Would Le’Veon Bell have made a difference in the Steelers season

The Steelers ended the 2018 season out of the playoffs, for the 1st
time over 4 years.  Some feel if Le’Veon Bell was on the field this
year, the Steelers would have made the playoffs. Maybe they wouldn’t
have tied the Browns in week 1 with Bell – maybe they wouldn’t have
lost to the Raiders either. But realistically, we don’t know. Maybe
Ben would have tried to make a boneheaded throw into the endzone vs
the Browns and lost the game there. As he already was having a poor
game with a 56% completion rate and 3 picks. It is easy to speculate,
we all do, but Le’Veon Bell has also played poorly vs Oakland in the
past, maybe he would have done nothing again. Maybe Le’Veon runs for
his 30 yrds and coughs one up?

Many people think Bell could have taken Pittsburgh Steelers to the
Bowl, but it was not because they didn’t have Bell, they had so many
other serious issues rather than just not having Bell on the field.
James Conner did just fine, with a 4.5 YPC, 55 catches, and 12 TDs, at
times, he looked even better than Bell. He put the ball on the field 4
times in the season, and some screamed about that. Hate to break it to
you, Bell also fumbled, with 3 in 2017 and 7 over the last 27 games,
it happens. We cant expect a guy running through a line of 340lb
strong men, hitting, slapping, pulling, and shoving then more
aggressive, fast and skilled men hitting them and punching the ball to
not put the ball on the ground sometimes.

It all comes down to the money (as always) – and Le’Veon Bell thinks
he is worth essentially double pay, because of what he brings to the
field in running and receiving. Seriously? There are a multitude of
great RBs who are awesome players, like Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley,
and Alvin Kamara, who all churn out big numbers on the ground and in
the air. Le’Veon Bell you are just another talented RB, but nothing
out of the ordinary, he is a great RB, but to now expand and say that
you are a utility player so now should be paid like a mixture between
the 2 positions, I don’t think so. No one player is bigger than the
team, end of story.

James Conner was a great 3 down back all year with running the ball,
blocking and catching out of the backfield. He played hard, and
deserved all the accolades he got for what he put on the field.
Le’Veon Bell with his history, it isn’t all that unlikely he would
have gotten injured sometime through the season. He has missed an
average of 5 games/season since 2015 – either through injury or being
removed from playing. And now tack on another 16 games missed – simply
because he wanted more money. The question of love and his dedication
to the game has taken a firm hold of many.

Ben Roethlisberger led the league in picks, with 16 – tied for the 2nd
most in 15 seasons for Pittsburgh, and had a bunch of stupid and
mistimed horrendous red zone blunders. He seemed bored and lost at
times, which made him less dangerous and off with his chemistry with
his receivers as well. I think Ben and his bad play is just as much to
eat the blame for their letdown season, with 4 games of completing
less than 60% of his passes and 4 games with 2+ picks thrown. The
Steelers really needed to get some element of surprise this year. Most
teams knew they were passing the ball the vast majority of the time,
as they put the ball in the air around 66% of the time. As they ran 5
wide sets quite frequently.

The porous passing Steelers defense was a huge reason why they missed
the playoffs. Their 2 steps too slow secondary, with just 8 picks, and
giving up 27 TDs in the air could never hold things together.
Especially when facing playoff caliber teams like the Saints and the
Chiefs, where they gave up 313 and 322, and they gave up 31 and 42
points in each.

Truth is, Le’Veon Bell would not have gotten the Pittsburgh Steelers
to the playoffs. His skills on the field are great and his timey and
patient ability to run on the field is great to watch for a Pittsburgh
Steelers fan and as a football fan, but he wasn’t leading them to the
promised land. He would have been a tough threat to deal with on
offense, his extra catches out of the backfield would have been nice
to have, as he is a massive receiving threat, with 312 catches over 62
games, and a solid number of 8.5 YDs/catch, along with 7TDs in the
air. The Steelers didn’t have quite the same fear factor coming out
running routes this year with James Conner, but he did more than a
fine job in the backfield for Ben and company.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a whole lot more going on than just the
Le’Veon Bell situation. Between Ben Roethlisberger, terrible play
calling, Antonio Brown pouting on the sidelines, and who ever knew if
there DBs were going to show up. They have to figure some stuff out on
that team before thinking about SuperBowls anytime soon.

