What impact will Klay Thompson have returning to Golden State

The anticipated return of Klay Thompson this year for Golden State Warriors is exceptionally exciting. Thompson had an incredible career up to the point until he suffered devastating injuries that took him out for 2 years. Klay was a steady 20 point scorer and was dropping 3 threes per game, along with very good defense, and a smooth silky shot that every defender was afraid of. Thompson was the kind of player that you knew was going to get his team 20pts and big shots every game in his sleep.

Golden State gaining Thompson alongside one of the most lethal shooters in NBA history, Steph Curry, again is only going to improve this team. This same team that has been  demolishing opponents all season long without him, adding a player of his skill back is only going to help an already awesome roster.  They’ve been putting up 110 ppg this season, with excellent defense, and top 3 ranked shooting from downtown. The Warriors are already one of the top favorites to win the championship this year – if Klay comes in and just is able to knock down a couple shots here and there until he gets the stamina and full confidence built back up they’ll be fine.

I don’t expect Thompson to waltz back in just dominate and start picking up right where he left off. But the inspiration & threat that he will immediately bring to this team is huge. His return will immediately add one more dimension to their already powerful offense. This Warriors team is already well aware of the awesome damage that Steph and Klay can apply on the court together.

People still have to remember he hasn’t played NBA basketball in 2 seasons. So he isn’t going to explode quickly, it’s going to take some time. I don’t expect him to come in and immediately get 35 minutes a night, but I do expect him to keep efficiency because that’s what great players do. Thompson is going to come into this team and do what he does best – and that’s knock down buckets. I cannot imagine him just fading away into nothingness even after his devastating injuries.

I don’t see him being the same guy that he was – but the Golden State Warriors has numerous players who can all chip in with important points in the game. I don’t think that they actually need Klay to be the 2nd weapon on a nightly basis anymore, what he does give them is that one more threat – where a defender knows that with his shooting ability – he has the ability to drop 25 at any moment. I’m very excited to see Klay back on the court. As a fan of comeback stories and great shooting – it’ll be very nice to see that back. I’m personally rooting for him to do what he does best – shoot the ball at a very high level.

NBA Finals Game 6 Preview – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors


Win or go home for the Warriors and they got what they wanted, hook or by crook, and at the expense of a top-three player in the NBA, their superstar, Kevin Durant. Game five was everything and more, it was what it was billed to be, a close contest that went back and forth and, in the end, guess who made their shots? The Champions. The Warriors held it together without Durant and proved their resiliency at least for one more game, one more shot to send this to a game seven in Toronto. The sports bettors wanted this, the bookies wanted it more. Vegas wanted and needed this. Make no mistake, the Warriors are the same team that swept Portland without their superstar but when he did make his appearance and his first shot was from downtown, he gave the spark that was needed to win game five. This team will be ready for game six tonight. The Line sits GS -2.5/ OU 211. This one is going to be fun, it will be another close one but maybe not as close as some would think.


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The Raptors can’t close the deal! They had their chance and they blew it. They allowed the Warriors and the “splash brothers” a 9-2 run in the last 2-minutes, they had the ball with 15 seconds to go and down one, they couldn’t step on the Warriors neck and that will most-likely prove fatal.


Game one in Toronto was exciting, it was historic, it was a lot of fun even for those who have absolutely no interest in the Raptors. It was absolutely a thrill to see the Raptors play in their first NBA Championship and open at home to an amazing fan base. That was game one, this is game six and game seven, (if it goes) will be much different than game one. All the glory, all the hype, all of the focus on a 24-year franchise that had never been… that’s long over. Forget all of the noise. This is the Golden State Warriors that are going for a threepeat and they will be hard to beat, with or without Kevin Durant.


What’s worse for the Raptors, the Warriors have added motivation. After Durant coming into game five, and giving his squad the lift that he did, this group will be motivated tonight.


