Here’s what you should know about the 2020 NFL Draft

There is uncertainty regarding the return of many leagues right now, due to the Covid-19 crisis, as we all know, but the NFL, given its scheduled to return until August, for the pre-season, has tried to keep everything in place and hope that things will go back to normal before then. All of us sports fans are hoping the same, and by August, we expect to be back on track and getting ready to enjoy a new season.

However, the first big event of the new NFL season will take place much sooner, in late April, if everything goes as planned; we’re talking about the 2020 NFL Draft, which is set to take place from April 23rd to 25th in Paradise, Nevada. As we all well know, the NFL Draft is the event where all the different teams in the league get to choose their newest and youngest stars, fresh out of college; it is a very important event, as it can mark the present and future for many teams, depending on how many good or bad decisions they make during those three days.

This will be the 85th edition of the NFL Draft, with a total of 255 selections in 7 rounds, and the Cincinnati Bengals will be the ones to choose first.

Sports wagering applied to the NFL Draft

For a long time, the sports betting industry has made it a tradition to offer lines and propositions for the NFL Draft, and it has become a very expected event by gamblers from all over. In fact, this injects some extra adrenaline from way before, as gamblers follow the NCAA Football season with a close eye, so that they’re able to make better betting choices for each year’s draft.

Joining a good Price per Head service provider will assure you and your bookie operation that you will be able to deal these lines and much more for your players, which we’re sure will be eager to make their choices, even more, this year, with the lack of sports events these days.

Some of the options that are usually available to bet on for the Draft, include, for example, total number of offensive players vs defensive players selected in the first round, total of players selected from different NCAA conferences, like ACC, Big Ten, Pac 12 and so on, or total players selected from specific teams, some of the favorites, of course, like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, etc.  


Other NFL bets available right now

It’s important that, as a bookie, you make sure to be offering your players everything they’re looking for right now, and even more during this health crisis. As we said, the NFL is not expected to deal with many abrupt changes, and so, sportsbooks from all over the world are offering future bets like odds to win the Super Bowl, odds to win conferences and divisions, odds to win NFL MVP award, total season wins by team and much more.

Join the Price per Head industry right now and learn from the best, to make the most out of the new NFL season, since now! Give us a call today and let’s get started!

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Is the Patriots legacy tarnished for good

With everything going on regarding the patriots on the “Deflategate” (dumbest term for a conspiracy ever, btw) we need to take a look at several directions in the situation overall.
The Patriots are and have been one of the most hated or disliked franchises for years upon years. They are, and will be more susceptible to emotion and anger over things than most other teams, except maybe the Dallas Cowboys, who also hold their own unusual grasp with fan hatred. Although both teams are consistently in the top 5 in sales for jerseys every year.
Strange, yea, I know. Anyway…
For whatever reason fans may or may not like the Patriots organization, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or whomever on the team, this just gives more fuel to their fire. And this gives them some rights to that.
In the thrashing of the Colts, the Patriots had 11 of their 12 balls under inflated, meaning essentially better gripping on the ball, and more control throwing the ball. And catching a ball with less air in it, is also more sure-handed, because it has less of a chance to squirt out of the players hands, because they can squeeze it harder. That’s the breakdown in a nutshell.
Luck threw 2 picks, this is obviously in no way the deflated balls faults, but he was playing with regulation inflated balls, could that have meant Brady could have chucked 2 as well? I personally don’t believe so, because the Pats ran the ball so effectively, passing wasn’t their number one way of moving the ball downfield.
When LeGarrette Blount ran for 150 and 3 tds, it could be seen as the ball deflation wasn’t an advantage, if the Colts stopped him, it would have helped their case, but they didn’t. If this also was a 28-24 game, it would be by far, a much larger issue, so no, the weight of the ball had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I do think though there were things missed during their game that could have been huge factors to the situation in general.
When Green Bay played New England this year, the announcers openly discussed in much detail, how Aaron Rodgers purposely over inflates his footballs. Nothing came of that, which i find interesting, as well. An overinflated ball, could catch more airtime for deep throws, I would call that a certain advantage as well.
Nothing came of that.
Brad Johnson, altered his footballs, by scuffing them up before his big game for Super Bowl XXXVII. I, in many ways, think that this is done far more than many people want to think it is done, to give their QB and team a slight advantage in the game.
But, does it make it right?
Fact is, at this point, now Belichick is a repeat offender of being part of something shady. And should be punished more this time around, not just a slap on the wrist.
Does their Coach, advocate cheating? Maybe? Is it the thought that they cannot win without cheating? I find that a bit over the top, there’s no way this team has been so good for so many years simply by altering footballs, and watching teams defensive signals (which the majority of teams do, btw, it was the fact the Pats videotaped is what made it questionable)
You always want both teams on an even playing field. All the time, and let the best team win. Honestly, why cheat in this game at all? New England would’ve beaten them regardless.
However, it does raise issues, and simply goes against ethical standards. It is the principal of it now. What is unfortunate for Pats fans across the nation, is this absolutely further ruins their legacy now. Personally, I don’t think the deflated balls made a significant difference, enough to be the reason for the victory.
I look at the refs of the game. The league needs to possibly get better refs, we all love to bang on them, they test the footballs before the game, and they handle the balls all game long, did they not see anything unusual? Or was it science behind it? Because in cold weather, air condenses which could possibly cause the balls to deflate.
The focus of the deflated footballs should be more placed on the football officials that touch the ball before and after each and every single play. I expect the league office to question the officials of that game, did they notice anything odd? If so, why not mention it?
If this continues to grow around the Patriots organization, it, like many other “rules-mongers” then it may sadly become time to investigate the balls of every team, all the time, more throughout. Check them for everyone across the board, and have yet another annoying, damaging, negative press inducing, investigation for the entire NFL, not just the Patriots.