Best NFL RB Combo in the League

We are going to take a look into the best running back duo the NFL today. We all know, that to have one great RB is a great thing, to have two backs, on your team – is quite another. And quite something to cherish – if your team is fortunate enough to have this situation.
Lets get looking into the ground guys – the ones that keep opposing Dlines and LBS to toss and turn, to make them lose sleep at night. It is very rare to find a dangerous combo punch in the backfield, especially with the evolving passing game we are watching now in the NFL. And even more rare – where one RB compliments the others style – a guy who can build momentum off his counterpart. With both players still making an impact.
Chicago Bears
Jordan Howard / Tarik Cohen
Stats don’t always tell the full story – but they also don’t lie. In just over their time together, the modern-day tag-team battlefield of Howard and Cohen have run for over 1100 rushing yards between the 2 of them in 11 games this season. As teammates with the Bears, both Howard and Cohen are a strong threat to find pay dirt each and every game. Howard has put up 5 TDs on the ground, and Cohen has added another 3 total TDs to their tally. Having weapons like these two is nothing short of great to have.  I know it may be a very early in their careers – but they absolutely belong on the list.  With a head first RB, in Howard, who had run for 1300 YDs as soon as just last year, as a rookie – and adding another guy in Cohen, who will be a constant threat for 700 total YDs /year on the average for his career, these RBs are going to be a handful to handle each and every week.
Atlanta Falcons
Devonta Freeman / Tevin Coleman
Freeman and Coleman are seriously putting the Falcons football team on the NFL running radar. Before them, Atlanta hasn’t had a star RB to put teams on their shoulders since Michael Turner was destroying defenses back in 2011. NFL running back duos are historically linked solidly in the history of some of the great teams in football –  and Freeman and Coleman are rooting themselves in those stories. They have been in the backfield for 2 seasons together with Atlanta – and have to be considered one of the most lethal and dangerous tandems in their Conference and of the NFL. Atlanta has made the playoffs, and gotten to the Super Bowl last year with these guys being paired up thus far, and the future will stay burning bright. Falcons fans have to be thrilled to be watching the power and speed that tear teams down with their devastating duo brings.
New Orleans Saints
Mark Ingram/ Alvin Kamara
There is a very interesting and very talented duo in New Orleans. Over this season – Ingram and Kamara have tallied for over 2100 total yards and 17 TDs between them. As Ingram will likely make a trip to the Pro Bowl in 2017 – he has led the Saints in carries, 1st downs, and rushing TDs. Kamara has been putting up close to 100 total YDs/game in 2017, and Ingram has a team leading 39 rushing 1st downs, on 166 carries. New Orleans has made some magnificent changes in their offensive scheme – paired up with Brees and his legendary ability – it makes these 2 backs more than enough for opposing LBs and DBs try and handle, which is why they are putting their team in 4th in rushing in the NFL this season.
When the dust settles, New Orleans has the pair to be easily considered the most dangerous combination in the league, and the Saints have more than proven that with Ingram and Kamara – the Saints are that much better of a team with them on it.
So with all RBs – there are a multitude of different style running games in the NFL, and many different players that have scorched and plundered the fields with their attacking running style, blasting through lines and having a knack for scoring TDs. These two also both can catch the ball with soft hands, and eye coordination, making plays in the open field – as well with their combined 760 receiving yards – and 35 receiving first downs over the season.
When it comes to running game dominance, on the field, no team looks across the Oline of the Saints – and are happy to see either one of their talented backs, lined up behind their future HoF QB, with their hands on their knees, ready to make a big yardage play.
They even have a ton more potential.
Ingram has never looked better from a physical standpoint during this season. He already has rushed for more TDs than he has had in 2015 or 2016. Looking at his potential second straight 1000+ YD rushing season in 2017. Kamara also seemed to have added a nasty cut to his already wicked arsenal that is extremely tough to handle. With 5 games so far of 100+ total yards in 11 games – he is equally ready to wreck ankles of defenders. At 5-10, 220lbs he can avoid hits, and deliver them as well.
I love what Ingram and Kamara bring to the Saints and love the way they both run so hard. Ingram has such great power, and we have seen what Kamara can do when he gets his chances – he will continue to get the touches that he deserves, as his 12/touches per game has been enjoyed for the Saints.
This duo can potentially burn the gridiron and net the Saints 3000 yards between the 2 of them – which would be sheer dominance.