All the pressure on Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes played another excellent game vs Tennessee with 294 in the air and 3 TDs, Mahomes has already built a legend for himself, after throwing 50TD passes last season, and throwing for 300 or more YDs/game in 55% of the games he has played in. His numbers are something that we really have never seen before, not with Montana, Peyton or even with Tom Brady. He brings poise and awesome arm skills to the QB position, and we are all waiting to see what he does on every snap of the ball.
Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners are built completely different. The Niners are built on running the ball and holding it down with defense – Garoppolo has been the manager-type guy and media has had more than their share of negativity with him as well. He is 100% completely different as a QB – with the fact that he isn’t expected to throw for 300+ YDs, carrying a season average of 248 YDs/game. JimmyG is playing on house money – fans are not expecting Garoppolo to throw for 350 and 4TDs. There is much more expected from Mahomes and the Chiefs. Garoppolo can throw for the yards, as he did when he played vs the Saints and Seattle this season, it is just that San Fran doesn’t need him to throw for massive yards to get the win.
Mahomes has been able to take the torch from Tom Brady and hold off an improving Lamar Jackson to get to the big game. Jimmy Garoppolo went through the uber tough NFC conference – we are watching a battle between 2 of the absolute best teams in the NFL right now. Both teams are the correct teams to be fighting for the trophy. Coach Andy Reid is getting his chance to hold his trophy after 207 regular season wins and 14 seasons with 10 or more wins, and the 40 year old Kyle Shanahan is getting his chance to stand alongside his father, Mike – with the honor and legacy that comes with the name.
A game like this can make many fans question which one of these QBs has the most amount of pressure on their shoulders?
Mahomes is looking, as long as he stays healthy – like he will end his career as a first ballot Hall of Famer. He should have the upper hand at QB, and if he fails it won’t look good for his legend. Mahomes has a chance to further his very special legacy.
Mahomes is not going to torch the Niners defense, not a team that gives up just 169 /game in the air, he will have to play one of the best games of his career, against one of the best defenses that’s taken the field in years. He is gonna have to be accurate, while getting the ball out fast, buying some time when the pocket collapses, and it will. Mahomes has an incredible amount of pressure on his shoulders, as all eyes are on Mahomes to perform well, JimmyG really has nothing to lose. Mahomes has all the skills as a passer and he lacks very little, if we are being honest, as the Chiefs have all the pieces in place if they don’t win…its all on Mahomes.
Kansas City has a different style QB with the 24 year old Mahomes but he has a subpar running game that gets him just 98 /game from the backfield. Wicked defense has been the backbone of the Niners team all season, the dominating pass rush is there. Not to mention Andy Reid never tends to get conservative, preferring to roll the dice with his big armed stud, who is expected to make the big plays when needed.
Jimmy Garoppolo has time, and has no pressure, he’s going into his 3rd start in a playoff game – and he isn’t the legendary QB yet like Mahomes already has on his head. Let’s be honest, no one expected San Fran and Jimmy Garoppolo to make it this far – nobody bought into Garoppolo carrying this team. Garoppolo has been able to get away with handing the ball off and watch his defense play, he needs just to keep doing what he’s been doing, just trust his RBs, trust his monstrous defense, make the smart plays when he needs to and convert the key 3rd down and short throws.
Most preseason predictions had San Fran finishing around 3rd in the West. Coming off a 4-12 season in 2018, and only one caliber pass catcher in Deebo Samuel, and he was coming into his 1st season, and he wasn’t looked at, as being a dominant WR. The Niners having the dominating season they had, was great for the fanbase, then making the playoffs as a top seed was the topping.
Jimmy Garoppolo has a great chance to lead a team to a Superbowl win. This is his 3rd season with the team and just his first season starting 16 or more games in a year – they likely have many years of competing. Unfortunately for Garoppolo is if he doesn’t win this game – expect the media-wolves to come out and start banging on him, with the over-tired “Can he can get the job done” narrative.

Who has the most dangerous offense in the NFL

There are a handful of teams that could make the case for having the best offense in the league this year. The Kansas City Chiefs and their lethal passing attack, the Los Angeles Rams and their balance, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wicked scoring are all worthy of conversation.
Being the best and most potent offense in the NFL isn’t an easy thing to do. With so many great players like Patrick Mahomes, Todd Gurley, and DeSean Jackson lighting it up for their teams, they are always a threat to bring offensive success to their teams.
