VegasTopDogs NFL All-Pro Team

The 2017 NFL season is almost over – which means we have seen some great play and some not so great play from teams this year.
And on those teams, we have watched players play great and players play amazing top notch football.
We will honor the top players from their position this season in the 2017 VTD All-Pro team.
Offense –
QB: Tom Brady, 30 TD, 8 int, 293 YPG, 68 %, 8.1 YPA,  six 300+ YD games as of 12.30.2017.
RB: Mark Ingram, 12 rushing TDs, 5 YPC, 2nd in the NFL in rushing TDs.
RB: Todd Gurley, 19 total TDs, 4.7 YPC, leads the league in total TDs.
WR: Antonio Brown, 9 TDs, 15.2 YD/catch, 101 recpt, 1533 YDs, tops in the NFL in yards
WR:  Adam Thielen, 4 TDs, 14.3 YD/catch, 85 recpt, 1215 YDs
WR:  DeAndre Hopkins, 13 TDs, 14.4 YD/catch, 96 recpt, 1378 YDs
TE:  Travis Kelce, 8 TDs, 12.5 YD/catch, 83 recpt, 1038 YDs
OT:  Alejandro Villanueva
OG: Kelechi Osemele
C: John Sullivan
OG:  Zack Martin
OT: Tyron Smith
K: Matt Prater, 28 FGM, 7-11 FG 50+, 7-8 FG 40-49, 37-38 XPM-XPA
KR: Pharoh Cooper, 27.4 avg, 1 TD, 103 long, 932 YDs, tops in the NFL
PR: Jamal Agnew, 16.0 avg, 2 TD, 88 long, 416 YDs, tops in the NFL
On the defensive side
DE: Everson Griffen, 13 sacks, 31 tackles, career high in sacks
DT: Geno Atkins, 9 sacks, – forced fumbles, 28 tackles, having his best season since 2015
DT: Malik Jackson, 8 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 29 tackles, career high in sacks
DE: Joey Bosa, 11.5 sacks, 52 tackles, leads the team in forced fumbles with 4
LB: Bobby Wagner, 1.5 sacks, 6 passes defended, 94 tackles, 2 int
LB: C.J. Mosley, 1 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 91 tackles, 2 int
LB: Telvin Smith, 1 sacks, 1 forced fumbles, 69 tackles, 3 int
CB: Xavier Rhodes, 2 int, 9 PD, 52 tackles
CB: Desmond Trufant, 2 int, 11 PD,  39 tackles
S: Harrison Smith, 5 int, 11 PD, 72 tackles, Hands down, the best safety in the game today.
S: Darius Slay, 7 int, 23 PD, 58 tackles, tops in the NFL in 2017 for interceptions
It has been a truly riveting season – with some great ups and some very controversial and disappointing downs, but on the whole – the game carries on. The players that make us cheer, and the players and their amazing skills that we enjoy to watch take the field and lay the beat down to their opponents keep us cheering for more. Some of the guys here are used to the accolades and honors as being the best –  some, not so much. But, like they say, you have to start somewhere.

