How far have the Seattle Seahawks fallen


The Seahawks offense has to find a way to move the ball with consistency. The play calling has been complacent and poor. They seem to be running run plays that don’t seem to really have any significant value on the field. They have also allowed teams to find opportunities to come back in their games.

This Seahawks team seems to be showing their true colors in the end of games. In the 4th quarter, in particular, they are looking more like the 7-9 playoff team from 2010. The Seahawks are faltering fast in the late quarters their defense is getting sluggish and the offense, is actually pathetic. This team is getting into the bad knack of blowing late leads. Not something that any team wants to have hanging over their head. They really need to fix this issue, or the season is shot.

Reason why? The defense is simply out on the field too much. And they have sometimes looked a bit lazy on offense.

One thing they could consider is trying to find a way to get Jimmy Graham a way to get the ball. The guy is a great player with has 13 career 100+ YD games, he is a game changer. Getting him involved would help the whole team, from Russell Wilson to the running game, to their mediocre WRs. But can Jimmy Graham be effective in Seattle? I questioned it when he first left New Orleans. They don’t have that kind of offense.

The QB has had some problems seeing over some of their tall players, and had struggled completing a pass over them. I feel than quick, fast, and shifty receivers would work better in Seattle, more guys like Lockett.

Russell Wilson has been struggling and is having a real problem running the struggling offense. With only 1 game with more than 1 TD pass, he isn’t looking like a Super Bowl winning QB. Wilson has seemingly forgotten what made him a very good QB, for the last several seasons. He is having anticipation problems, and is making poor decisions, throwing into double coverage in bad areas, like the endzone.

Wilson is looking for deep routes, when at times he just needs to hit a quick slant. Sometimes he gets looking ahead, and begins running around all over the place, trying to make something happen. Although, brave, sometimes not necessary and needs to step up and fire the ball where it’s needed. He is just not executing his offensive plays. He needs to keep in mind, he’s their QB not their RB. The sport of football is a complete team sport and not a one man show. Pull it down and move the ball through the air.

Seattle’s mediocre offense has only 2 games of 21 or more 1st downs. Including games with 18 or less, they aren’t keeping drives going on offense. The question that needs to be asked, is when are they going to make some sort of change, somewhere. Do they? Should they? RB Thomas Rawls has been excellent, and needs to stay involved for the season. Baby beast mode needs to keep getting his carries. He is chunking away getting 5.6 a touch.

This season will be trying if they keep playing like this, and they will be lucky to find themselves a wildcard spot. If they can somehow get to 10-6 this year, they can, but with games coming up vs the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals 2 times, and a tough Minnesota Vikings team, on the road, it might not happen. Right now it just doesn’t look like they are having much fun out there anymore playing. Seems this team has gone down the path of getting paid, and that’s it. It could be time to think about dumping some of the high-priced “talent” to free up some money for guys who really want to play, or improve that Oline. On a team, every player has their role on that team, and they need to make the plays expected if them. This whole team does not look like championship team they were in 2013, when they were competing every week. If not fixed fast, they could find themselves back to the old drawing board soon.

