The NY Jets deserve a Star QB

The Jets have had their share of screw ups with drafting QBs over the years. Drafting Geno Smith in 2013 at the 39th overall spot, less than 6000 YDs and a 58% completion rate later – he is gone. Smith drudged up good pocket passer comparisons – but he suffered with – not being able to complete passes. Chad Pennington back in 2000 at the 18th position, who was weak armed and injury prone. Mark Sanchez and 5 spot – he is no longer there. “The Sanchise” helped the Jets to the playoffs – but he of course faded away as the team did. And of course, Christian Hackenberg in 2016. Do we need to go there?
Having a true franchise QB could change them immensely
The Jets love the laid-back, Sam Darnold personality, and they don’t have to worry about him ending up across the headlines in tabloids and they have some good things around him. They have Le’Veon Bell at RB now, Jamison Crowder at WR, who brings steady hands and good route runner, and they have a Head Coach that believes in his future and his ability.
Bell can help the New York offense – and he can help dictate coverages a bit. Making Darnold’s job a bit easier, his ability to get open underneath on routes and as a check down option should immensely help Sam – last year, he didn’t have a RB who could be a threat in both the run and pass. Now he has arguably one of the best in the league with Bell being added, and Darnold struggled with underneath throws – Bell was supposed to upgrade that with his soft hands. Bell catching passes on the outside with some guys who should be able to make plays. Ty Montgomery and Jamison Crowder should be able to help open up the box for him – Crowder has the biggest upside to do that, as he brings a major slot threat.
Over the last 20 years, removing Darnold from the equation – their QBs have thrown a total of 248 TD passes to 232 ints. New York has had just 2 guys throw 20+ TDs in a season, and that was only done 2 times.
In 20 years.
They have suffered longingly and painfully at that position. Darnold has been put into the position to have a huge chance to try and reverse their “curse.” But, the organization needs to continue to build around him.
The last QB the New York Jets had that was even considered in the top 15 QBs of the league – was who?
Vinny Testaverde?
Boomer Esiason?
Ken O’Brien?
Many feel he is very talented and now he has been able to get his feet wet – and get that valuable experience. At this point, with just 17 games under his belt, 3682 YDs, 22 TD passes, and a low completion rate – what kind of promise are we really looking at? Last year, Darnold was ok at times – but from what I’ve seen on the field – I am still not sure he’ll be a great QB in the league. I just don’t know if I am ready to believe in Sam Darnold quite yet. With 9 games of 230 YDs or less passing – 8 games of 1 TD pass or less and 7 games having completed 58% or less of his attempts. He brings some moxie to the position – but also brings some real questions – he obviously lacks experience and the veteran leadership that the Jets need, although he has demonstrated quick decision making, and is able to move the ball around some.
I want Darnold to be successful for the Jets – they need to have someone to give them hope on that team. They deserve it, after the Mark Sanchez’s and the Geno Smith’s they have endured. New York hasn’t really been a competitor for their division for years – 12 years of being in 3rd place or worse in the last 20 years, winning the division just 5% of the time. Of course, playing in a division with Tom Brady and the Pats doesn’t help – but they have finished 2nd only 35% of the time.
Still not good.
Sam needs to keep learning, and not keep making the same mistakes – any young QB should get better by playing in games – he is making some strides for the Jets – but there is a lot on his 6-3 shoulders. How much he is to be believed in – is a question only he can answer for.

