2015 NFL Fantasy Football Busts – stay away, you were warned!

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning steps back to pass against the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Peyton Manning
Simply put, Peyton Manning is another year older. And there is a lot different in Denver this year. The 2014 Broncos’ Oline is virtually all new. This is a huge concern for me, it makes you question the probability for success together. John Fox is gone. Gary Kubiak is now in Denver. Kubiak has always loved those workhorse RBs. His teams have never been big time passing teams in the league, over 12 years as an offensive coordinator or head coach. Peyton late in the season, his arm strength looked awful. Does anyone expect anything different, come this years December? And hugely, Julius Thomas, his big pass catcher, is gone. So that’s TDs that are missing. Does Peyton have a high reward, of course he does. Is he a safe pick to make, yes. But, he isn’t a RD 1-3 grab anymore, not worth it. The difference between Manning and Tony Romo was fewer than 2 ppg last season.
2015 prediction: 16.7 PPG
LeSean McCoy
McCoy has had a nagging toe injury, this is concerning to me. It has followed him for years. This is a change of scenery is that could be worriesome. They use field turf in Buffalo. We know the dreaded words no one wants to utter. Besides he has played on grass throughout college into the pros, with the Eagles. McCoy in the last 3 out of 4 seasons has had over 320 touches per season. That’s a lot of tread on those wheels. There is no quarterback in Buffalo to be concerned over. They will try to focus on the running game, but they are going to be able to play the backfield, with 8. Trouble all over it.
2015 prediction: 9.1 PPG


Mike Evans
Evans had a great rookie year. Scoring 11.8 ppg in standard leagues. And being the high majority of their offense, overall. I simply don’t see those kind of numbers as realistic. Much more of a fluke. We have seen sophomore slumps before with WRs in FFB. Most importantly, is the Tampa Bay Bucs are coming in with some major changes. Jameis Winston, firstly. How confident you are in him will be how you look at Evans. I don’t trust him, I typically never draft or trust a rookie QB at the helm. WRs in his pick spot, like DeAndre Hopkins, is a much better grab, as is Alshon Jeffery.
2015 prediction: 8.5 PPG
DeMarco Murray
Easily the beast of 2014. and the #1 RB in fantasy football last season. Now in Philadelphia, I am not so much a fan, anymore. His leaving from Dallas, is a huge concern. That Oline was ridiculous. He is looked at as the successor of Shady, and the centerpiece of the Eagles offense. But, his usage is my beef. Philadelphia’s backfield is cramped. Kelly plays all his backs, he’s shown that last year. McCoy’s numbers were way down to what he was used to last year. He scored just 5 of the Eagles’ 16 rushing touchdowns in 2014. Darren Sproles had 6 TDs including 3 within the 10. He is still there, he is very active on that team, and they also snagged Ryan Mathews. With those members, Murray will get about half of the carries now. And with Philly’s they need to keep fresh legs in there.
He won’t be a top 5 back this year, maybe top 10 but he is coming off an injury free season and he didn’t cough up the ball much either. The Cowboys got rid of him when his stock was sky high.
2015 prediction: 10.2 PPG
Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