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Seattle Seahawks Best Move

Seattle’s best move was dumping Percy Harvin and not this cheerleader.
The Seattle Seahawks had decided it was time for Percy Harvin to no longer be a part of their organization. The 6 yr WR this season for Seattle was struggling with 22 catches for 133 YDs receiving and 0 receiving TDs. His 133 receiving YDs was 4th on the team.
The decision to dump him off came as a slight surprise to some, but apparently he had more than enough issues going on behind the scenes in Seattle. Including fighting with teammates before the SuperBowl, and giving black eyes to his co-workers. Looking back, now, this has got to be monetarily, the absolute worst decision of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era. When they grabbed him from Minnesota and in turn the Vikings got their 1st rd draft pick Cordarelle Patterson, essentially to replace Harvin, many folks thought Harvin was going to explode in Seattle.
But, now, as time has played its cards, as always, maybe Seattle should have been more inclined to pay Golden Tate and his great hands and let Percy go from the beginning. This was a terrible choice by the Seahawks overall. Problems continue now as the Hawks aren’t deep in depth at WR. With Doug Baldwin and probably Jermaine Kearse now their WR1 and WR2, they have essentially a virtual unknown group of guys for Russel Wilson to sling the ball to. So, talent wise, Harvin was likely considered their best receiver.
A rotten attitude can spread quickly, so you are forced to cut the bad apples. Especially, if the team isn’t playing its best football either. Seattle is currently sitting at 3-3 and currently out of the playoff hunt, if it started today. No matter how ‘good’ a player has potential to be, is, or was, a team is better off getting rid of a problem player. The team will move on and be better for it.
Harvin was a detriment to the offense at times as well. He struggled with timing routes, and also had some problems getting open against zone coverages. He made most of his work on quick slants, and on crossing routes. Almost in a way, a one trick pony. Most of his catches were made within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. When he was in Minnesota, I remember well, how he was used, and he was able to get downfield with his speed, but he really made a living making his catches no further than quick 5 yard outs. Which is often an indicator that a player could be struggling at running his routes. Every team needs that receiver that can be where they need to be, and get open for the catch 10 or 15 yards downfield. If they can’t break off, like that, your WR1 may not be worth having in your offense.
Seattle tried to make a trade with Denver to get super TE Julius Thomas. Now this thought, was absurd to me, to say the least. It’s almost as if they tried to sabotage Denver. Why would Peyton ever give up one of his favorite toys for Seattle’s least favorite. A beast of a TE with great hands, for a player that would play on and off, and the way the offense works, he would likely be a WR3 at best in Denver anyway. That’s an absolute joke.
Harvin is a good player, but not a star like Thomas. In my opinion, Thomas would easily be worth worth a 1st rd pick. There’s no way Harvin is, right now. How could they offer a train wreck like Harvin for Denver’s best Tight End? I have no idea to even think that Seattle thought that Denver would ever consider that disaster.
So, in the end, Harvin is now on the New York Jets. Where he will line up alongside Eric Decker, 24 catches 3 TDs, and currently their WR1. Where as Decker was their big sign this off season, I question how this is going to work. If he was fighting with his teammates in Seattle, where they were a winning team, how is this going to come together in New York, and how will Rex handle this problem child arriving?
I feel bad for Geno, who has has hands full. I still question Geno, and what his future is in the NFL, he has had a struggle in his 23 games for the Jets. And he has been terrible at times. But, if Harvin had a problem with Christian Ponder, how is this going to work with Geno and his passing?
Granted, he does bring something to the Jets, who have been horrendous passing the ball. Decker is the only WR with more than 1 TD catch. So Harvin brings another option. Jets fans honestly, don’t have a lot to cheer about, he will bring another weapon for Geno, which has been the issue his career. Decker as the crisp route runner, Harvin as the 4-5 YD out, bubble screen guy. We’ll see how it works.
It just kind of smells similar to the Eagles and the Redskins. Locker room problem DeSean Jackson. You cause an issue on a good team trying to move forward, send them to the basement.

2014 Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers


A Fantasy “Sleeper” is defined as a player (in this case NFL) who you believe will have a “breakout” season, while not being ranked in the Top 10 at his position before the season started. Here is my list for the 2014-15 season.

Jeff’s 2014-15 Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers

1) Carlos Hyde RB (49ers)

My top-rated running back coming into the draft this past May. Carlos Hyde improved his production every season at Ohio State since his freshman season in 2010. Last season, he rushed for 1,521 yards and accumulated 15 touchdowns. In his College career, Hyde rushed for 3,198 yards, 6.1 Yards per carry, and 41 total touchdowns. Hyde runs like he’s mad at the ground and he is the perfect back for what the 49ers like to do. He’s big and physical, while having good feet and vision. I love his talent. Lets be honest here. Frank Gore is not getting any younger at the age of 31. The 10-year veteran is just 33 yards short of 10,000 rushing yards. Gore ran for 1,128 yards with 9 touchdowns last season, and has at least 250 carries for three straight years. Hyde is expected to receive at least 7-10 touches per game to start, but don’t be shocked if he’s a bigger part of the 49ers offense and in the starting lineup sooner rather than later. Aided by a very solid offensive line, look for Hyde to rush for 1000+ yards with 10 total touchdowns this season. Yeah, I said it!

2) Andre Ellington RB (Arizona)

Reminds me of Jamaal Charles quite a bit. There are some concerns that his small frame can hold up for 16 games. He played in 15 games last year, gaining 652 yards on just 118 attempts. Andre scored just 4 total touchdowns and I would expect that number to at least double if he stays healthy. There is no denying his skill-set and he did add about 8-10 lbs of muscle this off-season. He’s at the ripe age of 25 where many running backs have career type seasons. The Cardinals’ offensive line will be better than last season and might even become a strength of the team. Ellington is on the verge of stardom. Look for him to gather ginormous points in running, receiving, and scoring.

3) Terrance Williams WR (Dallas)

Miles Austin has taken his injured hamstrings to Cleveland. In all seriousness, I wish Miles the best and hope he can stay healthy for the Browns. Terrance has that great combination of size and speed. Listed at 6′ 2″, 209 lbs, Williams is one of the fastest players on the team, while using the slot to his advantage as well. The local boy had a solid rookie season with 736 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. His longest scoring play was an 82-yard skinny post from the left side against the Broncos. Look for Terrance Williams to amass 1000 receiving yards and at least 7 touchdowns, as most teams’ focus will be on trying to cover Dez Bryant with an extra safety. The Cowboys are expecting big things from Williams and you should too.