Seattle Seahawks Best Move

Seattle’s best move was dumping Percy Harvin and not this cheerleader.
The Seattle Seahawks had decided it was time for Percy Harvin to no longer be a part of their organization. The 6 yr WR this season for Seattle was struggling with 22 catches for 133 YDs receiving and 0 receiving TDs. His 133 receiving YDs was 4th on the team.
The decision to dump him off came as a slight surprise to some, but apparently he had more than enough issues going on behind the scenes in Seattle. Including fighting with teammates before the SuperBowl, and giving black eyes to his co-workers. Looking back, now, this has got to be monetarily, the absolute worst decision of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era. When they grabbed him from Minnesota and in turn the Vikings got their 1st rd draft pick Cordarelle Patterson, essentially to replace Harvin, many folks thought Harvin was going to explode in Seattle.
But, now, as time has played its cards, as always, maybe Seattle should have been more inclined to pay Golden Tate and his great hands and let Percy go from the beginning. This was a terrible choice by the Seahawks overall. Problems continue now as the Hawks aren’t deep in depth at WR. With Doug Baldwin and probably Jermaine Kearse now their WR1 and WR2, they have essentially a virtual unknown group of guys for Russel Wilson to sling the ball to. So, talent wise, Harvin was likely considered their best receiver.
A rotten attitude can spread quickly, so you are forced to cut the bad apples. Especially, if the team isn’t playing its best football either. Seattle is currently sitting at 3-3 and currently out of the playoff hunt, if it started today. No matter how ‘good’ a player has potential to be, is, or was, a team is better off getting rid of a problem player. The team will move on and be better for it.
Harvin was a detriment to the offense at times as well. He struggled with timing routes, and also had some problems getting open against zone coverages. He made most of his work on quick slants, and on crossing routes. Almost in a way, a one trick pony. Most of his catches were made within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. When he was in Minnesota, I remember well, how he was used, and he was able to get downfield with his speed, but he really made a living making his catches no further than quick 5 yard outs. Which is often an indicator that a player could be struggling at running his routes. Every team needs that receiver that can be where they need to be, and get open for the catch 10 or 15 yards downfield. If they can’t break off, like that, your WR1 may not be worth having in your offense.
Seattle tried to make a trade with Denver to get super TE Julius Thomas. Now this thought, was absurd to me, to say the least. It’s almost as if they tried to sabotage Denver. Why would Peyton ever give up one of his favorite toys for Seattle’s least favorite. A beast of a TE with great hands, for a player that would play on and off, and the way the offense works, he would likely be a WR3 at best in Denver anyway. That’s an absolute joke.
Harvin is a good player, but not a star like Thomas. In my opinion, Thomas would easily be worth worth a 1st rd pick. There’s no way Harvin is, right now. How could they offer a train wreck like Harvin for Denver’s best Tight End? I have no idea to even think that Seattle thought that Denver would ever consider that disaster.
So, in the end, Harvin is now on the New York Jets. Where he will line up alongside Eric Decker, 24 catches 3 TDs, and currently their WR1. Where as Decker was their big sign this off season, I question how this is going to work. If he was fighting with his teammates in Seattle, where they were a winning team, how is this going to come together in New York, and how will Rex handle this problem child arriving?
I feel bad for Geno, who has has hands full. I still question Geno, and what his future is in the NFL, he has had a struggle in his 23 games for the Jets. And he has been terrible at times. But, if Harvin had a problem with Christian Ponder, how is this going to work with Geno and his passing?
Granted, he does bring something to the Jets, who have been horrendous passing the ball. Decker is the only WR with more than 1 TD catch. So Harvin brings another option. Jets fans honestly, don’t have a lot to cheer about, he will bring another weapon for Geno, which has been the issue his career. Decker as the crisp route runner, Harvin as the 4-5 YD out, bubble screen guy. We’ll see how it works.
It just kind of smells similar to the Eagles and the Redskins. Locker room problem DeSean Jackson. You cause an issue on a good team trying to move forward, send them to the basement.

Does Chris Johnson have anything to prove, or is there nothing left in the tank?


The Jets signing Chris Johnson for their backfield comes with a lot of flash. About 5 years ago, he ran for more than 2,000 yards with the Titans, for a blistering 5.6 average per run. And he added 14 TDs as well. He indeed had a pretty amazing season, that left many fans asking about who was the best RB in the league at the time, between him and Adrian Peterson. They picked him up only for a 2 year deal, paying him 8 million. Figure he’s 28 years old, 2 years sounds just about right.

Now with a change of teams, and a new start for him in New York, can he possibly return to his Pro-Bowl form, that many people raved about years ago. Johnson has always been that player who could be a long ball guy, who could take it to the house on any play. He could be their home run threat on the field, firing through the line. When Johnson pounded the ground for his monster season, it was only his second year in the league, and the amazing performance was one of the best single seasons ever for anyone at his position.