New NFL Coaches for 2014


Coaching in football, more than in any other sport, is essential to a team’s success. The Harbaugh brothers are flying high on different coasts, one going to three straight NFC title games and the other winning the Super Bowl (over the other brother, no less). New York fans have called for Tom Coughlin’s ouster a few times over the last six years, but he has helped deliver two Super Bowl titles, while Bill Belichick has had one losing season (his first, 2000) since taking over the Patriots, taking them to five Super Bowls. In the NBA, any team that has Lebron, or a trio of Duncan/Parker/Ginobili, for instance, would be a very good team, and likely a dominant one. In baseball, a team is essentially only as good as its starting pitching (or payroll). Joe Torre won four World Series with the Yankees, but many forget he was run out of town after coaching the Mets and Cardinals to poor seasons. Football is very different. There are so many players involved on the field that it requires an excellent coach and coaching staff to teach, motivate and organize into a successful unit.

Think for a moment about football on-field personnel: 11 starters on offense, 11 on defense, special teams players, and even specialized personnel, such as third-and-long defensive backs or running backs used only in short yardage situations. It takes hours of time, patience and talent to organize players into an effective group. As preseason kicks off this weekend, here are some teams that made coaching changes to try and upgrade weak areas. Lions: After underachieving and playing sloppy football under Jim Schwartz, Detroit has a new coach in Jim Caldwell. The mild mannered Caldwell won a Super Bowl two years ago as offensive coordinator with the Ravens. He has been a head coach before, too, taking the Colts to the Super Bowl, a loss to the Saints. He started 14-0 with the Colts, then got fired after a 2-14 campaign sans Peyton Manning. For the record, he does not have an impressive college resume, going 12-52 in conference play as head coach at Wake Forest. Browns: The revolving door in Cleveland continues! Toledo native Rob Chudzinski has brought in last year, then fired, so Mike Pettine steps in. He was the Bills defensive coordinator. He was not even on the Browns’ original list of candidates, but emerged as others either took themselves out of consideration or were hired elsewhere. He walks into a tornado.

The Browns were embarrassed by candidates who kept turning them down and he’ll have to deal in August with the Johnny Manziel media circus. At least he inherits a team with some good young talent. The offense was 11th in the NFL in passing with third-year WR Josh Gordon (1,646 yards, 18.9 ypc). Cleveland found a QB in 28-year old Brian Hoyer (5 TDs, 3 picks) who led them to a 3-0 run before blowing out his knee, a former Tom Brady backup. And the defense made huge strides, 8th in pass yards allowed, 18th against the run. The Browns have gone 31-15-2 under the total the last three years. Will that trend continue? Vikings: Minnesota shifts gears with the hiring of Mike Zimmer. He was the Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator. At first glance you wonder what is going on here. The Bengals? A team that flames out every postseason? Who wants anyone from that coaching tree? On the other hand, Zimmer is a respected and successful coordinator.