4) Colin Kaepernick QB (San Francisco)

Currently being drafted No. 11 in mock drafts. Colin is poised to have his best season yet. The team is extremely motivated after how last season ended in heart break fashion. Actually, it’s been two straight postseason meltdowns so the motivation is there. The offense is loaded with the likes of Michael Crabtree, Anquan Bolden, Stevie Johnson, Vernon Davis, not to mention a very talented backfield. Lets not forget about Kaepernicks running ability. Only Russell Wilson ran for more touchdowns as a QB last season. The defense looks really good and I am expecting big things from this team in 2014-15. They are one hungry bunch. If you don’t get one of the Top 3 QB’s than wait and grab Kaepernick in the 8th or 9th round.

5) Jay Cutler QB (Chicago)

Jay Cutler is ranked anywhere from No. 12 to No.16 at the QB position. The Bears feature two of the league’s top 7 wide receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Not to mention a top 5 overall player in running back Matt Forte. Both receivers are capable of 1,000+ receiving yards and double digit touchdowns. Marshall accomplished the feet last year and don’t be shocked if both players reach that level this season. This offense is loaded and if Cutler can stay healthy he should have his best season to date. Cutler has never finished with a QBR of 90 or better in a season. He had a career high of 89.2 last season. This could be that year. He’s a steal in the mid rounds this season.

6) Tony Romo QB (Dallas)

The Cowboys will have a new offensive play-caller for the third straight season. Although Bill Callahan is still the offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan will be calling the plays. He loves to throw the ball early and often. Tony Romo’s career numbers are quite impressive with 29,565 passing yards, 64.6% completion percentage, and 208 touchdown passes. His 95.8 career QBR ranks fourth, behind Rivers, Manning, and Aaron Rogers. Romo had 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2013-14 for the second time in three years. Romo is better than most people think. At 34 years of age Romo has at least two very productive season in the tank. During his five-year tenure the Lions offense never ranked less than sixth in pass attempts. The Cowboys offense is loaded including a very good offensive line. The Cowboys defense figures to allow a lot of points, so the Cowboys might be playing catch-up more often than not. Romo has posted better stats than where he is being drafted for 6 straight seasons.

7) Emmanuel Sanders WR (Denver)

I am expecting big things from Sanders with the Broncos. Peyton Manning likes to throw touchdowns and Sanders will help fans forget about the departure of Eric Decker (Jets). Sanders is entering his fifth season at age 27, coming off a solid campaign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had 67 receptions, 740 receiving yards, and six touchdowns. I would be shocked if Sanders didn’t have his best season to date with Manning at QB. Extremely quick and gets open more often than not. Sanders is a steal after the 10th round.

8) Sam Bradford QB (Rams)

At 26 years of age, the time is now for Bradford to take that next step. There are some signs he will. Sam was well on his way to posting career-best numbers last season after throwing 14 touchdown passes in seven games, Bradford suffered a season-ending ACL injury. The Rams have a plethora of young talent that is on the verge of breaking out. Chris Givens and Tavon Austin figure to get better. Kenny Britt was a great pickup an should help the Rams in red-zone scoring. Bradford could end being the “steal” of your draft.

9) Montee Ball RB (Denver)

Denver has a lot of talented running backs but Ball has the most upside. He didn’t win the starting job last season due to protection issues in both basic and blitz-heavy defenses. In this offense, the potential for 1,500+ rushing yards and 10+ touchdowns is certainly there. Ball averaged 4.7 yards per carry in 16 games. Solid. Look for Ball to have a huge breakout type season if he can stay healthy. He will also be a force in the passing game as well. Big things from Ball in 2014-15.

10) DeAndre Hopkins WR (Houston)

Considering all of the quarterback issues last season the Texans endured, Hopkins managed to put decent numbers with 52 receptions, 802 receiving yards, and two touchdowns. Just two seasons ago, Hopkins was the No. 1 receiver in a Clemson offense that featured Sammy Watkins. This guy is poised for a huge breakout type season and will be a nice point producer as a No. 2 or 3 receiver. Currently being drafted 30th among receivers which should be going up as more drafts get underway.

Good Luck on draft day!

Jeff Hochman/JHSL

Tattoo Jinx: Seattle Is Not Winning The Super Bowl


If you are looking on betting on the NFC Championship game this might make it easier: The Seattle Seahawks have been jinxed by this man by getting a tattoo boasting about their Super Bowl 2014 victory before the season even began.

You just can’t do that bro. Tim Connors, of Edmonds, Washington, got the Seahawks logo and ‘XLVIII Champs’ inked on his arm months ago.‘I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy at all. I’m confident, I’m 100 percent confident in every single player on that team,’ Connors told ABC. The Seahawks take on the 49ers in an exciting match-up on Sunday night, and if they get through that play-off game either New England or Denver await in the Super Bowl on February 2. –

He pretty much mushed their chances in winning the big game.  See more at: