VegasTopDogs Super Bowl Preview

So here we are, another year of NFL football in the books, and we all patiently await the completion of the season and the crowning of the NFL champion. It was another great season with records being broken, huge comebacks and apparently for this time Tom Brady’s final retirement. And now we get ready to watch the AFC Conference champions Kansas City Chiefs, take on the NFC Conference Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles. But who has the advantage between these two excellent teams, let’s take a look…

Kansas City; 14-3 / 29.2 ppg / 21.7 oppg
Philadelphia; 14-3 / 28.1 ppg / 20.2 oppg


Kansas City
Patrick Mahomes 
Obviously far and away better than Jalen Hurts. Anyone who can possibly compare Mahomes to Hertz and say that Hurts is better doesn’t understand what a great quarterback really is. Hurts is better with his feet, getting better, but this is a no brainer. He can definitely get out of some tight situations and he’s got good Vision when he takes off out of the pocket. But let’s be honest, Mahomes put up 41 TD passes with 5250 passing yards. He had 12 games throwing for 290 or more passing yards, including 14 games throwing for 2+ TD passes. For years he has arguably been the best QB in the NFL with 5 straight seasons with 4000 passing yards and 26 or more TD passes. And he is solidly the better quarterback of the two in this matchup. 

This is a team who is bread and butter and has been moving the ball on the ground. Having racked up 12 games with 135+ rushing yards as a team. They have a dangerous running game, and Hurts adds a huge advantage. He helped tremendously in the team’s NFL leading 32 rushing TDs. Jalen Hurts on the ground, put up 760 yards, 13 rushing touchdowns and a 4.6 YD /carry, and Miles Sanders is far better than Isiah Pacheco – he ran for 439 more yards, and 6 more TDs. Even their RB2 is better with 4.5 /carry to 4.3 /carry for Kansas City. There is no question the Eagles running game is a far superior weapon. 

This may come as a surprise with the aforementioned stud quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the gunslinger for the Chiefs. But Philadelphia has much better wide receivers than Kansas City has. Philly has 3 guys with 700+ receiving yards and 55+ catches. Philly’s WR1 is far better than Kansas City’s WR1, JuJu Smith-Schuster, 1496 yards vs 933 yards. There’s just no comparison. TE Travis Kelce is the biggest threat for Kansas City in their passing game – but they still aren’t better with their next 3 WRs with just 9 combined TDs. Get your best odds at

The Eagles are rated as one of the best offensive lines in the game pretty much across the board from almost every source. They stand strong, they open up big holes for the running game, and they give Jalen Hurts enough time. They have been very, very good this whole year. They gave up 44 sacks, with a team sack percentage of 7.6% which a lot of that comes from Hurts moving around to run. The team’s top 3 RBs who carried the ball picked up 4.7 yds /carry and 18 rushing TDs. They move other teams defensive lines around, and make sure that their backs have a place to go. 

I know that Kansas City has some very good defensive players like Chris Jones and L’Jarius Sneed, but the Philadelphia Eagles have had an absolutely devastating effect with their defensive front with 4 players racking 11+ sacks, 4 players with 16+ QB hits and 5 players with 10+ TFL. They have been an absolute nightmare for opponents to handle, you don’t know whether the pressure is coming off the edge or right up the middle with Fletcher Cox or Javon Hargrave. And a lot of the time you have any combination of any of them on your quarterback’s shoulders. They’re a real problem to deal with, and if an offensive line can’t hold their own, and the offensive coordinator can’t put together some good schemes, it makes a team’s chances of handling them that much harder. 

The Eagles have been ballhawks on defense with their secondary picking up 17 ints, landing them at 5th in NFL. Giving up a pitiful 4.9 net yards per attempt, again landing them in 1st place in NFL.  Another thing is, because they have such a strong defensive line, that in turn, makes the secondary that much more effective. They work in such clean unison together it’s frightening. They had 3 players with 3+ picks and gave up just 3057 opponent passing yards, yet again putting them 1st in the NFL. Their pass coverage was so smothering, that they gave up 235 yards or more in the air, just 3 times over the whole season.

Kansas City
This to me is yet another no-brainer. You just can’t compare these 2 coaches, Nick Sirianni only has 34 games as a head coach in his career. Don’t get me wrong he has certainly shown to be a good coach he has completely changed the entire culture of the Philadelphia Eagles in the short time he’s been there winning 67% of his games. But, Andy Reid has 24 years experience. Almost a quarter of a century he has been coaching. With 17 years with 10+ wins, he has been a very steady force on the sideline for many years. He has also laid out 8 years with 10+ wins in a row. And a huge advantage, in my opinion, is the fact that he has coached in 37 playoff games. He knows all about the pressure he has had more than his share of games under the spotlight. 

