the way, not only a long list of his off the field issues, but also some have been injuries, and his QBs in Tennessee.

Like him or not, Bradford had proven that he showed the signs of becoming a good QB. He has been able to put together 2 seasons of over 3,500 yards passing, and was on his way to a truly nice year last year until it was cut short, and then again there is this year.

Britt has a lot of upside to him, he has shown flashes of his quality at times. Although his tops for receptions, 45, in 2012, isn’t great, by any stretch, it was the best he has had so far. His 775 YDs in 2010 and his 9 TD recpts that had made him someone to keep an eye on. I think he has a possibility to be the man in St Louis, become that WR1, finally. And reuniting with Jeff Fisher has been a great help as well.

They signed him for $1.4M deal, including $550,000 guaranteed,so they are out basically dropping $550K for his services. There is no way this was a bad deal for the Rams. For that kind of payment, it was a high reward, low risk move they made. I expected as long as Britt keeps his head on straight, he should step in as the top receiver, with a big boy frame and maneuverability after the catch.

Also, 2nd year receiver Tavon Austin, showed that he has immense talent, but I don’t trust the 5-9 WR to be the go to guy every game. He has tremendous upside but it is hard to count on him for 16 games, with 22 catches this year, it is seen, and are you really getting teams to blow their safety coverage for him, I’m not thinking so. He could be a big-play maker, but not that steady 80+ catch go to presence, that your WR1 must be.

After last season, I think that if the Rams use Austin more often and more effectively in the middle game, with his explosion and vision and then getting Britt on the long ball could be marvelous for their future plans. He gives the Rams a chance. And it gives him a chance to continue to prove himself. At 6’3 and 225lbs, he can come play strong and is an instant red zone threat for St Louis. With the definite potential to become the team’s go to option, I could see him becoming an 85 catch, 1100 YD, 8-10 TD guy. Without question.

It was a great pick up because the Rams have lacked a big receiver, especially one that is a playmaker, and Britt has shown that caliber. Let’s also keep in mind, when Britt was at his best, was when Britt played under Jeff Fisher. This season Britt has 27 catches and 3 TDs. And is 2nd on the team in targets, and leads the team in YDs. Written by Mike Anthony for VegasTopDogs.com