The Bengals have been great on defense and he did a similar turnaround with the Dallas Cowboys defense from 2000 through ’06. Zimmer was interviewed for several head coaching positions in recent years, but his blunt style was at odds with owners and GMs looking for diplomats and skilled media handlers. Bill Belichick has boring, blunt press conferences, but no one questions his coaching ability. Zimmer was DC for the Falcons when Bobby Petrino jumped ship in 2007and had this to say: “Petrino came in and resigned and said he would talk to us all at a later date. He’s a gutless [bleep]. You can quote that.” Wow!

The Vikings might not win just yet, but don’t expect sugar-coated press conferences from this new coach. Bucs: The NFC North is moving south! That is, former Bears coach Lovie Smith is the new coach in Tampa Bay and brings former Vikings coach Leslie Frazier in as defensive coordinator. Despite some train-wreck numbers last year (32nd in passing, 22nd in rushing), there is actually talent to build with. QB Mike Glennon was forced into a tough situation and played well with 19 TDs, 9 picks and the draft adds Texas A&M WR Mike Evans and TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (Washington), two of the top 38 picks selected in May. Smith knows defense and inherits a talented young front line that has been battling injuries. He turns the offense over to former Cal coach Jeff Tedford, who has a terrific record of developing QBs. This team lost to the Saints by 2, at the Jets by 1, won at the Lions as a +7 dog and lost to the eventual champion Seahawks 27-24 – on the road!

Written by Jim Feist of

2014 VegasTopDogs NFL Draft Predictions

Mock Draft
It’s almost here, that wonderful time of the off-season, we all look forward to like a special holiday for grown ups, NFL draft day. I know I am as excited as you are, waiting to see who my team is going to grab in the 1st round, who can we sneak out in the 3rd, and make it all come together. This HAS to be the year, right?

Draft season, brings everyone together as a unit, like a load of team colored, jersey wearing soldiers, to cheer, jeer, moan and groan at who picks up who, and who passes on who. Will your team be drafting who you are hoping for, or will they let you down? It’s a day, where we all are GMs of our teams, and looking at who we think our teams should be drafting. With all the teams and their hopes in the offseason, bad teams try to get better, teams like Cleveland and St. Louis are thought to be instantly teams that are expecting a great turnaround from last year simply from having 2 picks in the 1st round. But not so fast, it all comes out in the wash during the upcoming season.

So we will go through the 1st round, Mock draft style and let you know who they teams should be taking in their slots.

1. Houston Texans – Jadaveon Clowney, DE
2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)- Sammy Watkins, WR
3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Khalil Mack, LB
4. Cleveland Browns- Mike Evans, WR
5. Oakland Raiders- Greg Robinson, OL
6. Atlanta Falcons- Jake Matthews, OL
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Taylor Lewan, OL
8. Minnesota Vikings- Johnny Manziel, QB
9. Buffalo Bills- CJ Mosley, LB
10. Detroit Lions- Calvin Pryor, S
11. Tennessee Titans- Darqueze Dennard, CB
12. New York Giants- Louis Nix III, DT
13. St. Louis Rams- Justin Gilbert, CB
14. Chicago Bears- Timmy Jernigan, DT
15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Kyle Fuller, CB
16. Dallas Cowboys- Kony Ealy, DE
17. Baltimore Ravens- Xavier Su’A-Filo, OL
18. New York Jets- Odell Beckham, WR
19. Miami Dolphins- David Yankey, OL
20. Arizona Cardinals- Blake Bortles, QB
21. Green Bay Packers- Zack Martin, OL
22. Philadelphia Eagles- Merqise Lee, WR
23. Kansas City Chiefs- Gabe Jackson, OL
24. Cincinnati Bengals- Dee Ford, DE
25. San Diego Chargers- Anthony Barr, LB
26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts)- Derek Carr, QB
27. New Orleans Saints- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S
28. Carolina Panthers- Cyrus Kouandjio, OL
29. New England Patriots- Ra’Shede Hageman, DT
30. San Francisco 49ers- Jason Verrett, CB
31. Denver Broncos- Kelvin Benjamin, WR
32. Seattle Seahawks- Eric Ebron, TE

What makes this draft so great is because it is so deep and so talented, on all levels. I think that this draft could produce a couple handfuls of Pro-Bowlers easily. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m right on, but we will find out soon enough. Looking forward to this Thursday, May 8th, so let’s do this!!