There are so many variables that can be used to calculate and convey as to who is the best offensive team. So many things need to be considered from overall scoring, and yards, all the way to keeping sack pct down, and the teams efficiency. Looking at the league on the whole, VegasTopDogs will examine the top offensive teams and what they bring, and who is the best and most lethal monster that teams get concerned when they see them on the schedule. And on the Sunday afternoon, you know what you are stuck dealing with.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
The end result and driving goal of any NFL offense is to move the football effectively and score lots of points, with putting up 34ppg. The Bucs are a huge threat. So what better way to determine the most dangerous offense, than to examine the Buccaneers and their powerful scoring ability? Tampa Bay has put up the top passing yards/game and 34 pts/game over 3 games this season.
Tampa Bay beyond just being very good moving the ball, they take care of the ball really well. The Buccaneers also have a great and highly unexpected WR and QB connection – with 36 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick and fellow veteran WR, 32 year old DeSean Jackson, which has been a ton of fun to watch their rejuvenation. They lack any significant RB and a good running game, but they make up for it with sure handed O.J. Howard at TE, along with a strong OLine. Tampa Bay are great at devouring yards, and a revamped DeSean Jackson is making them extremely explosive, and has been making some big plays. And of course, we cannot forget the sure handed Mike Evans, he and Jackson are racking up massive yardage on the field, as the duo are a consistent threat to anyone they play. There guys have been generating some takeaways, as well, which gives the Buccaneers some good field position because of it.
Who wouldn’t like to have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense so far?
Los Angeles Rams
There is an awesome balance on the Los Angeles Rams offense that’s not really seen through a whole lot of teams in terms of play calling and passing attempts to rushing attempts, but in different areas of moving the ball, and still calculating yards. QB Jared Goff has thrown for over 1400 yards and 11 TDs, and has completed a whopping 72% of his pass attempts. Many fans would love to have the Los Angeles offense taking the field for them. With Goff and steady TD threat, Todd Gurley – doing what they do, what fan in their right mind, wouldn’t feel super confident with them stepping on the gridiron?
One of the purest determining factors of the Rams making a genuine case to having the best offense in the NFL, is that they are 2nd the NFL in takeaway ratio at a +4 this season. They lead the league in avg net yards per drive at 46.9 – as they are great keeping the ball moving, and then they take it away, 2 winning combinations. One may immediately think that puts them as a prominent team based solely on defense, but it also directly points to an effective offense, that doesn’t turn the ball over a lot.
Kansas City Chiefs
Simply put, when an offense is able to move the ball on the ground and throwing through the air with the ridiculous ease that they are – and not turning the ball over, it’s obviously efficient. The Kansas City Chiefs are ahead of the rest of the league with their scoring prowess. When most teams are running passing plays and a lot of their offensive plays are run from some sub package formations, the Chiefs still get big plays from relatively standard formations. The Kansas City Chiefs have put together a receiving corps of excellence with numerous skill sets that are perfect for all of their packages with a lethal passing game for game situations.
The NFL’s most dominant TE, Travis Kelce, is coming off one of his most productive TD scoring season that he has had in 2017 – in his 6 year career. He leads this team in receptions, is 2nd in TDs, and is corralling 76 YDs/game. Kansas City would not be quite the high octane offensive team that they are without Kelce, and a new career high in TDs is likely, if all goes as it looks to be going.
Tyreek Hill is a very gifted, well rounded WR without any obvious weakness. He is the speed engine that makes this top ranked offense go on every Sunday. With him pumping along, explosive running option, Kareem Hunt, and Sammy Watkins are more than adequate enough as other options to move the ball for them.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are several notches below the Chiefs in the best offensive team category. The Kansas City Chiefs have turned the ball over even less than the Buccaneers and they have a younger more believable crew for the long haul than the Bucs have, which is why they are the biggest juggernauts when it comes to being dominant on the field. They are also better than the offense of the Rams, and they have proven it with having not scored less than 38 in a game yet and a higher pct of drives to end in scores.
There’s a reason the 23 year old, Patrick Mahomes has gotten so much well deserved attention, with 896YDs, a 67% completion rate, and a league leading 13 TD passes after just 3 games – he has been mind blowing to watch pass the ball. His gutsy sling into the end zone plays, and darting passes will fail (eventually) at times, but as of right now, he has been nothing short of magical. And with their passing attack, a running threat, and a well disciplined WR crew, the Chiefs are to be watched with very wary eyes as their firepower and scoring efficiency continues to grow.