This game is going to be a really good game, and I know fans from Kansas City and Philadelphia are both going to be very excited for the outcome. Both teams have been great, Kansas City with their offense, and Philadelphia with their defense, but in the end you can get the best side, total and player props at VegasTopDogs.

Indianapolis is going to be in good shape with Carson Wentz

The Indianapolis Colts came into the 2021 season with a 10th ranked defense, a strong Oline, and a pretty solid RB duo in Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines, those things are going to make the former Eagle QB much more comfortable at the helm. The Colts look to have been built the right way, they have the ability to run the ball, and they can keep their QB upright and not terrified from the snap.

Remember, back in 2017, Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate in Reich’s offense, Wentz’s best seasons were when Frank Reich was the OC in Philly. The 6-5 QB knows what Reich’s game looks like, and he flourished In it. To me, he should bounce back in a big way this year. If we are also being real about things, the Eagles have gotten worse since Reich left back in 2018 – and Carson’s numbers went down since Reich left. In 2017 Wentz put up 33 TD passes with a massive 7.5% TD throwing pct to just 7 picks. Since 2018 Wentz has each and every year gone steadily down in his TD pct, throwing an average of 21 TD passes, and went 17-21-1. There is simply no comparison.

I think the former 33 TD passer could also end up as a Pro Bowler and Indy can be a top 3-4 seed this season. The Colts were 11-5 with Phillip Rivers at QB, Rivers threw for 24 TDs and 4100+ YDs at 39 years old. Rivers was painfully immobile, and Wentz has age on his side, at just 28 years old, and has been shown to be able to move. They struggled in week 1 – I wouldn’t lose my mind if I am a Colts fan. The Hawks are a very good team with a lot of chemistry – it will be ok.

Wentz can lead the team better than Rivers, and Rivers was fine. The deep ball will be there far more, and Wentz brings much more mobility with a career 4.1 YPC, and his better mobility will make things easier on Jonathan Taylor. Carson isn’t Mahomes, but if you don’t think he makes the Colts better, you’re going to be stupidly shocked. This trade was a steal for Indianapolis, pushing them into even bigger contenders than the team from last season.

The Eagles have crumbled into a void due to horrible management and bad coaching. Granted, the Eagles were wrecked with injuries, and for some reason Doug Pederson never wanted to run the ball with their talented RB, Miles Sanders. Philadelphia also had a bottom 10 defense in the league, giving up 26ppg and anyone with a football in hand to throw for 400 vs them, so they were almost always playing from behind. And since, have decided that Pederson was no longer the guy for this team, after going 13-18-1 over the last 2 years.

Wentz’s fall from grace had more to do with the abominations running the Eagles franchise, Wentz had no offensive line or steady WRs for the last several seasons. Their defense previously had been in the bottom half of the NFL for 2 straight seasons, and simply look at who they drafted. JJ Arcega-Whiteside over 1300+ YD WR, DK Metcalf. Jalen Reagor over 1400 YD WR, Justin Jefferson. Nothing in those picks shows proper scouting.

The Eagles putting everything in the Hurts locker might have been a quick trigger reaction – even though he played pretty darn good in week 1 with 264 and 3 TDs, we still need to see if he can play high quality football for the whole season. They still have some Oline problems, and Hurts can’t rely on running read options every single game in the NFL. The love fest for Hurts and jumping all in was a knee jerk reaction at best. I feel Indy made out in the trade. Indy has a far better line than Philly and, although it didn’t look like it in the first week, they have a better defense as well. He will without question, be much better. The Colts will be making the playoffs, and the Eagles won’t be, and it will likely be like that for the next 4 or 5 years.

Online Sportsbooks Gearing Up for Huge Football Season

Now that the United States Supreme Court has opened the doors to online sports gambling, gamblers are making a mad dash to find a great bookie for the upcoming NFL and NCAA College Football season. This year promises to be better than ever and there are more than a few teams that have a chance e to make the Superbowl.


How to Use Pay Per Head Player Activity Reports to Grow Your Bookie Business


The Eagles were not on too many peoples list this time last year to win it all but look at them now. In football, you never know and when one team gets on a roll like the Eagles dud, they can ride the wave to a title. Who will it be this year and can the Eagle repeat? Yes, they can repeat. Don’t forget the two headed monster at the quarterback position between Wentz and Foles. This team is stacked with greatness and they will absolutely be a tough contender throughout the season.


Now is the time that you must be thinking of the finding a great-top notch bookie service. There are hundreds of them out there but don’t sell yourself short. Find one that has a great reputation for quick and easy payouts and find one that offers competitive odds.


What to look for:


Find a worthy sportsbook that caters to football.