​Top 5 NFL QBs of the 2017 season

We are halfway through the 2017 NFL Football season already. Many of us think we have a pretty good feeling or grasp as to who the top 4-5 or so teams are in the league, at least in each division. And we comfortably all feel that we have seen what the QBs have been able to do what on the field this year. We have our usual suspects, Brady, Rodgers, and Ryan, are always considered top guns in their conferences, but we also have some new and really good players that have more than shown they are ready to lead their teams as well.
Walk along at a calming pace as we take a look through the top 5 QBs in the NFL, playing right now. Be ready, because these guys aren’t always going to be what you immediately thought you would see.
5. Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints
2214 YDs
71.6 completion percentage
13 TDs
4 ints
4.7 TD %
1.5 int %
Brees has had his issues with not a whole lot during this year. The 38 yr old vet is still lighting teams up with leadership and simply put, a massive ability to throw the ball. With a New Orleans Saints team that has had its problems with RBs, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram have added some life for their QB.
It gives him a bit more time to be able to get to throw the ball. Drew has not been forced to throw the ball as much as he has in the past, at 275 attempts – which is towards the lower portion of his 17 years playing the game. Projecting he ends up throwing 34.3 times/game in 2017.
The Pats, and the Packers have both given up 300+ to Drew. He is a real competitor, as always, fighting the odds for many, many seasons. He has the vision of a 6-5 quarterback with his QB skill set, although, undersized at 6-0 and just over 200 pounds – his crafty arm and smarts keeps the Saints as a threat every game.
4. Russell Wilson
5-11/215 lbs
Seattle Seahawks
2543 YDs
62.7 completion percentage
19 TDs
6 ints
5.7 TD %
1.8 int %
Russell Wilson has led his Seattle team to big W’s over the Rams and Houston this season. Coming into the 2017 season under some question marks for the 6 year QB for Seattle – that they just cant seem to decide what their team game plan is for the 28year old QB from Wisconsin. Wilson has done great things with a team that has just 1 lone WR on the team with any actual skills – and that guy is Doug Baldwin. And let’s not forget the disaster that has been their Oline – that has been falling apart at the seams for years and has been virtually invisible.  He has been the anchor and the heart to a team that wholeheartedly trusts him, under such stressful circumstances,  he has shown throughout, he gets it done when needed to.
He has put together some great games of 452 YDs, 373 YDs and 334. Russell uses his feet well with a great blend of good arm strength and slick playmaking ability, as his 5.7 YPC verifies. The Seattle offense has more than had its share of mishaps and dead ended plays with Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls trying to run the ball – Russell Wilson brings a heartbeat to their 10th ranked scoring offense.
He reads the entire football field, and he knows how to get the ball to the closing windows and fires balls into the tight spots that QBs need to get the ball to.
3. Carson Wentz
6-5 / 240lbs
Philadelphia Eagles
2262 YDs
60.5 completion percentage
23 TDs
5 ints
7.9 TD %
1.7 int %
Carson Wentz is a pleasant and welcomed surprise on the list here. He has a passion about him that keeps people watching the games, and his Eagles on the field with awesome scoring ability. Leading his team to a 2nd ranked offense this year – putting up 31.4 /game in 2017.
As Carson has garnished much wonderful comparisons to Big Ben and even Bret Favre – Wentz is a comparable player in regards to some of his skills, but he also is very different in his approach and accuracy. When Wentz played Denver on 11.5.2017 – he tore up the 3rd ranked NFL passing defense for 4 TDs and 7.37 YPA. That secondary carries Bradley Roby and Chris Harris Jr. on their team – lighting them up like he did is no small task for any QB.
He has outstanding improvisation skills when looking to make a play, yet doesn’t get careless, as his play on the fly confirms. As well as his scrambling ability, Carson has a very powerful arm to blast the accurate bullets to the far sideline, when running out of the pocket. He has shown he can make the passes all over the field, throwing the deep pass has never been a problem for him – he can get the velocity to give his WRs the proper time to get to the ball and it gets there on time. Wentz has made good decisions in Philly – and he is very skilled at protecting the football to avoid the badly timed turnovers. Philadelphia is lucky to have their guy in # 11.
2. Tom Brady
6-4 / 225lbs
New England Patriots
2541 YDs
66.7 completion percentage
16 TDs
2 ints
5.2 TD %
0.6 int %
You honestly didn’t think you really were going to get through this list without seeing “Tom Terrific” on here, did you? Until Brady has a clunker season that doesn’t include putting up tons of TDs and amazing numbers, then, and only then, will you not see him listed.
Got it?
The Patriots may not be the over-dominant team that they have been over the last 12 seasons, as they have “only” been 6-2 in 2017. And Tom Brady is nowhere near done as “the man” for that team. And all the haters know it. That is what makes it so tough with this guy. Brady just keeps on keeping on, tearing up teams for 300 passing yards and 2 TDs seemingly every single week.
Having rocked last years SuperBowl contenders, Atlanta and a tough pass defending Chargers team – Tom is still bringing his swagger and amazing abilities to the table. We have almost taken it for granted after so many years of watching it. We all know the resume, working through all of his progressions, calmly reading the field.  He has amazing field vision to look off his primary read and get to his WR2 and WR3 to get everyone involved on his team, including 29 yr old WR Chris Hogan and RB James White who both have had their share of big plays this year. Brady is an amazingly accurate passer from the pocket, with 6 games so far, completing over 68% of his passes in a game. With perfect ball location and accuracy in every pass, he is and always will be, top notch.
1. Alex Smith
6-4/ 220lbs
Kansas City Chiefs
2444 YDs
69.6 completion percentage
18 TDs
1 ints
6.1 TD %
0.3 int %
Absolutely, without question. Alex Smith is lethally accurate, taking this Kansas City Chiefs team on his shoulders, and making them a legit contender. Remember, when everyone laughed about Alex Smith?
I do.
And I am willing to bet, Alex Smith does too.
Playing in the AFC West is no easy task for any QB, let alone the guy who is always looked at as being at the bottom of the QBs who are playing the position there. But through it all he has more TDs than Brady. Crushes Wentz in YDs/game comparisons. And blows away Brees in the TD % category. You tell me, what Alex doesn’t have to not be on this top 5 list?
The Pats, Philly, and the Chargers have all fallen prey to the quiet assassin in Kansas City this year. Putting up a great season – with three 300 YD passing games, five games of 2+ TDs, and six games of 7.5 YPA performers, all the while charging his guys down the field.
Not only does Smith throw a really catchable ball – but he is slinging it downfield really well too. His short to intermediate game on the field, has always been great. But, now, he’s unleashing a dangerous deep ball that has brought the Chiefs to another level. His 8.34 YPA is a 13 year high for the former Niners QB.
Alex is always comfortable in the pocket, but he also has a smooth ability to move around to buy some extra time. Which is priceless for any QB. Alex Smith isn’t a “running quarterback” – but he is canny enough to avoid the big sacks and can move around easily, to help his offensive line and receivers when the pocket is falling into him. Smith is also carrying along 4.7 YPC this year, as he has more than shown his quick feet skills.