Now in New York, he also fits in to help Geno Smith at QB, being that he is a solid receiver as well. And what makes Johnson dangerous is the fact that he is such a dangerous pass-catching RB. He has been grabbing a little over 45 balls out of the backfield per season.

But there are many things going through my head for the Jets this season. The true fact is, they are more than stacked at the running back slot. Chris Ivory is built like a house on his burly and powerful 6 ft 225 lbs frame. He totaled up 833 yards on the ground last season, burrowing through defenses like they were cheese steaks. With an impressive 4.6 avg on the ground. But, he did have injuries that seemed to hound him throughout as well. Many that limited his time on the field. The Jets got by 1530 YDs last season with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell, as their RBs, combining for a solid 4.3 per carry.

In a way, I think the Jets are hoping for a combination of Johnson and Ivory to take on a Bradshaw and Jacobs role that the Giants had in 2010 When they tore up the league for a combined 2058 YDs and 17 TDs. And again, with his pass catching ability, he could actually line up as a WR as well, or in the slot.

His last year in Tennessee was disastrous, getting buried behind the line of scrimmage almost all the time. Making us ask was his dramatic dip in production due to the knee injury? Or was it his line, or maybe that he isn’t quite the RB that many thought he actually was. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Johnson has great intangibles, he is mobile and is capable of busting off a pretty deep ball, but his power running is weak and he struggles with that tremendously. I’m curious to see how they will work Chris Johnson into their scheme. Johnson definately looks more comfortable when he is able to get to the outside again.

The Jets have been an organization that wallows in a pits of mediocrity. Their front office has been making bad moves and creating issues for seasons upon seasons now. I am sure that Chris Johnson feels confident that the Jets will feed him the ball all season long. And the fact that the OC Marty Mornhinweg likes his style, seems like he will see probably 50% of the carries. I think potentially Johnson can get about 1300 all-purpose YDs, the Jets O-Line is not dominating enough to think can they run the ball strongly 35+ times a game.

I don’t feel he is going to be the man in New York, although he’s athletic and quick, one if his main problems is that he can’t seem to be able to shed tacklers. Plus the fact that the running game has been de-emphasized in the NFL. He isn’t what he thinks he is, in my honest opinion. Numbers don’t lie, changes in scheme is going to be tough, his small size, his speed is only effective is he can get into an open field. I think that he was a good back with incredible speed. He is too small to keep taking the hits week in and week out. At only 195lbs, he keeps taking big hits and struggles to keep coming back.

He has had seasons where he has disappeared, his holdout in 2011, in which he ended up the season with a sad 1047 YDs and 4 TDs. There never has been any legitimate explanation for his falling off the charts, except that he is extremely dependent on his O-line. When he rushed for his massive 2,006 YDs, the Titans offensive line was awesome.

Johnson is an ordinary RB, who had one very special year. In the 5 years since his mega season, he’s averaged only 4.18 yards per carry.

2014 NY Jets Preview


Jets Preview by Rob Vinciletti:

Flying high or Stuck on the Run Way The 2014 New York Jets will be the franchise’s upcoming 45th season in the National Football League and the 55th overall. The Jets will attempt to improve their 8–8 regular season record after missing the playoffs for a third consecutive year. The Jets have made several moves this season to improve their team. New York was solid on defense with one of the youngest and most talented front lines. Their weakness which was addressed in the draft was in the defensive back area. They will need to be solid in that are as they have several games this season against teams who will look to throw the ball. So they must get pressure on the Opposing Quarterbacks so that their back field does not get exposed early on while they work out the growing pains. Especially with what looks to be the worst pass defense in the league. On Offense that Jets were a mess at times as they were turnover prone and suffered through the ups and downs of a then rookie Qb in Geno Smith. The Jets this season decided to stick with Smith as he downs have a strong arm and did shoe flashes of big play ability despite the lack of depth at the receiver position. This season in an attempt to limit his turnovers, the Jets brought in star running back Chris Johnson who will team with Chris Ivory to give the Jets the slasher and power back tandem that many teams covet. They will be able to stabilize the passing game with a solid run game. The Jets them brought in Eric Decker who was solid last season in Denver and drafted a bevy of receivers in the draft. The best addition and the hidden gem of the draft is Jace Amaro a high energy tight end out of Texas Tech who is a functional blocker and exceptional route runner. Amaro has been compared to Wes Welker when discussing his route running skills.

