What does Carmelo Anthony have to do to win a championship?


As most sports watchers are well aware of, the upheaval of the New York Knicks and their troubled superstar, Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony has been a great offensive existence on his teams for years. Scoring 25 a night for his career, including 28+ a game in 4 seasons.

When Carmelo came out of Syracuse, I feel that many people felt he was a winner and a leader on the court, who could bring that winning factor to a team, and put them on his back. Now with talks of Phil Jackson returning to the NBA and interviewing with the NY Knicks who knows what to think.

But it is becoming sorely obvious, now, after 10 years in the NBA, he is not quite the leader that many had thought he was going to be. If anything, it seems his value could possibly be on the downside of things. Anthony has shown over time that he can largely be a one dimensional, selfish shooter. Including carrying no leadership to a team. He had a prosperous opportunity to take over the Knicks and demonstrate his leadership abilities when Jason Kidd left in 2012. Instead, the Knicks have been atrocious.

Carmelo has shown, he is not a player to build a team around. Although many people really thought Melo was going to lead the Knicks to the promised land of NBA titles, but as it appears to keep coming out, if Melo is the best player on the team you won’t win anything. Basketball is a team sport, and Anthony I don’t think fully gets that idea. He shoots the ball a lot. Where he has ranked in the top 5 in shots/game over the last several healthy years. He gets 22 shots a night now, which has him at 1st on the season.

How much does he genuinely want to win? That is going to be a huge question mark for him to face. The Knicks would have to make astounding moves to beef up the awful team they have on the court now. And it would have to be with a real leader, and Melo as a scorer. The one true asset the Knicks should try and keep is Tim Hardaway Jr. this kid has talent, and lots of it, and has leadership potential.

When in Denver, George Karl wanted team ball and it didn’t work the best for Melo, so he left. Mike D’Antoni sought ball movement and that didn’t suit his game either, so he had to go. Then the Knicks brought in Amare Stoudamire, but that evidently didn’t work out, they didn’t play well on the court together. It even seems like when Jeremy Lin was getting things going and Lin was becoming an essential piece to a Knicks team that was respectable, he had to go. And even again now, this year, Melo wants to play PF, and Bargnani didn’t fit in anymore either. Melo needs to look in the mirror and see what’s happening before his eyes.

So, in the summer, where would or could be the best spot for him to win? I find that if he is willing to work hard, listen to his coach he could fit nicely in a Bulls uniform. Put him as their scorer, and nothing more to be expected. Even though the offensive-minded Melo doesn’t typically fit the Tom Thibodeau model. In the chance that he does go there, and Melo joins the Bulls, he could potentially have all the shots he wants. The Bulls would still have a defense and rebounding for him, so he could play as their scorer, and put points up, which is what he can do. The Bulls obviously urgently need a scorer, and if Derrick Rose ever comes back, he can be the driving point for Chicago. Melo could benefit of defenses that cannot center on only him and live off of kick-and-shoot openings that Rose could create for him.

I think that Melo has limited market value. His ISO Ball has to get stopped, and he needs to come around and become a new player. He is not the “final piece” to win a championship.

Melo really got crushed this year for being a player that can’t take a team on his back and will them to victories. Anthony is at best a complimentary player on a team with other good players. Anthony knows he can’t win in New York, at this stage. With probably 6-7 more years to play ahead, 4-5 that are quality years, winning should be his number one priority now.

Written By TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

2013 NBA Preview and Predictions


We are getting all set for a new season of NBA basketball, three point shots, buzzer beaters, rim rocking dunks, and shake your head dimes. Making fans all over, like myself, get excited for the opening nights games, I always look forward to seeing what players step it up, and what ones don’t. <p> So with the season knocking on the doorstep, let’s take a gaze forward and take a look into the 2013 season ahead, and forecast where our teams may perhaps end up this season.  <p> Welcome back to the NBA!  <p> Eastern Conference <p> Atlantic        <p> Y-New York Knicks; Last season, 54-28; this year 56-26

X –Brooklyn Nets; Last season, 49-33; this year 53-29

X -Toronto Raptors; Last season, 34-48; this year 40-42

Boston Celtics; Last season, 41-40; this year 29-53

Philadelphia 76ers; Last season, 34-48; this year 24-58 <p> Central        <p> Y- Indiana Pacers; Last season, 49-32; this year 52-30

X –Chicago Bulls; Last season, 45-37; this year 51-31

X -Milwaukee Bucks; Last season, 38-44; this year 39-43

Detroit Pistons; Last season, 29-53; this year 30-52

Cleveland Cavaliers; Last season, 24-58; this year 26-56 <p> Southeast        <p> Z -Miami Heat; Last season, 66-16; this year 62-20

X -Atlanta Hawks; Last season, 44-38; this year 48-34

Washington Wizards; Last season, 29-53; this year 35-47

Charlotte Bobcats; Last season, 21-61; this year 26-56

Orlando Magic; Last season, 20-62; this year 25-57 <p> Western Conference  <p> Northwest    <p>    Z- Oklahoma City Thunder; Last season, 60-22; this year 60-22