Written by TonyK of

The Best NBA Playoff teams out West

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Milwaukee Bucks

Start your engines! The NBA playoffs have started, time for endless full court action every night as the league crowns another champion. Let’s take a look at the best of the West, the conference that has won nine of the last 14 NBA titles.

Oklahoma City: The team no one wants to play! The Thunder gave us a hint of their young talent two years ago, putting it all together in 2012 – at least until they imploded in the NBA Finals against the veteran Heat. It was a bitter pill, favored to win while taking a 1-0 lead before losing 4 straight. They have a dynamite offense, No. 5, 2, 1 and 5  in the NBA in points scored the last four seasons, led by the 25-year old duo of Kevin Durant (32 ppg, 7.5 rpg) and Russell Westbrook (21.7 ppg).
6-10 Serge Ibaka (15 ppg, 8.6 rpg) has emerged from role play to star with over 2.5 blocks per contest. They aren’t all offense, either, 11th in the league in points allowed and third in field goal shooting defense (tops in the West) allowing .435% shooting.
They have it all, it seems – except experience. Three years ago after getting to the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder blew Game 4 at home to Dallas, 112-105 in OT, blowing a 15-point lead with five minutes to play in regulation. Dallas closed it out the next game. The 2012 NBA Finals was a failure and injuries derailed them last year.
At what point does all this painful postseason experience bear fruit?

Spurs: A juggernaut down the stretch with a 19-game win streak that wrapped up everything in the West. Last year’s Western Conference champs have not slipped despite injuries and they are healthy at the right time. Long known for defense under Gregg Popovich, the Spurs used an awesome array of depth to blitz opponents, ranking 7th in the NBA in scoring, tops in assists and 5th in points allowed.
San Antonio still has the Big Three of 37-year old Tim Duncan (15 ppg, 9.8 rpg), 36-year old Manu Ginobili (12 ppg) and 31-year old Tony Parker (16.8 ppg). Popovich has done a great job in limiting the minutes of the Big 3.  The Spurs have won 50 or more games in an astonishing 15 straight seasons, breaking the longest streak in league history behind the Lakers, who won 50 12 times in a row from 1979 to 1991.
The Spurs rely heavily on their bench, which leads the league in scoring for the fourth straight season, with Danny Green, Patty Mills and role players in 7-foot Matt Bonner, 6-11 Tiago Splitter, Kawhi Leonard and Boris Diaw.
Coach Gregg Popovich and Duncan have 4 NBA title rings and they know defense is essential in the postseason. After ranking 17th in points allowed and 21st in field goal shooting percentage defense two years ago, the Spurs have improved to 9th and 8th in field goal defense the last two seasons. The Spurs are 27-11 ATS on the road.

LA Clippers: The new Beasts of the West? Adding guard Chris Paul (19 ppg) with Blake Griffin (24 ppg, 9.6 rpg) is certainly a nice one-two punch to upgrade any franchise, especially on offense. This team is tops in scoring. But the depth and talent is exceptional for first-year Coach Doc Rivers, who has really helped to upgrade the defense, 14th in points scored, 5th in field goal defense, tops against the three-pointer.
Jamal Crawford, Darren Collison and Matt Barnes are fine role players and Rivers got  DeAndre Jordan to focus on defense and he’s responded with 13.8 boards and 2.46 blocks per game. They will be fun to watch in the playoffs but here’s one warning: The Clippers rank 26th in free throw shooting. Well that hurt in close playoff games?