While he plays tight end he lines up like Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham in the slot where he caught over 90 of his 100+ receptions. He has break away ability and should rack up some nice yards after the catch numbers as well as giving the Jets another solid red zone option that they did not have last season. Coach Ryan who barely was able to hold on to his job last season, appears to be on more stabile ground right now as the Jets .500 record was mostly looked at as an over achievement. This year while he isn’t talking Super Bowl, he is commenting on the AFC East and his confidence that the New England Patriots could be passed for the Division crown. The AFC East appears to have a lot of parity so it remains to be seen if the Jets can Mesh well together and take off, of whether they will be stuck on the run way. Stay Tuned as this looks to be one of the more interesting teams in the NFL This season. Below is the Jets 2014 Schedule, roster, draft picks and player movement grids. 2014 Season Schedule Date Opponent Time/TV Thursday Aug. 7 Indianapolis Colts (Preseason) MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 7:00 p.m. ET CBS 2 NY Saturday Aug. 16 at Cincinnati Bengals (Preseason) Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 7:00 p.m. ET CBS 2 NY Friday Aug. 22 New York Giants (Preseason) MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 7:30 p.m. ET CBS 2 NY Thursday Aug. 28 at Philadelphia Eagles (Preseason) Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA 7:00 p.m. ET CBS 2 NY Sunday Sept. 7 Oakland Raiders MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET

CBS Sunday Sept. 14 at Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI 4:25 p.m. ET CBS Monday Sept. 22 Chicago Bears MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 8:30 p.m. ET ESPN Sunday Sept. 28 Detroit Lions MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET FOX Sunday Oct. 5 at San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA 4:25 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Oct. 12 Denver Broncos MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Thursday Oct. 16 at New England Patriots Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA 8:25 p.m. ET CBS/NFLN Sunday Oct. 26 Buffalo Bills MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Nov. 2 at Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Nov. 9 Pittsburgh Steelers MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Nov. 16 — BYE — —

Sunday Nov. 23 at Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Monday Dec. 1 Miami Dolphins MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 8:30 p.m. ET ESPN Sunday Dec. 7 at Minnesota Vikings TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Dec. 14 at Tennessee Titans LP Field, Nashville, TN 4:05 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Dec. 21 New England Patriots MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Sunday Dec. 28 at Miami Dolphins Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL 1:00 p.m. ET CBS Quarterbacks •3 Tajh Boyd •5 Matt Simms •7 Geno Smith •1 Michael Vick Running backs •40 Tommy Bohanon FB •23 Mike Goodson •25 Alex Green •33 Chris Ivory •21 Chris Johnson •29 Bilal Powell •35 Daryl Richardson •47 Chad Young FB Wide receivers •18 Michael Campbell •87 Eric Decker •82 Quincy Enunwa •81 Shaquelle Evans •19 Jacoby Ford •10 Clyde Gates •15 Saalim Hakim •84 Stephen Hill •11 Jeremy Kerley •86 David Nelson •17 Greg Salas •16 Jalen Saunders Tight ends •88 Jace Amaro •89 Colin Anderson •85 Jeff Cumberland •48 Terrence Miller •83 Chris Pantale •44 Zach Sudfeld Offensive linemen •75 Oday Aboushi G •65 William Campbell G •66 Willie Colon G •70 Dakota Dozier G/T •60 D’Brickashaw Ferguson T •61 Patrick Ford G •63 Dalton Freeman C •68 Breno Giacomini T •71 Ben Ijalana T •74 Nick Mangold C •79 Brent Qvale T •72 Caleb Schlauderaff G •67 Brian Winters G •76 Markus Zusevics T Defensive linemen •99 T. J. Barnes NT •78 Leger Douzable DE •93 Kenrick Ellis NT •92 Tevita Finau DE •64 Anthony Grady DE •94 Damon Harrison NT •62 Kerry Hyder DE •91 Sheldon Richardson DE •96 Muhammad Wilkerson DE Linebackers •95 Antwan Barnes OLB •54 Nick Bellore ILB •98 Quinton Coples OLB •55 Jermaine Cunningham OLB •56 Demario Davis ILB •58 Troy Davis OLB •48 Steele Divitto ILB •– A. J. Edds OLB •51 IK Enemkpali OLB •57 Tim Fugger OLB •53 Jeremiah George ILB •52 David Harris ILB •50 Garrett McIntyre OLB •97 Calvin Pace OLB •49 Trevor Reilly OLB •77 Zach Thompson OLB Defensive backs •39 Antonio Allen FS •32 Josh Bush SS •42 Brandon Dixon CB •34 Ras-I Dowling CB •38 Brandon Hardin SS •37 Jaiquawn Jarrett FS •31 Ellis Lankster CB •26 Dawan Landry SS •45 Rontez Miles SS •25 Calvin Pryor FS •43 Dexter McDougle CB •27 Dee Milliner CB •22 Johnny Patrick CB •24 Dimitri Patterson CB •41 Jeremy Reeves CB •36 Lowell Rose CB •30 Darrin Walls CB •20 Kyle Wilson CB Special teams •2 Nick Folk K •46 Tanner Purdum LS •4 Ryan Quigley P New Arrivals •The Jets signed Colin Anderson, T. J. Barnes, Tevita Finau, Michael Campbell, Dwight Jones, Dalton Freeman, Tim Fugger, and •Rontez Miles to reserve/future contracts on December 31, 2013. •The Jets signed Ras-I Dowling to a reserve/future contract on January 6, 2014. •The Jets signed Patrick Ford and Lowell Rose to reserve/future contracts on January 8, 2014.

