What is Kevin Durant’s legacy?

There’s no question that Kevin Durant is one of the all-time best players in the history of the NBA. He’s got a smooth shot, grace when going to the rim, he’s very silky. He’s fun to watch, he is definitely shown to have the ability to score points with ease, with a career average of 27.2  ppg and having 13 seasons scoring 25 ppg or more, and 4 scoring titles. But with Kevin Durant’s exceptional play on the court there are other characteristics about him that just don’t sit well. Putting aside his stoic and crabby demeanor, which can make him difficult to like – but that’s just his personality. What I’m talking about is his mental toughness and his heart. 

This off season was no different – when Kevin Durant was at it again. It always seems when he can’t win fast enough with a loaded team, he always seems to start screaming to be traded to yet another loaded team.  And one of the biggest problems I always have is the fact that he always seems to want to go to teams that are already well established.  Now I get that some might argue and say that that’s smart, take the path of least resistance, and I get it. I understand that logic, but the fact is, it makes someone look weak if they’re just jumping on an already powerful team. If you’re a player that’s supposed to be a leader, you shouldn’t want to join other players, they should want to join you.  You’re the one that should be leading your team, not just going and adding your skills to another team. He’s becoming just a “hired gun” to go anywhere to bring another skilled player to a team and then trade him off. 

Today’s NBA is the ring chasing era… it just seems like it’s all about finding the easiest path to get a ring. So much emphasis is put on “the chip.” Players only have this mentality that they’re not going to be considered a “great player” if they don’t have “X amount of rings.” Everybody wants to win the ring, of course that’s the whole drive of competitiveness is to win, to be the best you can be, to have the best team. They all want the ring, but they all want the easiest way to get it.  Nobody seems to want to earn it the hard way. 
The Experts at VegasTopDogs think the Nets are better now without Kyrie on the team.

Let’s say that a player goes to a team that isn’t top notch and his talent and leadership leads that team to a championship. Now let’s say, that same player instead, is unhappy with the mediocre team and demands to be traded to a team that already has 2-3 really good players, goes there and wins 3 championships, the respect level for winning the one championship is far higher. 

Kevin Durant just isn’t the guy to lead a team anywhere, after 14 seasons it’s been proven time and time again. Everybody isn’t built to be a leader, and that’s okay. But what isn’t okay, is when that same player is demanding respect like they are a leader. I think playerwise, Durant is a better player than Dwyane Wade was, but Dwyane Wade was a far better leader than Kevin Durant. Some guys have that leadership gene, and some just don’t.  

Brooklyn has had a ton of talent on that team for a few years – I’m not sure just what else he wants to have around him, to get the rings that he obviously is pining for. It’s becoming apparent that he isn’t built mentally like ball players were in the past. He doesn’t have the push to make others better, he wants to simply take his basketball skills and just add them to the team that’s already on the court. 

Durant really seems to be kicking his fan base, when he was with Oklahoma City he was really a lot of fun to watch, but now it seems that you’re just watching a guy who just goes through the motions looking for coattails to grab onto, looking to piggyback to an already established foundation to try and get a ring to add to his “legacy.” I actually feel that there are many fans who actually want to see him fail because of his lack of loyalty.  
He has no “legacy” who is his legacy with?

The new NBA slogan should be “when things get tough just quit!” Because that’s the way these players behave these days, without any loyalty to the city or the fans where they were hired, to come join and try and bring that city a championship. The discontentment in the NBA is mind boggling, these guys are never happy. Because they’re always comparing themselves to the next guy, instead of being satisfied with what they have. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a 1000 times, the players today are just made differently and not necessarily in all good ways. They dictate what team they will play for and if that doesn’t work, they pout and stomp, and go somewhere else to play. 

So far this season Durant has been off to the races, netting 32ppg but the “new look” Nets are sitting at 1-5. If they don’t turn it around, how long into the season is it going to be before the 7-0 PF starts shouting to be traded.

Well we all know what they always say right? 
If you can’t beat them, join them!

This offseason for Kevin Durant could be Thunderous


The 7 time All-Star, Kevin Durant is going to be a highly sought after free agent this off season when the NBA Playoffs are completed. He made a little under 90 million during his time in Oklahoma City, while scoring 17,000+ points and snagging 4500+ rebounds in his 9 year career. He will also be garnishing a ton of expected attention from many other teams looking for the “final piece”, or “the big draw” to their teams to help them in their quest to become a world champion.