Should Peyton Manning play for less

Obviously Peyton Manning has had nothing short of an amazing career and great player and face for the NFL for 17 seasons. But this offseason is going to be beyond interesting. Especially with what Peyton Manning should do in regards to his payment for his services.
The Broncos have to consider many things with the aging QB. Peyton will likely agree to another season, the team is wanting him to take a cut in pay. But by doing that, does it give him the opportunity to also get other offers while waiting for the chance? As far as a cut in pay, I feel he should, to make a real and legit case to try and bring the Broncos to that elusive championship that he was brought in to get them. He should want to keep the team together.
Still, at his ripe old age of 38, he is still putting up awesome stats. He had an “off season” and his season in 2014, still would have been a dream season for any QB. The guy is one of the best QBs we have ever seen play the game in our lifetime. He is a classy man, and a great player. I don’t want to see him hang on too long with noodle arm throws after week 11 anymore. There comes a time when you have to ride off to the sunset, wave, and leave with class.
I think that aging QBs who are still demanding ridiculous wages, are out of control. Especially when they have had a successful career, and have made boatloads of money already. Let’s be honest, they don’t need the money. If they take lower pay,then they hand over a bunch of salary cap for the team to spend on other weapons for them to win the championships that they want to get to. Personally, his wage makes no sense to me. 19M for a 38 year old QB, who has had some really awful playoff performances, which is why you got him, to win those games, is idiotic.
What means more to the player? A few more million dollars or the championship? Peyton actually has a chance to make a statement, if he did something like sign for the league minimum, his endorsements would probably even go higher, and players respect would skyrocket, and his legendary status would become mythical.
Plus he could be a trendsetter for future players. Brady took a hit, so he could get more talent around him and as a result, another championhip ring. They could get extra money and invest in keeping players around him, or geting even more to add for him.
Honestly, if Peyton wants to retire with another ring on his finger, money should be no object to him at this point. Regardless of what many of his fans may want to believe, he can’t carry the Broncos on his back to the SuperBowl, no matter how great he is. Especially at his advanced age. The team, as a whole, has had Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Emanuel Sanders on offense and on the defensive side, Demarcus Ware and Von Miller, who had great seasons. It is not likely to really put a better team around him than Manning had last year. They had, on paper, the most talented roster in the NFL.
He has had a history of poor playoff performances, including last season vs the Colts, when he struggled and bumbled his way to 211 yds passing, and a pathetic 4.5 yds/passing attempt. His best days are past, which I would think realistically, with or without him the Broncos are not a legit SuperBowl contender.
Executive VP of Football Operations/General Manager, Elway, has done everything possible to put the best team around him. But still, when it comes to crunch time Manning just falls flat, and disappoints. Most of the leagues elite QBs would have gotten the trophy with that squad.
Peytons head falls apart when the going gets tough. As does his aging arm. I think he will always be known as the best regular season QB of all time. He easily had way better weapons than most other QBs had, there comes a point where you have to ask, how much more can you put around a player? Peyton, obviously, can only dictate offense, I am not a banger on teams success based off of one player. But, he didn’t do what they brought him in to do, come big time play, let’s be brutally honest.
With RB C.J. Anderson coming around last season, I think they should, if things can be worked out, move towards a 55 to 45% run to pass in 2015. He just isn’t the QB he once was. Start moving into a run more offense, and keep him as fresh as possible. Simple as that. The Broncos get 10-11 great games from Peyton, make those 10-11 count.
The QB beyond any other position in the NFL has to be more mentally preparied than any other position to me. In the playoffs against the Colts, which I know I have gone on about, but that game he played was one of the worst I have ever seen a great QB ever play. He actually looked like a scared rookie.
It seems that mentally his mind goes blank in every game which is most important we have gtten used to see that over the last two years. It is rather sad to see someone like him, one of the best ever, struggling with how to prepare and make a decision. Make the right one Peyton.

2014 Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers


A Fantasy “Sleeper” is defined as a player (in this case NFL) who you believe will have a “breakout” season, while not being ranked in the Top 10 at his position before the season started. Here is my list for the 2014-15 season.

Jeff’s 2014-15 Top 10 NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers

1) Carlos Hyde RB (49ers)

My top-rated running back coming into the draft this past May. Carlos Hyde improved his production every season at Ohio State since his freshman season in 2010. Last season, he rushed for 1,521 yards and accumulated 15 touchdowns. In his College career, Hyde rushed for 3,198 yards, 6.1 Yards per carry, and 41 total touchdowns. Hyde runs like he’s mad at the ground and he is the perfect back for what the 49ers like to do. He’s big and physical, while having good feet and vision. I love his talent. Lets be honest here. Frank Gore is not getting any younger at the age of 31. The 10-year veteran is just 33 yards short of 10,000 rushing yards. Gore ran for 1,128 yards with 9 touchdowns last season, and has at least 250 carries for three straight years. Hyde is expected to receive at least 7-10 touches per game to start, but don’t be shocked if he’s a bigger part of the 49ers offense and in the starting lineup sooner rather than later. Aided by a very solid offensive line, look for Hyde to rush for 1000+ yards with 10 total touchdowns this season. Yeah, I said it!

2) Andre Ellington RB (Arizona)

Reminds me of Jamaal Charles quite a bit. There are some concerns that his small frame can hold up for 16 games. He played in 15 games last year, gaining 652 yards on just 118 attempts. Andre scored just 4 total touchdowns and I would expect that number to at least double if he stays healthy. There is no denying his skill-set and he did add about 8-10 lbs of muscle this off-season. He’s at the ripe age of 25 where many running backs have career type seasons. The Cardinals’ offensive line will be better than last season and might even become a strength of the team. Ellington is on the verge of stardom. Look for him to gather ginormous points in running, receiving, and scoring.

3) Terrance Williams WR (Dallas)

Miles Austin has taken his injured hamstrings to Cleveland. In all seriousness, I wish Miles the best and hope he can stay healthy for the Browns. Terrance has that great combination of size and speed. Listed at 6′ 2″, 209 lbs, Williams is one of the fastest players on the team, while using the slot to his advantage as well. The local boy had a solid rookie season with 736 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. His longest scoring play was an 82-yard skinny post from the left side against the Broncos. Look for Terrance Williams to amass 1000 receiving yards and at least 7 touchdowns, as most teams’ focus will be on trying to cover Dez Bryant with an extra safety. The Cowboys are expecting big things from Williams and you should too.

