Is the Patriots legacy tarnished for good

With everything going on regarding the patriots on the “Deflategate” (dumbest term for a conspiracy ever, btw) we need to take a look at several directions in the situation overall.
The Patriots are and have been one of the most hated or disliked franchises for years upon years. They are, and will be more susceptible to emotion and anger over things than most other teams, except maybe the Dallas Cowboys, who also hold their own unusual grasp with fan hatred. Although both teams are consistently in the top 5 in sales for jerseys every year.
Strange, yea, I know. Anyway…
For whatever reason fans may or may not like the Patriots organization, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or whomever on the team, this just gives more fuel to their fire. And this gives them some rights to that.
In the thrashing of the Colts, the Patriots had 11 of their 12 balls under inflated, meaning essentially better gripping on the ball, and more control throwing the ball. And catching a ball with less air in it, is also more sure-handed, because it has less of a chance to squirt out of the players hands, because they can squeeze it harder. That’s the breakdown in a nutshell.
Luck threw 2 picks, this is obviously in no way the deflated balls faults, but he was playing with regulation inflated balls, could that have meant Brady could have chucked 2 as well? I personally don’t believe so, because the Pats ran the ball so effectively, passing wasn’t their number one way of moving the ball downfield.
When LeGarrette Blount ran for 150 and 3 tds, it could be seen as the ball deflation wasn’t an advantage, if the Colts stopped him, it would have helped their case, but they didn’t. If this also was a 28-24 game, it would be by far, a much larger issue, so no, the weight of the ball had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I do think though there were things missed during their game that could have been huge factors to the situation in general.
When Green Bay played New England this year, the announcers openly discussed in much detail, how Aaron Rodgers purposely over inflates his footballs. Nothing came of that, which i find interesting, as well. An overinflated ball, could catch more airtime for deep throws, I would call that a certain advantage as well.
Nothing came of that.
Brad Johnson, altered his footballs, by scuffing them up before his big game for Super Bowl XXXVII. I, in many ways, think that this is done far more than many people want to think it is done, to give their QB and team a slight advantage in the game.
But, does it make it right?
Fact is, at this point, now Belichick is a repeat offender of being part of something shady. And should be punished more this time around, not just a slap on the wrist.
Does their Coach, advocate cheating? Maybe? Is it the thought that they cannot win without cheating? I find that a bit over the top, there’s no way this team has been so good for so many years simply by altering footballs, and watching teams defensive signals (which the majority of teams do, btw, it was the fact the Pats videotaped is what made it questionable)
You always want both teams on an even playing field. All the time, and let the best team win. Honestly, why cheat in this game at all? New England would’ve beaten them regardless.
However, it does raise issues, and simply goes against ethical standards. It is the principal of it now. What is unfortunate for Pats fans across the nation, is this absolutely further ruins their legacy now. Personally, I don’t think the deflated balls made a significant difference, enough to be the reason for the victory.
I look at the refs of the game. The league needs to possibly get better refs, we all love to bang on them, they test the footballs before the game, and they handle the balls all game long, did they not see anything unusual? Or was it science behind it? Because in cold weather, air condenses which could possibly cause the balls to deflate.
The focus of the deflated footballs should be more placed on the football officials that touch the ball before and after each and every single play. I expect the league office to question the officials of that game, did they notice anything odd? If so, why not mention it?
If this continues to grow around the Patriots organization, it, like many other “rules-mongers” then it may sadly become time to investigate the balls of every team, all the time, more throughout. Check them for everyone across the board, and have yet another annoying, damaging, negative press inducing, investigation for the entire NFL, not just the Patriots.

Tennessee Titans NFL 2014 Season Preview


The Tennessee Titans come into 2014 with a new Head Coach as Ken Whisenhunt will be looking to right the ship and have the Titans competing in the AFC South and to make a surprise run at the Playoffs.

The Titans went and got OL Taylor Lewan in the 1st round of the Draft this season to bolster the line along with OL Chance Warmack in last year’s draft. The Titan’s had increased production in the running game last year, and I look for a bigger increase this season with a solid offensive line. Expectations are high for rookie RB Bishop Sankey as he is expected to fill the hole for CJ2K who went to the Jets in the off-season.