The Jets signed Jacolby Ashworth and Nick Taylor to reserve/future contracts on January 14, 2014. •The Jets signed Brandon Hardin to a reserve/future contract on January 15, 2014. •The Jets signed Johnny Patrick off waivers on March 5, 2014. •The Jets signed Breno Giacomini and Eric Decker on March 12, 2014. •The Jets signed Michael Vick on March 21, 2014. •The Jets signed Jeremy Reeves on March 28, 2014. •The Jets signed Jacoby Ford[16] and Dimitri Patterson on April 1, 2014. •The Jets signed Chris Johnson on April 16, 2014. •The Jets signed undrafted free agents Tevon Conrad, Steele Divitto, Anthony Grady, Kerry Hyder, Terrence Miller, Brent Qvale, •Zach Thompson, and Chad Young on May 11, 2014. •The Jets claimed Daryl Richardson off waivers on May 16, 2014. •The Jets signed A. J. Edds and Markus Zusevics on May 19, 2014 Departures · The Jets released Antonio Cromartie on March 9, 2014. ·

The Jets released Santonio Holmes on March 10, 2014. · The Jets released Mark Sanchez on March 21, 2014. · The Jets released Tevon Conrad on May 16, 2014. · The Jets released Dwight Jones and Jacolby Ashworth on May 19, 2014. Free Agents Position Player Free agency tag Date signed/released 2014 team Notes LB Nick Bellore RFA March 10, 2014 New York Jets CB Aaron Berry UFA June 2, 2014 Cleveland Browns G Willie Colon UFA March 19, 2014 New York Jets WR Josh Cribbs UFA TE Jeff Cumberland UFA March 7, 2014 New York Jets LB Jermaine Cunningham UFA January 13, 2014 New York Jets DE Leger Douzable UFA March 12, 2014 New York Jets G Vladimir Ducasse UFA March 24, 2014 Minnesota Vikings PK Nick Folk UFA February 28, 2014 New York Jets QB David Garrard UFA RB John Griffin ERFA WR Vidal Hazelton ERFA FB Lex Hilliard UFA T Austin Howard UFA March 12, 2014 Oakland Raiders CB Ellis Lankster UFA March 5, 2014 New York Jets LB Josh Mauga UFA LB Garrett McIntyre RFA April 9, 2014 New York Jets LB Calvin Pace UFA March 16, 2014 New York Jets S Ed Reed UFA TE Konrad Reuland ERFA RB Darius Reynaud UFA QB Matt Simms ERFA January 13, 2014 New York Jets CB Isaiah Trufant RFA March 12, 2014 Cleveland Browns CB Darrin Walls RFA March 5, 2014 New York Jets TE Kellen Winslow II UFA RFA: Restricted free agent, UFA: Unrestricted free agent, ERFA: Exclusive rights free agent, FT: Franchise tag Class of 2014- NY. Jets Draft Picks RD PK