4) Colin Kaepernick QB (San Francisco)

Currently being drafted No. 11 in mock drafts. Colin is poised to have his best season yet. The team is extremely motivated after how last season ended in heart break fashion. Actually, it’s been two straight postseason meltdowns so the motivation is there. The offense is loaded with the likes of Michael Crabtree, Anquan Bolden, Stevie Johnson, Vernon Davis, not to mention a very talented backfield. Lets not forget about Kaepernicks running ability. Only Russell Wilson ran for more touchdowns as a QB last season. The defense looks really good and I am expecting big things from this team in 2014-15. They are one hungry bunch. If you don’t get one of the Top 3 QB’s than wait and grab Kaepernick in the 8th or 9th round.

5) Jay Cutler QB (Chicago)

Jay Cutler is ranked anywhere from No. 12 to No.16 at the QB position. The Bears feature two of the league’s top 7 wide receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Not to mention a top 5 overall player in running back Matt Forte. Both receivers are capable of 1,000+ receiving yards and double digit touchdowns. Marshall accomplished the feet last year and don’t be shocked if both players reach that level this season. This offense is loaded and if Cutler can stay healthy he should have his best season to date. Cutler has never finished with a QBR of 90 or better in a season. He had a career high of 89.2 last season. This could be that year. He’s a steal in the mid rounds this season.

6) Tony Romo QB (Dallas)

The Cowboys will have a new offensive play-caller for the third straight season. Although Bill Callahan is still the offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan will be calling the plays. He loves to throw the ball early and often. Tony Romo’s career numbers are quite impressive with 29,565 passing yards, 64.6% completion percentage, and 208 touchdown passes. His 95.8 career QBR ranks fourth, behind Rivers, Manning, and Aaron Rogers. Romo had 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2013-14 for the second time in three years. Romo is better than most people think. At 34 years of age Romo has at least two very productive season in the tank. During his five-year tenure the Lions offense never ranked less than sixth in pass attempts. The Cowboys offense is loaded including a very good offensive line. The Cowboys defense figures to allow a lot of points, so the Cowboys might be playing catch-up more often than not. Romo has posted better stats than where he is being drafted for 6 straight seasons.

7) Emmanuel Sanders WR (Denver)

I am expecting big things from Sanders with the Broncos. Peyton Manning likes to throw touchdowns and Sanders will help fans forget about the departure of Eric Decker (Jets). Sanders is entering his fifth season at age 27, coming off a solid campaign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had 67 receptions, 740 receiving yards, and six touchdowns. I would be shocked if Sanders didn’t have his best season to date with Manning at QB. Extremely quick and gets open more often than not. Sanders is a steal after the 10th round.

8) Sam Bradford QB (Rams)

At 26 years of age, the time is now for Bradford to take that next step. There are some signs he will. Sam was well on his way to posting career-best numbers last season after throwing 14 touchdown passes in seven games, Bradford suffered a season-ending ACL injury. The Rams have a plethora of young talent that is on the verge of breaking out. Chris Givens and Tavon Austin figure to get better. Kenny Britt was a great pickup an should help the Rams in red-zone scoring. Bradford could end being the “steal” of your draft.

9) Montee Ball RB (Denver)

Denver has a lot of talented running backs but Ball has the most upside. He didn’t win the starting job last season due to protection issues in both basic and blitz-heavy defenses. In this offense, the potential for 1,500+ rushing yards and 10+ touchdowns is certainly there. Ball averaged 4.7 yards per carry in 16 games. Solid. Look for Ball to have a huge breakout type season if he can stay healthy. He will also be a force in the passing game as well. Big things from Ball in 2014-15.

10) DeAndre Hopkins WR (Houston)

Considering all of the quarterback issues last season the Texans endured, Hopkins managed to put decent numbers with 52 receptions, 802 receiving yards, and two touchdowns. Just two seasons ago, Hopkins was the No. 1 receiver in a Clemson offense that featured Sammy Watkins. This guy is poised for a huge breakout type season and will be a nice point producer as a No. 2 or 3 receiver. Currently being drafted 30th among receivers which should be going up as more drafts get underway.

Good Luck on draft day!

Jeff Hochman/JHSL

Your Betting Options For The NFL Super Bowl


The Pro Bowl serves as the appetizer for the Super Bowl, and it’ll take on a different look this week as Denver and Seattle prepare for the NFL championship Super Bowl game with Denver a 1.5 pt favorite and the total set at 48.