Now, this may sound strange. You are probably thinking that most every sportsbook caters to football. That’s true. Most sportsbooks absolutely offer it along with all the major sports. The key word here is “worthy”. Who gets your business this year and why; is the question that you should be asking.

Questions to live by before depositing to a sportsbook:

  • Do they cater to American players?

  • Do they have a standup reputation for paying out?

  • Do they offer a 24/7 customer service hotline, with English speaking agents?

  • What about bonuses, do they offer good ones or only ones that will kill you with rollover?

  • Deposit options, are they quick easy and convenient?

  • Are their lines/odds competitive?


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These are just a few of the many questions that you will want to ask yourself before laying down your hard-earned cash. There are untold numbers of online sportsbooks, how can you possibly know which one or ones are best for you? Think of who you have been with. Are you 100% happy with their services? Do they or have they met every promise that they made to you? What about transparency, do you feel they are honest and upfront about their rules, regulations, and policies? You work hard for a living; you want playing to be easy. Who wants to hassle with not getting paid? You gamble for fun, but you gamble to win money. When you win, you want to be paid. If you are unhappy or simply would like to look around at the competition this year, then you should do so. A smart player will always keep more than one sportsbook in their portfolio. You must have more than one.

​Is Carson Wentz ready to be the leader for the Eagles

     The Philadelphia Eagles last season was not one that drew a lot of attention for much of anything but head shakes and sighs. They were in the bottom end in the league in passing TDs, while throwing the ball more than most teams in the league, and ended up at just 7-9 overall. They had another letdown after a miserable 2015 season that gave some Philly fans thoughts that the 2016 season was something to be hopeful for.
They had some issues at the helm going into the season, Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford, both of whom have been released from the team in one way or another. Chase Daniel was nothing more than a middle of the road QB at the best, and completed only short dinkers for the majority of his attempts in his career. And they still hadn’t anyone who passed for more than 20 TDs in a season in Philly since 2013. Yes, things got pretty rough for the QBs in Philly.
When they drafted Carson Wentz at the 2nd overall slot in 2016 draft, they were making their move. They were pushing themselves to get who they feel is going to be the future of the franchise in Philly. He played for a small school in North Dakota, where not much was known about him until pre-draft buzz, when all of the scouts started whispering about the 6-5 QB. So the Eagles rolled the dice and grabbed him. Wentz’s college career was vastly unfamiliar, but apparently he has great elusiveness and pro style skills, which most of us hadn’t seen with our own eyes, but we are watching his skills morph into the NFL now.
This 2017 season is a huge one for Philly. They have a tough schedule; matched up vs rejuvenated Denver, at Seattle, and the up and coming Oakland. Let alone, the NFC East, with a hot rookie Dallas QB Dak Prescott coming back for more, a new, and revamped hungry New York Giants team, and a Washington team that won the division just a short time ago, and wants to prove that, that wasn’t a fluke.
Head Coach Doug Pederson had made it openly clear from the get-go, that Wentz was a project QB. Bradford and Chase Daniel, were both far higher on the depth chart for Philadelphia at the beginning of last season, but how the tides have mightily turned. It will no longer be injuries, an 0-5 start, or QBs who are just not completing passes, it is time to see what he has to offer the team as the leader in Philly.
The crowd in Philly has been waiting like starving lions to have something to get excited about again. They haven’t had a QB to throw for 3800 YDs in 8 years. Wentz brings that promise and hope. Like so many others that come into the league. Fans want to see someone who gives them something to be jacked about, and Carson will be that guy. They have some fresh young talent with newly signed Alshon Jeffrey and deep route WR Torrey Smith, along with last years leading receiver, TE Zach Ertz – now they want someone who can push the ball around on the field with championship confidence.
They figured coming in, he was going to be a few years project, but the hungry fans in Philly are going to have their taste of what he brings – but they need to remain patient, which is always tough for any fans, let alone Philly fans. But give him some time, Philly. In all honesty, Wentz has shown in the time he has had – that he has the heart and the gumption to be a worthy player to lead the Eagles squad. They should to be very happy that they have a guy who wants to prove his worth to the city.
His future is unsure as to what he will end up being, will he be just another Sanchez or Chase Daniel, or end up like Pro Bowler Tony Romo, or Champion Joe Flacco and other smaller school QBs that made it in the league? Only time will tell.

Philadelphia Eagles Likely to Crash and Burn


The Philadelphia Eagles have been relatively quiet since firing Chip Kelly before the end of his third season with them. The turbulence and controversy hasn’t stopped, though.

The Eagles just moved up to No. 2 in the draft by giving up their No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4 draft choices this season plus their No. 1 and No. 2 draft picks next year to the Browns to move up six spots in the draft plus get Cleveland’s fourth-round pick in 2017. In other words, the Eagles surrendered an extra first-round pick, second-round pick and third-round pick to draft either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz.