Rockets: Houston felt it needing one missing piece and added Dwight Howard last offseason. So far, so good. Howard (18.5 ppg, 12 rpg) handles the low post and has improved the defense, ranking 7th in field goal shooting defense.
That clears the way for James Harden (25 ppg), Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin to strut their stuff on offense, second in the NBA in points scored and on a 19-7 run over the total. Howard and point guard Pat Beverely rested down the stretch to get healthy for the postseason. It’s a tough all around team but, like the Clippers they can’t shoot free throws, ranked 26th at the charity stripe. In Game 7 do you want Howard and his 55% free throw shooting at the line down by one?

Written by Jim Fiest for

March Madness is here and we have your winning tips!


This is the most exciting time of the college basketball season and the most anticipated and watched event in sports next to the Super Bowl.

I have correctly pegged 2 of the 4 teams who made it to the FINAL FOUR in eight straight years.
This year I am giving you some of my top advice on what it takes to be a champion. Of course, you can never foresee injuries, suspensions, foul trouble, poor officiating, etc. throughout the big dance.
Everyone likes underdogs and Cinderella teams but you have to look at the team records, their strengths and the conferences that they play in. There is usually one team that surprises everyone but fails to win it in the end, such as Utah in 1998 vs. Kentucky and Butler coming up short in 2010 and 2011.

Since 1998, the Championship team has not been seeded lower than a #3 and in 1997 Arizona was a #4 seed and won it all. As you can see in the past 15 tournaments, the top teams usually go all the way. Digging even deeper you have to go back to 1988 when a #6 seed Kansas team coached by Larry Brown won it all, but things were different back then as players didn’t bolt to the NBA after one season in college. As much as I like to select a solid #4 or #5 to go all the way, it’s not a smart idea. Nineteen of the last 22 National Champs have been a #1 or #2 seed.

Before I start to bore you with all of my numbers and trends, let me share some of my top tips for picking your brackets. Great teams do not lose more than 7 games in a season, so if a team has 8 or more losses, stay away from them. Also, each of the past 15 champs were from one of the major 6 conferences (Big East, SEC, PAC-12, BIG 12, ACC, BIG 10). The teams in these conferences play the toughest games night in and night out on a regular basis and have been more battle tested. Mid majors/small schools tend to make it to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8, but not the FINAL FOUR.

So, if you are like me and really like the way Gonzaga, SD State, St Louis, Memphis and Wichita Stare playing this season, you might want to think twice about advancing them deep in your brackets.
Looking at the teams who lost 7 or fewer games this season, play in a major conference, and are seeded #3 or better this year, you can narrow down your Final Four selections from this list of nine teams.










From here, I would look at how these teams faired on neutral courts and on the road during their season. It is also important to consider each team’s starting guards, their defensive strength, team rebounding, and if they can make their foul shots.

From my 21 years of experience, I offer you my professional advice and helpful tips. My hope is that this article has fed your excitement for the tournament while giving you a competitive edge to turn some heads in your company pools! Enjoy the tournament and remember, pick with your head, not with your heart!

Follow Tony Karpinski for more updates and information throughout the tournament at

TV Hot Bets this week


Your sportsbook is full this week with the Olympics taking center stage in Sochi. But basketball can also be found in the NBA and NCAA, while golf and the UFC round out the week.

The Olympics Picks Up Steam In Sochi

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi began over the weekend and goes into second gear this weekend with a full selection of events, but of course, everyone is waiting for men’s hockey to start. The big tournament kicks off on Wednesday, while North America will be featured on Thursday with Canada and the United States in action.

A Big Week For Oklahoma City Going Into All-Star Weekend

Oklahoma City has remained a strong betting option in the NBA due to an MVP-type campaign from Kevin Durant, who leads the Thunder into road games on Tuesday in Portland and Thursday in Los Angeles versus the Lakers. Durant will then star during All-Star Weekend in the Shooting Stars competition and of course, as a starter in the All-Star Game on Sunday.

Rivalry Week Tips Off In The NCAA

Rivalry Week is always a big deal in the college game, and in hoops this week, you get Michigan and Ohio State on Tuesday and Arizona and Arizona State on Friday. Florida and Kentucky highlight Saturday’s schedule, but you can’t have Rivalry Week without Duke-North Carolina, which takes place on Wednesday.

Merrick Looks To Defend Crown At Riviera

John Merrick won his first PGA title in 2013 at Riviera in the Northern Trust Open, and he will try to go back-to-back when it tees off on Thursday. He will be joined in the field by a host of former major winners.