X – Denver Nuggets; Last season, 57-25; this year 59-23

X – Minnesota Timberwolves; Last season, 31-51; this year 43-39

Portland Trailblazers; Last season, 33-49; this year 36-46

Utah Jazz; Last season, 43-39; this year 33-49 <p> Pacific        <p> Y – Los Angeles Clippers; Last season, 56-26; this year 60-22

X – Golden State Warriors; Last season, 47-35; this year 53-29

Los Angeles Lakers; Last season, 45-37; this year 41-41

Sacramento Kings; Last season, 28-54; this year 27-55

Phoenix Suns; Last season, 25-57; this year 20-62, <p>

Southwest     <p> Y- Houston Rockets; Last season, 45-37; this year 56-26

X – San Antonio Spurs; Last season, 58-24; this year 54-28

X – Memphis Grizzlies; Last season, 56-26; this year 51-31

New Orleans Hornets; Last season, 27-55; this year 33-49

Dallas Mavericks; Last season, 41-41; this year 25-57 <p>

Rookie of the Year 2013 Predictions <p> VICTOR OLADIPO (6-5, 220 lbs – Orlando Magic) <p>

– Honorable mention (in the race all year long)

Trey Burke (6-1, 190 lbs – Utah Jazz)

Ben McLemore (6-5, 200 lbs – Sacramento Kings)

C.J. McCollum (6-4, 200 lbs – Portland Trailblazers)

Nerlens Noel (7-0, 225 lbs – Philadelphia 76ers)

Otto Porter (6-9, 200 lbs- Washington Wizards)


Coach of the Year 2013

DOC RIVERS, Los Angeles Clippers


Defensive Player of the Year 2013

DWIGHT HOWARD, Houston Rockets


MVP of the Year 2013

LEBRON JAMES (6-9, 265 lbs – Miami Heat)

<p> – Honorable mention (in the race all year long)

Chris Paul (6-0, 195 lbs – Los Angeles Clippers)

Kevin Durant (6-10, 225 lbs – Oklahoma City Thunder)

James Harden (6-5, 220 lbs – Houston Rockets)

Carmelo Anthony (6-9, 235 lbs, New York Knicks)

Steph Curry (6-3, 185 lbs, Golden State Warriors)


EAST Champs 2013

Miami Heat over the New York Knicks


WEST Champs 2013

Los Angeles Clippers over the Denver Nuggets <p>


MIAMI HEAT over the Los Angeles Clippers

Expected breakout star in the NBA PLAYOFFS….Melo, CP3, or KD?

While LeBron James had his expectations over the years, may perhaps in some ways risen, but they may have been declining a bit with him winning a title with his Heat last year. James, and the Heat are expected to make the Finals this NBA postseason.

But of the other NBA stars heading to the postseason, which of these guys is going to leave us sayin “wow.” Each player has their own skill set and each is very different players from one another. But here are the top 3 players I expect to bring their games to the next level and create some turmoil come playoff time.

Durant has been playing awesome. He has his team on the verge of 60 wins, and he is the reason why. Russell Westbrook needs to discover his role as a secondary scorer, KD needs to lead his team, and he is getting more aggressive as well. Can he help them to take the advantage in a strong Western conference?

At 6-foot-10, with extraordinary athletic skill, Durant is an absolute matchup nightmare for just about anybody. He can extend defenses, put it on the floor and finish strong to the rack. When he gets on a hot streak, I don’t see a lot of teams who have a counter for him.

Durant might be established as the best matchup concern potentially for the Spurs, with no one who can stop him 1 on 1. Durant has the ability to lead his OKC Thunder to the NBA finals yet again. KD does the little things so well which is impressive, when he gets 3+ steals/game, the Thunder are 13-5.

Durant also, with his defensive skills with his length and quick hands and he is a machine that can score ridiculously. KD can do it all from scoring to rebounding to feeding the rock to his teammates. He is also a great free throw shooter at 91% and will be a player that everybody will be watching even more than usual.

When you have a team that went on a burning streak of their own, and a player lighting up the scoreboards, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks are a team that is scaring many opponents.

In case you thought Anthony’s already-remarkable season couldn’t get any better, just wait until the Knicks face Boston, because these 2 legendary teams battling in playoffs, means basketball. Although ‘Melo had been christened a “game slower”, in the past, dribble for 15 seconds, then make a play, and his playoff performances have been disappointing to say the least, this year means a load to ‘Melo and the Knicks team, and he will make those who mistrusted his superstar standing look stupid. He will use his drive to make it big in the playoffs. Melo and the Knicks are back in the spotlight looking for another chance to shine on a big stage. He is an all-around scoring machine who can attack the glass with tenacity and get the easy layup or dunk or knock down the big three-pointer.

The Clips are getting themselves together and ready for a deep playoff run. They won their division, and to me, there is 1 main reason as to why.

Chris Paul will be a force in this year’s playoffs. He may not be a “shooting-point guard”, like some other big name PGs are swaying towards, but he is a proper PG who can lead a team. And really, who is going to stop him? With matchups vs a beat up Denver and an injury riddled Spurs looking promising, there is simply not a better PG in the NBA.

A championship isn’t completely necessary to mend the floundering Clippers history, and even if CP3 fails to make the finals; he may have a playoff push that leaves us shaking our heads in amusement.

Written by Mike Anthony for VegasTopDogs.com