The Rams are likely to grab Goff leaving the Eagles to take Wentz. It’s a foolish gamble for the Eagles since earlier this year they signed San Bradford to a two-year $35 million deal that includes $22 in guaranteed money and also inked Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel to a three-year, $21 million deal with $12 million guaranteed. So Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie already has tied up $34 million in guaranteed money to Bradford and Daniel.

Without high draft picks and free agent money the Eagles are at a real disadvantage. There’s no guarantee Goff or Wentz turns out – and the Rams get first crack at the one they believe is best.

Neither Goff nor Wentz are rated as a sure-fire franchise quarterbacks. I rate them lower than Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, last year’s top two quarterback picks who went 1-2 in the draft. I didn’t like the Rams surrendering a king’s ransom to move into the No. 1 draft spot. I like the Eagles’ move even less.

The Eagles could have stayed at No. 8 and likely had a choice of a stud lineman – either on offense or defense – or maybe the top ranked wider receiver or running back. Then in the second round they could have addressed their quarterback future by taking either Connor Cook or Christian Hackenberg since they are so unsure of Bradford and Daniel despite just shelling out big bucks for them.

That way the Eagles would have upgraded their roster while not gambling their future away.

The NFC East turned very weak in 2015. The Redskins are the defending division champs. Dallas is a factor as long as Tony Romo is healthy. The Giants made huge free agent news upgrading their defense with multiple signings. The Eagles certainly appear now to be the weakest team in the division since they are the least likely to improve themselves in the draft.

Written by Stephen Nover of

Nick Foles rolling as the Eagles QB starter


Nick Foles, the 10 game ‘veteran’, finds himself in another QB state of affairs this year. Not that there is a profound controversy about the starter in Philly, because we all know that Michael Vick is the fan favorite apparently all the time, in spite of game play. This is unusual for Philly fans, which tend to be pretty nasty and honest with how they feel, viciously honest at times. The 24 year old Foles can help the Eagles in quite a few different ways than Vick doesn’t do necessarily well.

Nick has proven time and again, that he can move the team up and down the field with accuracy. He picked apart the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.  But what next for the Eagles, and their 2 QB issues, that they have been seemingly finding themselves in this challenge for the last several years, going back to McNabb and Vick in 2009.

Foles literally had to just sit and wait his time before Vick got hurt. Because if you haven’t noticed, it’s kind what Mike does. Only playing 16 games once in his 11 year career, he has never been the sturdiest of players for any team. Now, once more, it’s Foles’ turn to show that he could be the guy to lead the Eagles in the vacant NFC East, (where every team seems to be substandard)

The interesting part to me is watching both QBs play, the offense hasn’t changed with either one, in the exciting Chip Kelly test as an NFL head coach. And his high octane offensive minded system. Vick of course, has some exciting things about him that not only keep fans wound up, but he can freelance more frequently, and make a play on the run when everything breaks down.

Given his natural athletic ability, Michael Vick has the skills to revive a play that has broken down and is dead in the water. So with that, yes, Vick does have unusual athletic ability when need be. And he has been able to make some great use of those scrawny and beaten down 33 year old legs when needed. But let’s be real here, the days of the Vick’s jaw-dropping plays on any given snap, are long over. He’s not a kid, and his delicate frame isn’t as sturdy and strong as it used to be, and that isn’t saying much with his injury record.

He has always been exciting, but his lack of a solid thrown ball has constantly led me to believe he is more of a circus act than a real playoff winning QB that I would ever want leading my team. He has always been mistake prone, with interceptions, and fumbles as well.


In addition, Vick has a slow release; Nick chucks it out fast, finding his guys earlier, whether it’s hitting the check down to McCoy, flicking it out along the sidelines. He doesn’t hesitate, and throws a really nice ball downfield. He can take control of a game, with accuracy, 61%, and he’s not afraid to chuck it downfield either, and is very good on 3rd downs on top.

Is it possible Foles could become the QB1 in Philly? Why not, stranger things have happened. Last year Alex Smith was playing great ball for the Niners, and lost his starting job to Kaepernick. I’m not comparing Foles to Kaepernick, but you understand the contrast. I have always believed, unless you have a top tiered player at a position, who is without a doubt your man, IE; Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. Then an injury is always a threat to alter a career. If a player is playing better than the normal starter, and the team is winning games, isn’t that what it essentially all boils down to?

Foles may be a career backup, or he could potentially be a future starter for a team and end up being really good, or middling, and another Kevin Kolb. (Yea, umm, remember him?) For myself, I like Foles, and I think he can be a legit QB in the NFL. And I think we will all see this sooner than later.

Written by TonyK of