Machida, Mousasi Square Off In Brazil

The UFC offers a free event on Fox Sports on Saturday in Brazil, and the main event will be an all-Brazilian match from the middleweight division as former 205-pound champ Lyoto Machida is favored against Gerard Mousasi.

Are the Portland Trailblazers built for a playoff run this season?


So far, the Portland Trailblazers season has been nothing short of startling as they have shocked many after a very disappointing season last year. Personally, I have been watching the development of the Blazers over the last 4-5 seasons and have seen the talent building and developing on the team since 2009 and especially since the emergence of LaMarcus Aldridge becoming a main factor in the teams offensive scheme. The Trailblazers have been excellent this season, in particular on the offensive side of things, putting up 109 or more a night, on the regular. Even against the better defensive teams like San Antonio and Charlotte, where they have scored easily.

They have a very high talent level on the team, led by LaMarcus Aldridge who is a monster to defend, with his great game and in particular his coercive stye of play. And they also have great back-court play with Damian Lillard and Wesley Matthews who are establishing themselves as arguably one of the best guard combinations in the NBA. between them they get the Blazers 38 pts, 8 rbs, 9 assists and they don’t turn the ball over when they have it. And they are driving to the hole as well as hitting the long ball, hitting 42% on the season so far.

The leadership on the team is markedly built around Aldridge who over the last 4 seasons has continued to become one of the premier power forwards in the NBA. his frame, standing 6-11 and a brawny 250 lbs, he is a load to handle when he gets down low, as well as a respectable 10-12 foot game as well, to pull out other defenders on him. He can easily command a double team most nights, which allows other stars like Matthews and Lillard to get good looks at the rim.

But for a serious playoff run, let’s look at prospective feasible teams they could run into and how they matchup. The West is markedly and obviously the much better of the 2 conferences this season, by vast strides. So with that, They would have a much tougher task to make it to the NBA Finals than the easy front runners from the East, Miami and Indiana, who essentially only have to win against each other, and they should get to the championship.

The Western conference has bottom ended teams in the lower end of their playoff setting currently, that would be top 4 ended teams in the lowly Eastern conference. how does Portland matchup against the top 4 in the West? OKC, the high flying, MVP level play of Kevin Durant makes them exceptionally the favorite in the West of course, but the Blazers match up well against them, they have been able to get up more shots, leading to straight outscoring them and have not turned the ball over vs them either.

San Antonio, the never say never team, that honestly just amazes me with their play, they are a true phenom to me. The Blazers can own them, with their fast style of play against them, because of good shots on the break. The Clippers, the new Los Angeles team for the future is a mainstream love, and they play a highly influential defensive style which could cause of concern for Portland because of the quick hands and big bodies inside the paint.

As history has shown us over the years, a good defense typically wins in the NBA. An NBA champion, plays a gritty “stop your opponent from scoring” game and they have a star player who can score in bunches when need be. As well as having a strong bench, and getting improved depth has been important. They have gotten by so far, because their defense doesn’t have to be outstanding because the offense has been so efficient.

Portland doesn’t have both of these attributes at this point. they are built on offense, and until they strap it down on the other end of the court, they will struggle against the better defensive teams still to become a NBA champion. Once they establish a tighter defense, the sky is truly the limit, because they can match player for player with anyone in the West…yes anyone.

Written by Mike Anthony for

What Sports to Watch and Bet On This Week


There is NBA and NCAA basketball on the agenda this week, as well as the NHL. But we will start with the NFL playoffs, where the spotlight will be under center as it usually is.

Quarterback Play Will Be Huge In The NFL Playoffs

Russell Wilson leads Seattle as 9-point home favorites against Drew Brees and New Orleans on Saturday, while the nightcap has Tom Brady and New England as 7.5-point favorites at home against Andrew Luck and Indianapolis. On Sunday, Colin Kaepernick and San Francisco are 2-point road favorites against Cam Newton and Carolina, while the schedule wraps up with Peyton Manning and Denver as 10-point favorites at home against Philip Rivers and San Diego, who won in Denver in Week 15.