Dexter McCluster was also an acquisition for the Titans and I look for a good amount of touches to go McAlister’s way. Whisenhunt was the OC for the Chargers last season and he made great use of Danny Woodhead out of the backfield and McCLuster is the same kind of player. If Shonn Greene stays healthy, this gives the Titans a versatile backfield with a ‘Thunder & Lightning’ combo with Greene a Power Back in the Red Zone and Goaline situations. The biggest question this season is, “Can Jake Locker can stay healthy?” If he can avoid injury, then I see the Titans winning at least 6 or 7 of their 8 home games, and 1 or 2 road wins is not out of the question to get them at a possible 9-7 record and at least a shot at the Playoffs. The receiver core is solid with veteran Nate Washington, then youngsters Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright with another year under their belt. Tight End Delaney Walker is also a quality TE that came from San Francisco and I’ve seen this guy make some key catches in games and he is also an excellent blocker.


On defense, the Titans improved last year from allowing 29 ppg to only allowing 24 ppg and trimmed 36 yards ppg of their total defense allowed. I like the front 7 of the Titans this year, but the secondary might be a bit weaker but should still be competitive. Overall, the Titans have the 2nd softest schedule in the league and I like them to be a good ‘PLAY ON’ team early in the season as amateur bettors will not be giving the Titans any respect.

*** Brandon’s Power Play: *** ***Week 1 Sept. 7th Tennessee @ Kansas City*** Play on : Tennessee as an Underdog*** The Titans will travel to Kansas City looking for revenge from last year’s 26-17 loss they suffered at home. I fully expect the Titans to put forth a better effort in this game than last year. The Titans got off to a slow start in this game down 13-0 as Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing in his first game as Locker was injured. The result was three-and-out on the first 5 series for the Titans and they could never establish a running game. Fitzpatrick was 0-for-8 with an INT on passes 15+ yards down the field. This year, they will have Locker under center and I look for the Titans to take some shots deep down the field early in this one. Expectations are high for the Chiefs this season, but I am expecting a sub-par season under HC Andy Reid. The Chiefs were fortunate last season to benefit from a +18 turnovers. I don’t think they will be as lucky this year to have the ball bounce in their direction.

The Chiefs do not have a strong passing game as it’s more dink and dunk passes from Alex Smith, so I don’t see the secondary of the Titans getting exposed in this game. I would also like to note that the Chiefs actually only outgained 5 opponents this year and this is a major red flag as they somehow won 11 games. A lot of their wins came from the fortunate bounces of the ball going their way and I got the feeling that the Titans win the turnover battle in this game. McCLuster will also be eager to make some plays against his former team and I also feel he can help out with the scouting report as he knows the Chiefs offense very well. The last note is that the Chiefs have a road game @ Denver in week 2 and I think it’s safe to assume that the Chiefs will be ‘looking ahead’ to this game as they will be playing with double revenge from last season and actually had the 21-7 lead on Denver before Peyton Manning went on a tear en route to a 35-28 victory.

*** Closing thoughts:*** Like I said, the Titans are not expected to be competitive this season by many, but all indicators tell me they will present some very good value for us bettors and should be a profitable team to bet on in 2014. If Locker stays healthy, and if they can win some of the close games they will be in, I expect the Titans to be a sleeper team in the AFC.

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How much have the Detroit Lions improved with their signing former Seahawks WR Golden Tate?


Many of the average Seahawk fans may have not even known who Golden Tate was when he came on the scene in 2010, but after a 64 catch, 898 YD and 5 TD season. Leading the team in every one of those categories, now I think they know who is is, pretty well. With the free agency mish mash gone crazy, this signing was a great unpredicted snag for the Detroit Lions. He brings in versatility and speed to be a sensational 2nd option to Calvin Johnson.

When Percy Harvin came back, and looked as if he was ready again to be the main guy for Seattle this decidedly made him expendable on the team. Which makes me question what their plans are for their passing attack now?