The “Durantula” has been nothing short of outstanding in his excellent career, doing everything he could do in his power to get his team to the next level, including getting them to the NBA Finals in 2011-2012. Where he was outstanding, but attention was drawn away from their truest star, by their shooting PG, Russell Westbrook. He was getting 4 less shots/game compared to his “point guard,” who Durant was shooting much better than, at 54-41%. And Westbrook, at times, took over considerably, with seemingly his own game plan entirely at times. Maybe a change would be in the best interest for Durant, at this point in his career, for the upcoming talented free agent.

Some teams that I feel would be definite landing pads for Durant to have a strong chance at going to in the summer are the Pelicans, the Celtics, the Raptors, or even the Clippers. I am going to break down the team I think would be the best fits for him to go to.

The Raptors should make a heavy push to get Durant. They already have some excellent players in DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and big boy rebounder, Jonas Valanciunas. If they were able to make a move ad get Durant, that could be an insane grab. They have some flexibility and could trade a producing veteran, like DeMarre Carroll or talented youngster, Terrence Ross and even a 1st rounder to get him. I also think they have a very real shot at doing such.

This last year has shown me that the Raptors have finally found a real identity and are going to be a contender for years to come. The East, on the whole, is a weaker conference, and the Raptors can make a very real run for the tittle, with a serous move like that.

Another team, I think would be a great fit would be the Boston Celtics. They would already have a fantastic supporting cast that would accommodate his style of play, and he’d at last have a good coach in Brad Stevens. If the C’s could land him, they would be the “Beast of the East” for several years down the road, that is a guarantee.

They have the complete package for him to join. They have a backcourt with Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley, both who can score and both are not afraid to give up the ball when they are instructed to do so. They have a lock down defending guard, as well in Bradley, and an underrated shooter, and defender, in Jae Crowder. By adding Durant they get the explosive “superstar” that has the very real capabilities to drop 40-45 on any hot night. And on top of that, Boston has the cap space to make the moves necessary with over 50 million to spend. As well as they have a talented bench which is possibly one of the best in the NBA. If there is a Coach who can satisfy the needs of a Durant, Stevens is just that.

Cleveland is currently the only real contender in the Eastern Conference. They have packaged the team to beat across the board, for now, to make other teams very concerned when they come to their doorstep. They have beaten the Celtics, and the Raptors, 8-5 combined in their last 2 seasons’ matchups. With LeBron James, Kyrie and KLove they have a power squad every night. This is a pretty common agreement amongst the majority of fans. KD to Boston would definitely put them over the top. And Coach Stevens would coach circles around Tyronn Lue.

Beyond it simply being a great fit, system wise, the history in Boston is very rich and the fan support is top notch. He could ask legends, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen, when they went to Beantown. Durant could really build himself a mighty legacy and become immortalized as a Boston legend, to stand next to the other greats.

Things to consider, if Durant goes to a team, like the Clippers, I question if everyone will jump on him for it, just like they did with Lebron and when he went to the Heat. Taking off to a team that is already very good ( a top 2 finish in their division every year since 2011-2012 and 5 straight playoff appearance in the last 5 seasons )and make them just that much better, is often frowned upon in any sport, basketball in particular. Because it has been happening so much lately. Basketball is dictated by the players now, not by the teams themselves. It’s unfortunate, the times have changed. Loyalty to a team is only and oftentimes only as loyal as the dollar they put in your pocket, or the players you can join up with. Players in this generation simply don’t have the killer instinct to stick with a team, through thick and thin, defeating everyone in their path anymore, we have “witnessed it” before.

And it wold be essentially the same exact thing that LeBron did. Just that Durant would be leaving a much better supporting cast in Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. LeBron was dragged through the mud for leaving a team with Sebastian Telfair, Delonte West and Anthony Parker, and still got them through 5 Eastern conference semis, 2 Eastern conference finals, and a Championship game while carrying that well below average team, on his shoulders. So I really hope if he goes to a power contender, that his name is brought up in the same path as LeBron. Otherwise, it is bluntly biased and uncalled for.

Although, I feel the main reason LeBron has been hated so much for going to Miami, was the way he approached it. The outlandish TV special was just beyond ridiculous. Not condoning the idiocy of it, but I am sure if he had the chance to get a “do over” he would do it very differently. I think he was a young guy, with bad advice and counsel, and he has apologized for the renowned debacle numerous times.

Wherever Durant decides to go, if he leaves, he will make them for the better. I am hoping he goes to a team that is on the brink, like the Celtics, a place where he is gong to bring them to the next step. If the C’s could lure him to Boston they will win another NBA Championship, and could build another dynasty for the next 5+ years. Rumors also have the NY Knicks and Miami Heat very interested.