The Heat Take Over New York

The two-time defending champions from Miami have a trip to New York lined up, and they should be favorites on the road on Thursday, when they face the Knicks and Friday, when they take on the Nets in Brooklyn. No teams in the NBA have been as disappointing (and that is being generous) as the New York clubs, although the Nets had won three in a row as of Tuesday.

Can Carolina Pull Off Another Upset?

You have no idea what you’ll get with North Carolina so far in this NCAA hoops season as they have knocked off the likes of Louisville, Kentucky and Michigan State, but then they will lose to Wake Forest. The Tar Heels could be underdogs on the road at Syracuse on Saturday in their first meeting with the #2 Orangemen as ACC foes.

American Teams Anchor Loaded NHL Saturday Night

Saturday night is the big night in the NHL week, and this Saturday, the American teams take the spotlight in a pair of late-night matchups. Boston is in San Jose in one showdown, while Detroit faces off with Los Angeles. Look for the home teams to be favored here.

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What kind of message is Carmelo Anthony sending to the Knicks with his free agency talk?


Carmelo Anthonys career has been good overall. When he was drafted by the Nuggets in 2003 , I think that most everyone felt that the 6-8 forward was going to be a prominent player who was going to be a scoring machine and a possible champion someday. Melo has never been a poor scorer, by any means. Putting up career numbers of 25/ game. And has been a solid rebounder as well with 6.5/clip. And his clutch genes have always been there, with his excellent play with time running out at the end of games.

Personally I like Anthony, his scoring ability is almost unmatched, he can get a shot off anywhere on the court, he can hit it deep, take it to the hole, post up, and has a nice mid range shot. But he is also a guy who needs the ball, the game slows down, he gets the rock and it sits in his hands for 15 seconds, while he decides what he is going to do. It becomes isolation ball the minute he gets it in his hands.

When he went to New York, there was the Knicks exaggeration with him and Amare. Could they coexist on the court together, I think we all saw what happened when they played together, they were much less impressive. Carmelo, for some reason, can’t get other guys over the hump to the next level with his game style.

Last year, the Knicks were on the doorstep, of becoming the next big thing in the NBA. Most felt this way after they lost in the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals vs. the Indiana Pacers in 6, where Melo scored great, but shot miserably. So this season coming in, certainly looked as if only promise and getting better should follow, signing yet another shooter, Andrea Bargnani. to help out in the lineup.

Then early on, as in, as the season was starting, Carmelo brings up talk about trying out free agency next season. Free agency? What? Are you serious? And now he’s saying the Knicks are the laughing stock of the NBA. Are they a failure of a team so far, yes, but keep your mouth shut, talk to your team behind closed doors.

At some point, there has to be some kind of loyalty. Or are those days long gone, with the high short shorts in the NBA? After saying while he was in Denver, how much he wanted to play in hometown New York? Says to me that he is simply giving up on the team.

Of course, on the sniffing radar are the LA Lakers, who seem to always be prepared to snag someone to help Kobe get his magical and mystical 6th ring. But I hate to break the news, him and Kobe would never make it together on the court. Both are too selfish of players. Both needs to be “the man” and I don’t see either one willing to bend and play 2nd fiddle to the other. Were talking about guys who take about 40+ shots a game between the 2 of them, it would be them chucking up shots back and forth, feeling no one could stop them, yet that would likely not be the case. When other players check out mentally, when it becomes a 1-2 man show on offense. They are both primary scorers, who need the ball in their hands, neither can facilitate an offense happily, and Kobe wants the ball for every shot.

Carmelo needs to stop the talk, stop the nonsense and get his head in the game and his team at this time. That should be his only concern right now, is trying to turn around his lousy team and make them into something better. Unfortunately, Carmelo seems to be riding down the path of being one of those excellent scorers who just cant seem to make his teammates better.

Do the Knicks look like a serious playoff team now? Not even close. Do they look like they can become a legitimate playoff team, absolutely, they have scoring shot blocker, Andrea Bargnani and underestimated PG, Raymond Felton, both of whom are supportable and adequate players who can get them through some games as well. Carmelo needs to take care of his team and his business now. Melo, of course, has been the biggest gleaming spot on many bad nights this season keeping the Knicks in games.

But it still just seems to be Carmelo worrying about Carmelo.

Written by TonyK of