Some may feel that Tate is an unestablished player, with just 165 catches in his first 4 seasons with the Hawks, and no 1000 YD seasons, but keep in mind, Seattle is a run first team, behind Marshawn Lynch that doesn’t throw the ball much. They only attempted 25 pass attempts a game last year, with a QB who also is quick to bolt from the pocket. So with that in mind, how is it achievable for Tate to rack up a load of yards receiving? Tate is a play maker. and what he brings to the Lions will be a quality to be a Percy Harvin-esque style. With his impressive hands, he catches everything thrown in his direction. This was without a doubt a good signing. He will be a powerful WR2 that will give the team a great player for many sets. He’s strong and physical, and is be able to get separation.

Granted, maybe the Lions could have looked at other options for free agency pick ups, maybe some help on a defense that allowed 24, or an offensive lineman, to help Stafford have a little more time to get off uncontested throws. So it does seem, the Lions are looking to really work teams secondaries, yet again this season. And they have the weapons to do it. This was a very canny move, looking to take advantage of CBs, especially in the NFC North. Between him and Calvin Johnson, they could perhaps have one of the most high-octane WR duos in the league. With Reggie Bush getting 54 catches out of the backfield, this team is becoming even more of an offensive force than ever.

He will only get better with time, and now with a big armed QB like Stafford I expect him to evolve rather fast. The Lions will be a better team for making this move, guaranteed. There is potential for Megatron and Tate to combine for 20 TDs. Tate will really prosper in that pass heavy offense that chucks the ball 40 times a game. Tate can play on the outside and in the slot, which makes him a legit threat, as well as his elusive punt return ability where he picked up 11.5 YDs per return.

Think of how much this could possibly help Megatron as well even, Tate running everything across the middle, Johnson taking the tops off defenses, safeties following him all over the field, will get Tate even that many more looks. Detroit made themselves a great move with this, and anyone who thinks this is a bad move does not how good Golden Tate has the potential to be.

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Is there overhyping of Andrew Luck?



This season, Andrew Luck has had various people judge him a bit with more skepticism than typical. Unsure if it’s because of skills, expectations, or maybe because he almost lost at home to Terrell Pryor, and lost at home to 2012 8th overall pick, and an unsteady QB RyanTannehill.


He has been throwing the ball with spotty accuracy, hitting 59 % on the season, 236 his yards/game are at an unusually low end. Which after his rookie season of 273/ game, one would be led to believe this number would have been much better this season.

At home, in Lucas Oil Stadium, where the team is supposed to be dominant, being led by their general, Luck has been exceptional, winning 75% of his games, going back to last season. This year, so far has been satisfactory in the dome. Throwing for 261/game in home turf. On the road it has been another story, where his number drops significantly, with poor accuracy and only 214 passing yards/ game.

The season has been slippery, for him, losing Reggie Wayne after only 7 games, when he was still his absolute number 1 WR, getting 8 targets/ game, and hauling in 72 YPG. He was likely on his way to a 80+ catch, 1100+ yard year, for the 35 year old wide out. Lucks targets now include T.Y. Hilton as his WR1, his WR2 is Darrius Heyward-Bey, with a puny 10 YPC. Then we have the running situation, with recently benched, Trent Richardson, and his massive 2.8 YPC, which I would believe most would say has not worked out as a great deal for Indianapolis. I would conceive Cleveland feels pretty OK with that deal. So he still has some limited options to move the ball down field.


Luck has the innate leadership that one expects from their QB, with 10 game winning drives in 27 career games, so the kid has the clutch gene. And he does win big games, as he has done this year vs San Fran, Seattle, and Denver, throwing for only 205/ game in those games, but he also threw 5 TDs and 0 ints in those games as well.

Andrew Luck has been fine this season, leading his team to great wins over some top competition. We all hype up the next generation of players, no matter what the sport, sometimes a bit too much. In this case, I don’t believe he has been over hyped, at all. He came in with astronomically huge expectations on his shoulders, and has lived up to them in my opinion. Yes, are there things he still needs to improve on, like his accuracy and road play, of course, but lets also remember the seemingly outrageous time frame of the “old school” 3-4 years it generally takes a QB to adjust to the NFL game.


In a day and age where if a rookie QB isn’t dominating in the first 5 games, it seems they get knocked on and torn apart by the media like sheep in a wolves den. Andrew has a total of 27 games below his belt, and a 67% winning pct. I would have to say, he’s doing quite alright. Its good to be a Colts fan.