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This is not about loving one team or hating another. What we must focus on is the value in the bet. Where lies the value? What about the over at 211, does that seem like value? In Oakland, it seems like somewhat of a valuable number. Remember, the Warriors averaged just over 117 points in the regular season while Toronto averaged over 106, however the total has been inconsistent and getting a good read on the total will be difficult without Durant in the lineup. One thing we know, Toronto is not Portland, this Raptors team can play some serious defense. It kills us to take Golden State under any total, so we will lay off the total… while saying “the game most likely goes over”.


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There is simply no need to break down performances, to look at individual play and to speak of what Lowry, or Kawhi, or Steph has done. All of these guys are fantastic, and they bring it nightly and when one doesn’t have big numbers, the other one will. Both teams have a squad full of consummate professionals that can beat each other on any given night.


Where we look for value is in experience and for at least one game; the home of the champions. This is in the Champions house, are they going to allow the Raptors a win in their own house, in an elimination game, as well as in the last Warriors game to ever be played in Oakland, at Oracle? Not a chance!


Prediction: Golden State wins this game, -2 ½ and Over 211, we’re playing the parlay card. (we changed our minds).

NBA Title Contenders


With Lebron James coming off a career night on Sunday finishing with 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assist, not to mention a quite 3 steals for the King.   Sunday’s game was another example of a Cavalier stepping up with a big performance to edge the Hawks in another close game. For some reason the books have the betting public fooled with a big favorite in Cleveland giving up 8 points at home in Tuesday’s game. Based on the Hawks being a smaller market team in comparison to the Lakers, Knicks and Nets, the public quickly shifts opinion and has a short memory when it comes to Atlanta being the number 1 seed in the East, and easily showing better chemistry throughout the season as a close second to the Golden State Warriors, this elimination matchup should have a line closer to a +3 for the Hawks. During Sunday’s game playing without Kyle Korver a 49% three point shooter for the year, and Al Horford being wrongfully ejected in the 2nd quarter the Atlanta Hawks managed to stay in the game and holding a lead with a minute left in regulation and overtime.

There is no way a better team and number 1 seeded NBA team should be getting 8 points in an elimination game. It’s clear that the Cleveland Cavaliers are simply having good fortune in continuous breaks as the opposition battles injury and controversy. I do not expect Lebron’s Cavaliers to have the same fortune in the NBA Finals against a very deep and balanced Golden State Warriors team. On Tuesday Night look for the Hawks to easily cover and push Cleveland to a game 5 back in Atlanta on Thursday and also go hard on the Warriors to take the NBA Title.

Written by Bill Obrien of VegasTopDogs.com

3 Best Sporting Events To Watch This Week

Klay Thompson


The coming week in the world of sports will involve some college basketball games of note, as the sport moves under six weeks until Selection Sunday, which is March 16th.


NCAA Basketball: Missouri Tigers @ Ole Miss Rebels (Saturday)


This is a game in which the two teams are very much on the bubble and need to get a win of appreciable quality. The thing to realize about the Southeastern Conference – and this is little different from last season – is that there aren’t many chances for good wins. The SEC has Florida, Kentucky, and not much else. Whenever two of the league’s bubble teams meet, losing is not much of an option. Ole Miss will get chances to beat Kentucky and Florida later in the season, so in many ways, the Rebels know that even if they lose here, they can still get season-making wins later on. Missouri doesn’t have that opportunity. The Tigers really need to win here.


NCAA Basketball: Florida State Seminoles @ Maryland Terrapins (Saturday)


This is another game in which both teams are very much on the bubble. Neither Florida State nor Maryland has done a whole lot within its own conference. Both teams have been much less than inspiring. Florida State has a win over Virginia Commonwealth to point to, but not too much else. Both teams have to get on a four-game winning streak at this point in the season to feel good about their chances of making the field of 68. This is the kind of game in which losing will carry a considerable cost.


NBA Basketball: Golden State Warriors @ Phoenix Suns (Saturday)


This is a very attractive NBA game. Not many people expected this game to be a big one before the season began, but it has become a big game because the Suns are for real. Phoenix swept the two-game season series from the Indiana Pacers last Thursday in Indianapolis, showing the rest of the NBA that the Suns are as tough as their first 45 games suggested they were. This team isn’t going away, and Golden State will therefore have its work cut out for it against the Western Conference’s biggest surprise other than Portland.