Selection Player Position College Note 1 18 18 Calvin Pryor Safety Louiville 2 17 49 Jace Amaro Tight end Texas Tech 3 16 80 Dexter McDougle Cornerback Maryland 4 4 104 Jalen Saunders Wide receiver Oklahoma From Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Darrelle Revis. 15 115 Shaquelle Evans Wide receiver UCLA 37 137 Dakota Dozier Offensive tackle Furman Compensatory selection. 5 14 154 Jeremiah George Linebacker Iowa State 6 19 195 Brandon Dixon Cornerback Northwest Missouri State 33 209 Quincy Enunwa Wide receiver Nebraska Compensatory selection. 34 210 IK Enemkpali Defensive end Louisiana Tech Compensatory selection. 37 213 Tajh Boyd Quarterback Clemson Compensatory selection. 7 18 233 Trevor Reilly Outside linebacker Utah In closing we hope you enjoyed the MLB Preview. Check back weekly for insightful Previews, systems and Original content that wont be seen elsewhere. and In 2012 Rob was ranked #1 in MLB on some of the most prestigious Leader boards in and networks in the country and followed that up by hitting 73% on Top plays in Baseball last season which was another profitable season. This year MLB And NHL/NBA Playoffs have Cashed big again. In NFL +CFB Combined Rob is 56 games over .500 the past 5 seasons. Check Robs page daily for the finest Data and analysis in the industry RV

Bigger shocker in New York, the Giants or the Jets?

The 2 biggest markets in football cities both come from the big city, infamous New York. Where when you’re on top, you are on top of the world, and when you’re down, you are stomped on by every section of the city that is possible to be stomped from.

The New York Jets have had a surprising beginning to the season, playing acceptable ball, which is more than what was expected. At the beginning of the 2013 season, just about every prediction across the board had the lowly Jets looking up from the bottom of not only their division, but possibly top 3 draft potential next year.

Last season the Jets were 6-10, going nowhere and struggling with scoring and overall offensive productivity as their biggest concerns. Sanchez was terrible, and I would think most of football fans would have to say, they end was dawning for the former USC standout.

The Jets have had some QB issues, clearly, and now they have upstart Geno Smith leading their squad. They have struggled with scoring still, but as a rookie led team there will be troubles. But Geno can also be very good. That’s the primary difference between him and Sanchez. Sanchez would make a bonehead mistake and you knew the team was done. Geno is young and can rectify his bad decision making.

Young 22 year old Stephen Hill is a natural, and has great potential, especially as a big play receiver. And of course, with Santonio Holmes back, they may not be superstar wide outs, but there is talent there. On top of that, their D-line is young and capable as well, especially with big Damon Harrison and Demario Davis at LB.

But do we jump too fast, on the Jets being “so far improved?” Perhaps. With wins over the Bucs, who are certainly not a great team, and they squeaked by a young Bills team, 27-20. So their wins have lacked quality.

But, they have wins, something the typically stable New York Giants have struggled with in 2013.

Eli has been horrid, but he also has had opponents defense in his face the second the ball is placed into his hands. He is continually running around behind the line, without any protection from his front. The Giants have not given Eli anytime to find a receiver, so Eli does, what Eli sometimes does. He turns into the evil twin, “bad Eli.” The main concern for Giants’ fans to me would be that line. Until they get their line cleaned up, they’re going to stay put at the bottom of the league, because you cannot allow your QB to constantly be scrambling to make a play.