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Nick Foles rolling as the Eagles QB starter


Nick Foles, the 10 game ‘veteran’, finds himself in another QB state of affairs this year. Not that there is a profound controversy about the starter in Philly, because we all know that Michael Vick is the fan favorite apparently all the time, in spite of game play. This is unusual for Philly fans, which tend to be pretty nasty and honest with how they feel, viciously honest at times. The 24 year old Foles can help the Eagles in quite a few different ways than Vick doesn’t do necessarily well.

Nick has proven time and again, that he can move the team up and down the field with accuracy. He picked apart the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.  But what next for the Eagles, and their 2 QB issues, that they have been seemingly finding themselves in this challenge for the last several years, going back to McNabb and Vick in 2009.

Foles literally had to just sit and wait his time before Vick got hurt. Because if you haven’t noticed, it’s kind what Mike does. Only playing 16 games once in his 11 year career, he has never been the sturdiest of players for any team. Now, once more, it’s Foles’ turn to show that he could be the guy to lead the Eagles in the vacant NFC East, (where every team seems to be substandard)

The interesting part to me is watching both QBs play, the offense hasn’t changed with either one, in the exciting Chip Kelly test as an NFL head coach. And his high octane offensive minded system. Vick of course, has some exciting things about him that not only keep fans wound up, but he can freelance more frequently, and make a play on the run when everything breaks down.

Given his natural athletic ability, Michael Vick has the skills to revive a play that has broken down and is dead in the water. So with that, yes, Vick does have unusual athletic ability when need be. And he has been able to make some great use of those scrawny and beaten down 33 year old legs when needed. But let’s be real here, the days of the Vick’s jaw-dropping plays on any given snap, are long over. He’s not a kid, and his delicate frame isn’t as sturdy and strong as it used to be, and that isn’t saying much with his injury record.

He has always been exciting, but his lack of a solid thrown ball has constantly led me to believe he is more of a circus act than a real playoff winning QB that I would ever want leading my team. He has always been mistake prone, with interceptions, and fumbles as well.


In addition, Vick has a slow release; Nick chucks it out fast, finding his guys earlier, whether it’s hitting the check down to McCoy, flicking it out along the sidelines. He doesn’t hesitate, and throws a really nice ball downfield. He can take control of a game, with accuracy, 61%, and he’s not afraid to chuck it downfield either, and is very good on 3rd downs on top.

Is it possible Foles could become the QB1 in Philly? Why not, stranger things have happened. Last year Alex Smith was playing great ball for the Niners, and lost his starting job to Kaepernick. I’m not comparing Foles to Kaepernick, but you understand the contrast. I have always believed, unless you have a top tiered player at a position, who is without a doubt your man, IE; Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. Then an injury is always a threat to alter a career. If a player is playing better than the normal starter, and the team is winning games, isn’t that what it essentially all boils down to?

Foles may be a career backup, or he could potentially be a future starter for a team and end up being really good, or middling, and another Kevin Kolb. (Yea, umm, remember him?) For myself, I like Foles, and I think he can be a legit QB in the NFL. And I think we will all see this sooner than later.

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College and NFL Football matchups

Football fans and betting players alike should have a busy weekend lined up, and here is a look at the best matchups from both the NFL and the college ranks.


Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills – The Chiefs didn’t play great against Cleveland, but they did enough to stay undefeated. They’ll head to Buffalo to take on the 3-5 Bills, who are 2-2 at home, and all four games have been decided by three points or less.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers – The Panthers have won three in a row to go to 4-3, and they’ll aim to pile on the 2-5 Falcons, who have suffered some massive injuries this season. Carolina is a 7.5-point NFL betting favorite over their NFC South rivals.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers – In the Monday night game, the 5-2 Packers will look to remain perfect at home as they host the 4-3 Bears. The linesmakers could be waiting to hear word on Chicago QB Jay Cutler, who will likely sit because of a groin injury.

NCAA Football

Miami at Florida State – The third-ranked Seminoles are favored by a staggering 22 points at home against their rivals from Miami, and the seventh-ranked Hurricanes have dropped three straight in this Florida grudge match from the ACC.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech – The #18 Cowboys have won four in a row over the #15 Red Raiders, but Texas Tech is favored by 2.5 points at home in this crucial Big 12 showdown between two teams flying under the radar.