The New England Patriots are going to be fine

Coming into the 2017 season, many were talking about the Patriots as being a serious favorite this season to go undefeated. And after all summer long hearing about how great this years Pats team was going to be, I can understand the surprise after their blowout loss vs the Chiefs. We heard how this New England team was going to be the best Pats team ever, they were rolling to 19 and 0, they were going to be unstoppable – and all the parade that follows a team like the Pats, especially when they go out and sign players like speedy WR Brandin Cooks, to an already stacked and skilled team.
Many fans and media have found themselves putting Belicheck and Brady as purely flawless masters of the game, who could not possibly lose a game when things are going so good. After their humiliating 42-27 loss – now many are acting like it is the end of the road for the 2 future HOFers. After one (very) lousy game – people are screaming like the sky is falling, pointing fingers at everyone – the defense is horrible, Brady is washed up, they have no WRs. Where is the rave and trust for this excellent organization?
After one 1st game loss – folks are talking about New England as if they won’t win another game. Maybe the fact is, Kansas City just played better? Kansas City played with great heart and played excellent with their passing and running game. Belicheck was outcoached, plain and simple.
The offense was not the biggest problem vs Kansas City. Could it have been better?  Of course it could have been – especially with what many were expecting.  I anticipated some learning curves with this new team that has just been put together.
It is also quite possible the Patriots offense could struggle for what could be the first couple games of the season. Brady needs to build a rapport with his new toy, Brandin Cooks – and New England needs to get much better with their lazy DB coverage. Everyone knows they have great weapons all over – but that doesn’t always mean they get tossed together and completely dominate from day one.
Bottom line though – it’s no secret, they really need to fix some things on their D, the defense was simply blown apart. It never really looked like it was together during the entire game. They were smoked up the middle and burned down the field, it was actually quite embarrassing. The front 4 on New England’s defense is really not in the top half of the league quite honestly, Alan Branch and Lawrence Guy are serviceable at best – and their LB group, with Kyle Van Noy and aging David Harris, is towards the bottom end of the league. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia needs to make some adjustments with their game plan, to get their defense close to being back on track and have an attacking and controlling mindset.
Injuries are starting to pile up pretty quick for New England and Gronk has certainly had his own issues with staying healthy. Fans love Gronk with his great hands and mighty TD spikes, but they tend to get overenamored – and it gets hard to come to terms that he gets injured an awful lot, missing 23 of the last 32 games, that is super tough to trust when needing to be depended on. Gronk has got to stay on the field.
They also have 3-4 talented RBs they could start leaning on even more, in Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis, James White, and Mike Gillislee, that can all do some of the vital things injured Edelman did for them that could help enough to make up for his loss. I strongly feel Gillislee is going to be the key signing for New England this year, with his power and nose for the endzone, I would not be surprised to see 12+ TDs and a quiet 1000 YDs by seasons end for the 26 yr old RB.
But, all in all, people need to put the demise of the Pats on the backburner. We have all heard about New England winning a SuperBowl after losing the opener of the season years ago – the Pats are going to get things put together – they are not a team to push aside, and believe me, neither Belicheck or Brady will take this beating lightly either.
All this talk about the team falling apart and becoming an 8-8 mediocre team, after just the first game of the new season is completely irrational. If there is any team that can afford to have a clunker, it’s New England. The losses of perennial 90+ catch, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and his slot play potential, and the explosive WR Malcolm Mitchell seems like it could become a bit of an issue for most teams, but with Belicheck and the zen-like philosophy of “next man up” may just take a few games to come together.
But if anyone can do it, it’s most certainly the Pats.