They have also struggled with their inept running game this season. Only getting about 58 yards on the ground/ game, David Wilson has been nothing short of playing as if he were un-draftable, this season; with his pathetic 3.4 carry avg. after what many felt was supposed to be his breakout season.

The Giants are in free fall, and it seems they have no grip holds to latch onto to try and recoup what they can. If someone told me this season, the NY Giants would be scoring 15 a game, and giving up 36. I would never have believed it. Expectations are higher, and disappointment is bigger when you have a talented club and you fall apart at the seams like a worn out pillow. The Jets are still the Jets, and won’t make the playoffs, as anticipated, what wasn’t expected of course, was the fact they are scoring more than the Giants, with less talent, on paper. Geno Smith is a rookie and is making rookie mistakes, but Eli is having a “bad Eli” year, after a good season in 2012. The NY Giants are the bigger surprise in the New York area.

Written by TonyK of 

Geno Smith indicates a new era for the NYJ franchise.


Most NFL fans would certainly admit the QB position in the NFL is the most significant and important piece to a team. And perceptibly the foundation off of how good the team will likely be. <p> If you take a look at 5 top teams from last year, their starting QBs were Brady, Ryan, Peyton Manning, Schaub, and Rodgers between them, that’s 164 TDs, 22,508 YDs, and an incredible 61-19 record. Ya, I think we can all concur, the QB is pretty important to a team. <p> The NY Jets have obviously been struggling for several seasons with Sanchez as their starter. After having a rocky but tolerable, first 2 seasons, leading the team to a 19-13 record and 2 AFC title games, Sanchez looked like he was coming along. <p> Then he stopped. Over the last 2 seasons, he has thrown a whopping 36 INTs, and a massive 52 turnovers, and only putting up 204.6 YPG.

Sanchez may as well be given a last ditch effort to stay the starter for a little bit, they drafted Smith for a reason, to replace Mark Sanchez, and everyone knows it. The question now isn’t if, but when. <p> Smith has nice speed on his throws and high-quality accuracy; the kid hit 67.4% of his passes in college for his career there, including 71.2 in his last season. Sanchez lacks accuracy, only hitting 55% of his passes over the last 4 seasons. And his ability to hit the downfield ball is terribly concerning if you’re a Jets fan. Sanchez on passes 21+ yards is around 34%. <p> Smith played a lot of shotgun in college, which can often cause concern for teams when they evaluate what will transfer into the NFL. Let’s also take note the Jets had Sanchez passing out of the shotgun 46% last season. I think Geno will be respectable. Great, no.

Better than Sanchez, yes. <p> What most people have to discover about Geno Smith is he is not a “running QB” (overused phrase), but he is a guy who can move if he needs to, unlike Sanchez also. He truthfully is a pocket passer, with the nice addition of being able to take off if the line breaks down, or he has drained all of his choices to throw the ball to. His legs can get him out of trouble where as Sanchez has had the propensity to take the sack, force a bad pass, or fumble. Everything points to the obvious; he’s ready to challenge Sanchez for a role that Mark already has slipping away from hm. <p> But the Jets of course, lack more than just a QB stud at the moment. They lack talent and skill. RB, WRs, and TE are all weak. They cannot be expecting miracles from Geno off the start. So in some ways not having a lot of talent around him, or in this case, any reputable talent, may snag Geno’s evolution, but it might also make him speed it up. If he can make players like Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill become 1000 yard receivers, or 7 TD guys, and get some work from Bilal Powell to help a little, he could get a nice confidence boost for himself, the team, and the fans.

There will be demands on Rex Ryan to get the rookie in; we all know this for sure. But I don’t see Smith being a week 1 starter, but I also don’t think it takes very long.

Geno isn’t going to have the advantage of learning for a period of time behind a admirable QB to develop, he will have to pick the game up quick, and be ready when his number is called. Push the ball downfield; get points on the board for a team that only scored 17.6/game in 2012 (28th in the league). <p> I think the Bills game would be a beneficial place for Geno to get in; the Jets could be 0-2, at that point, playing a team they can beat, at home, and a beatable secondary. It would be a mild matchup for Geno.

The Jets are soaring in a new direction, and Sanchez will not be the captain of the plane. <p> Written by TonyK of