Michigan at Michigan State – Last year, the #21 Wolverines snapped a four-game skid against their state rivals, the #22 Spartans. Michigan State is being tipped by the sportsbook as 4.5 points at home over Michigan in this Big Ten clash where bragging rights will trump the rankings.

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Bigger shocker in New York, the Giants or the Jets?

The 2 biggest markets in football cities both come from the big city, infamous New York. Where when you’re on top, you are on top of the world, and when you’re down, you are stomped on by every section of the city that is possible to be stomped from.

The New York Jets have had a surprising beginning to the season, playing acceptable ball, which is more than what was expected. At the beginning of the 2013 season, just about every prediction across the board had the lowly Jets looking up from the bottom of not only their division, but possibly top 3 draft potential next year.

Last season the Jets were 6-10, going nowhere and struggling with scoring and overall offensive productivity as their biggest concerns. Sanchez was terrible, and I would think most of football fans would have to say, they end was dawning for the former USC standout.

The Jets have had some QB issues, clearly, and now they have upstart Geno Smith leading their squad. They have struggled with scoring still, but as a rookie led team there will be troubles. But Geno can also be very good. That’s the primary difference between him and Sanchez. Sanchez would make a bonehead mistake and you knew the team was done. Geno is young and can rectify his bad decision making.

Young 22 year old Stephen Hill is a natural, and has great potential, especially as a big play receiver. And of course, with Santonio Holmes back, they may not be superstar wide outs, but there is talent there. On top of that, their D-line is young and capable as well, especially with big Damon Harrison and Demario Davis at LB.

But do we jump too fast, on the Jets being “so far improved?” Perhaps. With wins over the Bucs, who are certainly not a great team, and they squeaked by a young Bills team, 27-20. So their wins have lacked quality.

But, they have wins, something the typically stable New York Giants have struggled with in 2013.

Eli has been horrid, but he also has had opponents defense in his face the second the ball is placed into his hands. He is continually running around behind the line, without any protection from his front. The Giants have not given Eli anytime to find a receiver, so Eli does, what Eli sometimes does. He turns into the evil twin, “bad Eli.” The main concern for Giants’ fans to me would be that line. Until they get their line cleaned up, they’re going to stay put at the bottom of the league, because you cannot allow your QB to constantly be scrambling to make a play.

They have also struggled with their inept running game this season. Only getting about 58 yards on the ground/ game, David Wilson has been nothing short of playing as if he were un-draftable, this season; with his pathetic 3.4 carry avg. after what many felt was supposed to be his breakout season.

The Giants are in free fall, and it seems they have no grip holds to latch onto to try and recoup what they can. If someone told me this season, the NY Giants would be scoring 15 a game, and giving up 36. I would never have believed it. Expectations are higher, and disappointment is bigger when you have a talented club and you fall apart at the seams like a worn out pillow. The Jets are still the Jets, and won’t make the playoffs, as anticipated, what wasn’t expected of course, was the fact they are scoring more than the Giants, with less talent, on paper. Geno Smith is a rookie and is making rookie mistakes, but Eli is having a “bad Eli” year, after a good season in 2012. The NY Giants are the bigger surprise in the New York area.

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No Shortage Of Football Matchups Out There This Week

Football is the dominant force at most online sportsbooks, and there is a slew of matchups this week that you should have on your radar.


San Francisco at St. Louis Thursday night NFL Network – The 49ers and Rams are both 1-2 heading into this Thursday night game, but San Fran’s struggles have to be the story as they have looked terrible in losses to Seattle and Indianapolis. The Niners are favored by three on the road in this NFC West clash.

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs – The winless Giants are coming off a whipping at the hands of Carolina, and are four-point underdogs on the NFL betting lines against the unbeaten Chiefs, who had a long week off after a big win in Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia last Thursday.

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos – The Eagles’ fast-paced offense has been up and down in three weeks under Chip Kelly, leading to a 1-2 record so far. The Broncos will likely be undefeated after a Monday night game at home against Oakland, and they’ve been red-hot to start 2013.