Pro Bowl, Team Sanders vs. Team Rice – Sunday, 7:00 PM ET

The Pro Bowl won’t be a conference-vs.-conference affair this year as Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will pick the teams like a fantasy draft, with Drew Brees and Robert Quinn captaining one team and Jamaal Charles with J.J. Watt on the other side. Kansas City and San Francisco lead the way with eight Pro Bowlers apiece, while Seattle and Denver combined for 11 Pro Bowl players, although none will play due to their obligations next week. Rice and Sanders will pick the teams on Wednesday, which is when the line will probably come out, while the total should be sky-high as this game is known to be an offensive showcase with no hitting.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos – Sunday, February 2nd, 6:25 PM ET

The early line is out for the Super Bowl and Denver is favored by 1.5 points in New Jersey next week, but there is still a lot of time for that to move either way. The Seahawks and Broncos were a popular pick to make it to the big game prior to the season, but both had to claw and battle to get here and stood up to tough challenges during the conference-championship games. Seattle got down early against San Francisco, but fought back to take the third meeting of the season against their NFC West rivals in a violent game. Meanwhile, Denver’s Peyton Manning outplayed his longtime rival, Tom Brady as the Broncos held on to eliminate New England in a game that wasn’t as close as the 10-point gap would say.

Which NFL team has the better chance of getting back to the Super Bowl this season?

The NFL regular season kicks off this Thursday and the Super Bowl champs Baltimore Ravens are 8.5 point underdogs at Denver. After last seasons amazing game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, out of these two teams, which one has the better chance of getting back to the bowl this season? <

Baltimore lost Ray Lewis, their iconic and legendary linebacker. And they lost Anquan Boldin who ironically is now a San Francisco 49er. <p> Joe Flacco got his huge payday, which throws some added pressure on his shoulders this season to live up to the cash at his feet. Flacco has confirmed he is a capable winner and a leader when the chips are down.

Flacco proved scores of people wrong with his 11 TDs, zero picks and 118.0 passer rating in the playoffs, he showed confidence and went on an astonishing roll, seemingly as if he was destined for the championship. <p> Although Lewis was normal last year, Lewis will be missed more for his heart and soul that he brought; and they will have a hard time replacing him.

Torrey Smith had 10 games with 3 or less catches, which cannot happen this year. I think he can become a much bigger player for the Ravens this season, and with Pitta now out, I would put Jacoby Jones as their 2nd receiving option, in my opinion.

The 49ers on the other hand still have the best offensive line in football, with Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis.

Kaepernick is still young and growing, and only going to get better. Everyone talks about his speed and his running ability, which are fantastic, but the kid can really throw the ball, and has a strong arm, that I like. He has the tools.  He proved his passing ability vs the Bears and the Patriots where he threw for 464 yards, along with 6 TDs.

One big concern of course is it’s one more year for teams to have to try and figure out Colin Kaepernick. Will he be ready for that? Teams will be more organized for the read offense, how long will it last, can it last? This will be a big test for him this season.

Losing Crabtree hurts the 49ers terribly; he had 10 games of 5+ catches or more last season. 1st on the team with 85 catches and 1105 yards, along with 9 TDs <p> Even though the 49ers are a run based offense behind 29 year old Frank Gore and his 76 YPG, I’m also a big fan of LaMichael James, who I think can be an 80 YPG back in time, with his speed and elusiveness, it won’t be long before he gets his 14-16 carries/game. And Gore likely only has 2 to 3 years left on those worn down legs.


It’s well known the following year is extremely difficult for teams that lost the Super Bowl to come back and win it the following year. History has proven that again and again. <p> I believe the Ravens have a good chance; their offense will fundamentally be the same, work Ray Rice. Torrey Smith will now get more balls thrown his way, which with his wheels can make huge plays.


Their divisions have both gotten tougher, Seattle, will be the toughest for the 49ers to challenge. Baltimore has the Steelers, the Bengals, along with the lowly Browns, who still fight them tough.


The 49ers pass rush needs to get better this season, with only Aldon Smith, being the only serious threat to knock the QB down.


But, I think the Niners come back with a stronger hunger, they know how close they were to winning it last year, and the feeling of a loss like that hurts, badly. I think they come back ready to fight, to make a historic push to do it again, and this time finish what they started. <p> Obviously losing the Bowl leaves a very negative effect on a team the following season, and I’m sure the 49ers know this. Bottom line, the Niners have an amazing formula to win games, run the ball, along with a shut down defense, and a great head coach


Between the 2, I will bet on the 49ers having the better chance over the Ravens to get back to the big game. <p> Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com