Written by Tony Karpinski of VegasTopDogs.com

The Race for the NBA MVP is heating up


The battle for the leagues best player is seemingly getting underway in a very entertaining manner. It’s really starting to get interesting to say the least. It looks like we are going to see a very close finish between Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBron James of the Miami Heat. It is turning into a very good battle between them to see who gets the crown of being the leagues “Most Valuable Player.”

I think a lot on this subject matters what your opinions are on what an MVP is and should be. Firstly, I think both players are having great seasons, and both are easily the top 2 contenders hands down. I think that Durant feels he is done playing 2nd fiddle to Lebron. He has had amazing games this season, hanging 54 on Golden State.

Having a massive triple double game against the Sixers. He carried the Thunder when Westbrook was out. Scoring at will, and dominating the league, with media clambering all over the “Durantula.”

Now, if anyone deserves to knock the King from his throne it should be Durant, and if he wins it, I would be open with the decision. Durant leads the Thunder in most categories. With his sleek shot and quick release, his scoring has been beyond enjoyable. And with his speed and his offensive awareness, he has been unbelievably aggressive with his “taking over games” mentality. And teammates gain confidence from having that kind of player on your team. I have felt for years that Westbrook has held Durant back, and with Westbrook being out for awhile, it allowed KD to shine.

Now, on the other side, I also believe that LeBron is sick of hearing Kevin Durant is now the NBAs best player. He has more to prove to fans again this year. Anyone with a competing side, and a professional athlete in particular, would get real provoked with the fact that everyone is saying that “your time has come, you’re not the best in the NBA anymore.” Durant had a strong stretch this season, around 12 games where he was really playing excessively well. But does that mean he is the MVP of the league?

LeBron leads his team in basically every category as well. Which is the meaning of an MVP. Are you the best player not of just your team, but of the entire league? Let’s face facts here, LeBron is the best basketball player in the world in this era, and he has proven it many times over, no matter who dislikes the concept of it. He is a walking stat filler, across the board, each and every night is a potential triple double.

And let’s also take into consideration, LeBron is having a “down year” by many peoples standards. Only scoring 27 and 7 boards and 7 assists a night. Durant gets 4 more shots a night than LeBron, because of LeBrons sharing play, getting the team involved all the time. LeBron getting 21 shots a game, he would be scoring 33 a night, statistically speaking. And with that, Durant is now his equal?

Durant is a big scorer, not a great defender, where as LeBron is the teams best defender, as well as perhaps the leagues best defender. We all know about him being able to legitimately guard every position on the court by now. That’s a pretty ominous component as well.

For seasons upon seasons those who didn’t like LeBron, for whatever their reasons, have bashed and disrespected him for one reason or another. No one can argue that he has continued to silence the haters for some time now. And that makes them even more angry.

James could be among the game’s top players of all time by winning a 5th MVP crown. LeBron would become one of 4 players all time to reach that awe-inspiring mark. We shall see, Durant could win the MVP, but I always feel it should go to the games best player each year. And to me, it’s still LeBron James. Let’s hold off on taking the crown away from the King, just yet.

Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

Best Sporting Events Of The Week

Kevin Durant

A little game called the Super Bowl will dominate the week’s action in your sportsbook. But don’t forget about the NBA and college hoops, as well as the NHL and UFC.



Super Bowl XLVIII will go down at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday as the big game is held in a cold-weather venue for the first time. Denver and Seattle both have experience playing in cold weather, so it isn’t supposed to play that big of a factor, but it is definitely something you should keep an eye out for.


Kevin Durant hasn’t stopped his relentless tear, even with an ailing shoulder, and he will lead Oklahoma City into Miami on Wednesday for a meeting with the two-time defending champs. The next night in the TNT nightcap, the Los Angeles Clippers take on Golden State.

NCAA Basketball

There will be a few college basketball matchups worth watching this week, but the marquee game will be on Saturday, as Syracuse hosts Duke for the first time since coming to the ACC. The Orangemen go into the week undefeated.


It is always fun when rivals go at it, and you will get your fill in the NHL this week, starting on Wednesday when Chicago visits Vancouver. On Thursday, Montreal and Boston clash in an Original Six rivalry where the temperature is always high.


The UFC always has a card on Super Bowl weekend, and Saturday’s UFC 169 features a pair of championship tilts for fight fans. Renan Barao will aim to defend his 135-pound title when he meets Urijah Faber for the second time; Barao beat Faber for the interim bantamweight belt at UFC 149. In the featherweight division, Jose Aldo aims to continue his reign when he takes on Ricardo Lamas.