LSU at Georgia –The sixth-ranked Tigers are 4-0 as they travel to Athens to battle the 2-1 Bulldogs, who are three spots behind LSU in the rankings. This will be Georgia’s third game against a top-10 team after a loss at Clemson and a win over South Carolina. UGA is favored by three.

Oklahoma at Notre Dame – This will be OU’s first road game of the season as the 14th-ranked Sooners are favored by 3.5 points at #22 Notre Dame, who are 3-1 after eking out a win over Michigan State at home.

Ole Miss at Alabama – The top-ranked Crimson Tide have a 16.5-point edge on the betting lines over the visiting #21 Rebels in this SEC tilt between unbeaten teams, and Ole Miss have played three of their first four away from home.

Sunday Night NFL: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 0-2 for the first time in 11 years and their season will essentially be over if they lose at home on Sunday night against the 2-0 Bears. With an offense that’s scored 19 points and rushed for 75 yards, and a defense that’s yet to record a takeaway, Pittsburgh doesn’t appear to have an easy solution to its struggles. The winless record is bad enough but Pittsburgh has looked sloppy, out of sync and overmatched the first two weeks of 2013. They lost in the opener 16-9 at home against the Tennessee Titans, a team that finished 6-10 last season, and followed that up with a 20-10 loss to the Bengals last week, a game that wasnâ??t as close as the final score indicates. <p>

The Steelers have turned the ball over four times through two games â?? two interceptions, two fumbles â?? and the defense hasnâ??t forced a single turnover. The clubâ??s -4 ratio is second worst in the league. Through two weeks of the regular season the Bearsâ?? offense (No. 14) actually outranks the defense (No. 17), a feat the offense was unable to accomplish during the majority of the Lovie Smith era. The Bears are still on the plus side of their turnover ratio (+1, good for 11th in the NFL) thanks to the defense, but the unit ranks a pedestrian No. 14 in rushing defense and No. 17 in passing defense, despite the clubâ??s 2-0 record to begin the season. Sunday nightâ??s game could present the Bears with an opportunity to get back on track defensively. The Steelers have averaged a woeful 9.5 points per game — fewer than all but two teams in the league — and rank second-to-last in the league in total offense and rushing offense. Pittsburgh is also converting only 28 percent of its third-down chances. In the second year under offensive coordinator Todd Haley, Ben Roethlisberger has completed 58.6 percent of his passes. He’s thrown two touchdowns and two interceptions while being sacked seven times. Only Cleveland (16) and Jacksonville (11) have scored fewer points, and the backfield foursome of Felix Jones, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer has rushed for 70 yards on 27 attempts. <p>

The Steelers could get a boost by the possible return of Roethlisberger’s favorite target, tight end Heath Miller, who is just about ready after tearing his ACL late in the 2012 season. Rookie running Le’Veon Bell remains out with a foot injury, however. The Steelers have rushed for fewer than 100 yards in eight consecutive games, the franchise’s longest streak since 1935. Chicago leads its all-time series with the Steelers, which dates back to 1934, with a 20-7-1 mark. The rivalry has been much more evenly contested in the modern-day NFL, though, with the teams splitting 10 meetings since 1971. This is only the Bears’ second trip to Heinz Field and just the fourth meeting between these two teams since 1998. Jay Cutler is 2-0 against the Steelers in his career and will be aiming for his third straight game with a passer rating over 100.0 against them. <p>

QB BEN ROETHLISBERGER is 15-1 at home vs. NFC w/ 22 TD passes vs. 8 INTs & 95.7 ratingâ?¦RB JONATHAN DWYER averages 5 yards per carry vs. NFCâ?¦WR ANTONIO BROWN had 8 rec. for 76 yards w/ TD in last game vs. NFC. WR EMMANUEL SANDERS had team-high 78 rec. yards last week. WR JERRICHO COTCHERY (398) needs 2 rec. to reach 400 career. WR DEREK MOYE posted 1st career TD vs. Cinâ?¦LB LAMARR WOODLEY (53) needs 1 sack to surpass GREG LLOYD (53.5) for 5th-most by Steeler since â??82. LB LAWRENCE TIMMONS aims for 3rd game in row w/ sack vs. NFCâ?¦S RYAN CLARK leads team with 20 tackles in â??13. WAGERWEB TRENDS: Bears are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games after accumulating more than 250 yards passing in their previous game. Bears are 1-5-1 ATS in their last 7 games overall. Bears are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 games following a S.U. win. Steelers are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games following a S.U. loss. Steelers are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games following a ATS loss. Steelers are 1-4-1 ATS in their last 6 home games. Steelers are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games in Week 3.