We have just about made it!

The 2017 offseason has been long and we have all waited for our teams to strap on their battle gear – lace up their cleats, and start showing us again, why we obsess over them. The Bucs have made some nice improvements to their team – and Miami has not done much of anything worth being too up or down about. Some teams, as we all know, fall way short of great expectations – and others end up shocking the rest of the league – these are just some of the reasons we love the NFL.
Things could always change.

And likely will throughout the season.

As we all know, hate fact if you want to, but the Cowboys and the Patriots are really good. The Browns are not a good team, and the Jaguars are not going to be competing again this year either. But – there are still plenty of games to be played – some huge games – some games that are nothing more than practice runs for the real ones. But with all that being said – lets take a look at the 2017 VTD FULL ON NFL Predictions for the season.
With playoff indicators and playoffs.
Lets get ready!!

Z – division champion
Y – wildcard

Z – New England Patriots last season; 14-2
2017 predicted record; 13-3
strengths; talent
weakness; special teams

Y – Miami Dolphins last season; 10-6
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; special teams
weakness; chemistry

Buffalo Bills last season; 7-9
2017 predicted record; 6-10
strengths; running game
weakness; QB

New York Jets last season; 5-11
2017 predicted record; 4-12
strengths; RBs
weakness; QB

Z – Pittsburgh Steelers last season; 11-5
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; offensive line
weakness; aging

Cincinnati Bengals last season; 6-9-1
2017 predicted record; 9-7
strengths; WR corps
weakness; offensive line

Baltimore Ravens last season; 8-8
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; defense
weakness; weapons

Cleveland Browns last season; 1-15
2017 predicted record; 3-13
strengths; hope
weakness; young

Z – Tennessee Titans last season; 9-7
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; improvement
weakness; secondary

Indianapolis Colts last season; 8-8
2017 predicted record; 9-7
strengths; coaching
weakness; flawed

Houston Texans last season; 9-7
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; defense
weakness; QB

Jacksonville Jaguars last season; 3-13
2017 predicted record; 4-12
strengths; recent draft
weakness; offense

Z – Oakland Raiders last season; 12-4
2017 predicted record; 11-5
strengths; hot
weakness; pressure

Y – Kansas City Chiefs last season; 12-4
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; turnovers
weakness; LBs

Denver Broncos last season; 9-7
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; defense
weakness; schedule

LA Chargers last season; 5-11
2017 predicted record; 7-9
strengths; talent
weakness; defense


Z – Dallas Cowboys last season; 13-3
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; youth
weakness; youth

New York Giants last season; 11-5
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; wide receiver corps
weakness; Oline

Washington Redskins last season; 8-7-1
2017 predicted record; 9-7
strengths; firepower
weakness; RBs

Philadelphia Eagles last season; 7-9
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; Alshon Jeffery
weakness; OC play calling

Z – Green Bay Packers last season; 10-6
2017 predicted record; 12-4
strengths; Aaron Rodgers
weakness; defense

Y – Minnesota Vikings last season; 8-8
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; defense
weakness; division

Detroit Lions last season; 9-7
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; Matthew Stafford
weakness; turnovers

Chicago Bears last season; 3-13
2017 predicted record; 4-12
strengths; Jordan Howard
weakness; roster

Z – Atlanta Falcons last season; 11-5
2017 predicted record; 11-5
strengths; firepower
weakness; Super Bowl hangover

Y – Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season; 9-7
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; division
weakness; Oline

Carolina Panthers last season; 6-10
2017 predicted record; 8-8
strengths; offensive ability
weakness; secondary

New Orleans Saints last season; 7-9
2017 predicted record; 7-9
strengths; offense
weakness; defense

Z – Seattle Seahawks last season; 10-5-1
2017 predicted record; 10-6
strengths; Russell Wilson
weakness; RBs

Arizona Cardinals last season; 7-8-1
2017 predicted record; 9-7
strengths; veteran team
weakness; age

Los Angeles Rams last season; 4-12
2017 predicted record; 5-11
strengths; division
weakness; firepower

San Francisco 49ers last season; 2-14
2017 predicted record; 5-11
strengths; schedule
weakness; talent

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NFL Marquee Football Matchups

Divisional Playoffs - Denver Broncos v New England Patriots


San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints – The Saints and 49ers have been the class of the NFC over the past couple of seasons, but San Francisco has won their last two against New Orleans, including last season at the Superdome. The Saints are a three-point NFL betting favorite at home.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos – The 9-0 Chiefs head to Denver, where they have lost three of their last five trips, but head coach Andy Reid was 13-1 in Philadelphia after a bye week. This AFC West showdown will light up Sunday night, when the Broncos will be 7.5-point favorites in the sportsbook.

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers MNF – The Panthers have won five in a row, but they have lost three of their last five against the Patriots, including the Super Bowl in 2004. Carolina should be a slight home favorite on Monday night.

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Sunday Night NFL Patriots at Falcons

It’s a potential Super Bowl preview on Sunday night when New England visits Atlanta in a matchup of teams that both lost in the conference title game a season ago. “Football Night in America” will feature the two active quarterbacks with the best winning percentages as starters when the Patriots’ Tom Brady (139-39, .781) and Atlanta’s Matt Ryan (57-24, .704) meet.

The Pats are 3-0 after a 23-3 win over Tampa Bay in Week 3. Brady, who has now thrown a touchdown pass in 51 consecutive games, connected with rookie wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins on two TD passes against the Bucs. Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski has yet to play this season and the Patriots are â??not optimisticâ?쳌 that tight end he will make his season debut against the Falcons. Two weeks ago, according to a report, the Patriots were bullish about his chances of returning for Week 3, and said he would â??definitelyâ?쳌 be playing in Week 4. No. 1 receiver Danny Amendola also will sit another week. The Patriots have managed to overcome a shaky offense by allowing 34 points. The 11.3 points-against average is tied for second with Kansas City and behind only Seattle’s 9.0. They are one of 10 teams to hold their first three opponents under 1,000 yards and have allowed an average of 188.3 yards in the air.

New England is second in the AFC in takeaways while cornerback Aqib Talib leads the NFL with three interceptions. The 1-2 Falcons will be in desperation mode after a last-second defeat in Miami (27-23) in Week 3. At home, Atlanta has won 12 of its past 13 regular-season contests. Ryan had 231 yards and two touchdowns on 23-of-38 passing against the Dolphins for Atlanta, which dominated time of possession in the opening half, holding the ball for nearly 23 minutes. Atlanta’s Julio Jones led all receivers with 115 yards on nine catches for the Falcons, who lost despite a 377-285 edge in total offensive yards. Falcons running back Steven Jackson is expected to miss his second straight game with a thigh injury. Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling are expected to again carry the load after combining for 139 rushing yards last week. Brady is 3-0 against the Falcons, including a 26-10 home win over Ryan in the last meeting in 2009.