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NFL Pro-Bowl Snub List

The NFL Pro Bowl is slowly approaching (I know, makes me sad as well). It is still the boring lame game that no one is tuning in and watching. The NFL Pro Bowl game is certainly one of the worst, to the point as of where Goodell was considering stopping it all together, which I would be okay with if it was decided. The players need to participate, at least give 75%.

Big arms in the pocket, leaping receptions, sweet dipping and dodging as a RB breaks through the O-line, smooth clean hits on players, that make us say “ooh and ahhh”, it’s like watching a real game. Wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s take a look at who has played the best ball is who should be in the game.

Of course, what makes a Pro Bowl is completely one-sided, is it from the attractive teams, or individual skills based on their season? But, as I have said before, many times over, I’m done complaining about it (not in fact, I will for all time complain). It’s meant to be the apex performers in the game; I want to see the guys that really belong there, instead of the guy who just sells a ton of jerseys.

So moving on, I am going to start with the offensive side of the ball first, we have the AFC Pro Bowlers. Skill position starters are QB Peyton Manning (absolutely), RB Arian Foster (completely) , FB Vonta Leach (no question) WRs AJ Green (agreed) Andre Johnson (ehhhh) and TE Rob Gronkowski (unconditionally)

Most are okay, except in particular Andre Johnson, I recognize he had a huge season with 1598 YDs, 112 catches, but found the endzone merely 4 times), but lets look into it deeper.

AFC key reserves are RBs Jamaal Charles and Ray Rice (Charles was fantastic, Rice was good) Reggie Wayne and Wes Welker (11 TDs collectively between them both) Tom Brady and Matt Schaub (Schaub is a very overrated QB to me).

Let’s take another look at who got I feel got snubbed here who deserved it more. How about Ben Roethlisberger (3265 YDs, 26 TDs and only 8 ints) over Matt Schaub at QB? Why didn’t Stevan Ridley (1263 YDs and 12 TDs) make it at RB over Ray Rice (less Yds and fewer TDs), Demaryius Thomas (1434 YDs, on 94 catches and 10 TDs) over Reggie Wayne (a lesser amount of YDs, TDs and YPC)?

In the NFC, we have QB Aaron Rodgers (utterly), RB Adrian Peterson (undeniably) FB Jerome Felton (conclusively) WRs Calvin Johnson (indisputably) and Brandon Marshall (undoubtedly) TE Tony Gonzalez (of course) Pretty solid starters, not much issues with their starting squad.

But the NFC reserves include RG3 and Matt Ryan (both had superior seasons) RBs Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore (great backs, without question) WRs Julio Jones and Victor Cruz (solid) and TE Jason Witten (got even better as the season went on).

More problems in the NFC, where is Drew Brees at QB? I understand he had thrown quite a bit of picks, but he threw the ball 670 times and finished with league leading 5177 YDs 43 TDs, and only 19 picks, for that many attempts (2.8% int pct.). Victor Cruz is an immensely talented WR; but how about Dez Bryant (1382 YDs, and 12 TDs, 15.0 YPC). Vincent Jackson and his 1384 YDs and astounding 19.2 YPC should have been strongly considered as well.

On defense, AFC, some guys that didn’t make it that I think should have gotten more deliberation are Cary Williams, CB (75 tckles, 4 ints, and 17 PD) Devin McCourty, CB (82 tckles, 5 picks, 13 PD and 3 FF), and from the NFC, Richard Sherman, CB (64 tackles, 8 ints, 24 PD, along with 3 FF) Chad Greenway, LB (148 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 pick, 2 fumble recoveries) Charles Johnson, DE (12.5 sacks, 7 FF, and 100 YDs lost 2nd in NFC)

Written by Tony Karpinski of