2015 NFL Fantasy Football Busts – stay away, you were warned!

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning steps back to pass against the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Peyton Manning
Simply put, Peyton Manning is another year older. And there is a lot different in Denver this year. The 2014 Broncos’ Oline is virtually all new. This is a huge concern for me, it makes you question the probability for success together. John Fox is gone. Gary Kubiak is now in Denver. Kubiak has always loved those workhorse RBs. His teams have never been big time passing teams in the league, over 12 years as an offensive coordinator or head coach. Peyton late in the season, his arm strength looked awful. Does anyone expect anything different, come this years December? And hugely, Julius Thomas, his big pass catcher, is gone. So that’s TDs that are missing. Does Peyton have a high reward, of course he does. Is he a safe pick to make, yes. But, he isn’t a RD 1-3 grab anymore, not worth it. The difference between Manning and Tony Romo was fewer than 2 ppg last season.
2015 prediction: 16.7 PPG
LeSean McCoy
McCoy has had a nagging toe injury, this is concerning to me. It has followed him for years. This is a change of scenery is that could be worriesome. They use field turf in Buffalo. We know the dreaded words no one wants to utter. Besides he has played on grass throughout college into the pros, with the Eagles. McCoy in the last 3 out of 4 seasons has had over 320 touches per season. That’s a lot of tread on those wheels. There is no quarterback in Buffalo to be concerned over. They will try to focus on the running game, but they are going to be able to play the backfield, with 8. Trouble all over it.
2015 prediction: 9.1 PPG


Mike Evans
Evans had a great rookie year. Scoring 11.8 ppg in standard leagues. And being the high majority of their offense, overall. I simply don’t see those kind of numbers as realistic. Much more of a fluke. We have seen sophomore slumps before with WRs in FFB. Most importantly, is the Tampa Bay Bucs are coming in with some major changes. Jameis Winston, firstly. How confident you are in him will be how you look at Evans. I don’t trust him, I typically never draft or trust a rookie QB at the helm. WRs in his pick spot, like DeAndre Hopkins, is a much better grab, as is Alshon Jeffery.
2015 prediction: 8.5 PPG
DeMarco Murray
Easily the beast of 2014. and the #1 RB in fantasy football last season. Now in Philadelphia, I am not so much a fan, anymore. His leaving from Dallas, is a huge concern. That Oline was ridiculous. He is looked at as the successor of Shady, and the centerpiece of the Eagles offense. But, his usage is my beef. Philadelphia’s backfield is cramped. Kelly plays all his backs, he’s shown that last year. McCoy’s numbers were way down to what he was used to last year. He scored just 5 of the Eagles’ 16 rushing touchdowns in 2014. Darren Sproles had 6 TDs including 3 within the 10. He is still there, he is very active on that team, and they also snagged Ryan Mathews. With those members, Murray will get about half of the carries now. And with Philly’s they need to keep fresh legs in there.
He won’t be a top 5 back this year, maybe top 10 but he is coming off an injury free season and he didn’t cough up the ball much either. The Cowboys got rid of him when his stock was sky high.
2015 prediction: 10.2 PPG
Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com

NFL Most Valuable Player Race for 2014


There have been some great play during the season so far, but there are a select handful that really stand out to me as being the best in the league currently. Who are the best and are carrying their teams on their shoulders. We are just about the midway point in the NFL season, so let’s take a quick look at my top 3 candidates for this years 2014 NFL Most Valuable player award.

3. Andrew Luck, QB; Indianapolis Colts

Luck has been absolutely absurd, with how his game has been. His passing games have been ridiculous, with 8 games of 300 YDs of more, 26 TDs and just 9 INTs he has been the real deal. Leading the Colts to a 6-3 record in the AFC South division. Luck has been doing this on his shoulders alone, they have a very poor and nonexplosive running game, that gives him no support. Trent Richardson is getting them 3.5/YPC and is about as helpful as a fork to eat tomato soup. The fact of the matter is, he has almost single handily made TY Hilton a possible pro bowl player, with 866 YDs and TE Dwayne Allen suddenly is relevant. And actually has played bigger than life in some games, avoiding the rush with his nimble feet and always finding his men when need be.

2. Tom Brady, QB; New England Patriots

Let’s be just honest here, from the start, the guy has simply endured a lot of questions early. Remember when folks were asking if he was done? He has been playing some great football. Brady, who many thought was pretty much just riding the storm out, after a many great years, and was never going to regain his form from the 2010-2012 seasons where his numbers were simply ridiculous, of 109 TDs and 24 INTS in that span. Brady has taken back his team, like a storm. The Patriots were a team that many thought would possibly fold up after starting 2-2, and having some issues scoring the ball, and could possibly play second fiddle to the Bills, well guess again. They are fighting tooth and claw, with them not just for the division, but for the AFC best. They are fighting for the division with pride in their blood. Brady has gotten everyone involved in the team, spreading the ball around. With 3 players with 500 or more receiving yards, and 4 guys getting 49 or more targets. He is just playing really clean ball, 22 TDs and only 3 INTs with 64% passing. Yea, Brady is back folks.

1. DeMarco Murray, RB; Dallas Cowboys

How ’bout them Cowboys? The season that Murray is putting together has been beyond phenomenal. The only player in NFL history to have 8 straight 100+ YD rushing games to start the season? Seriously? Leading the NFL with 1133 YDs on the ground, he’s on pace for 2000+ easily. Also picking up 5.0 a carry, which is 6th in the league, and he’s also carried it more times than anyone else in the NFL. He has simply been incredible, no other words. Taking a team that no one really took seriously this year, and making them, now a more than serious contender. He has loaded the Boys on his back and ran off to the the endzone. The Cowboys a serious contender from the NFC, and will be as long as he stays healthy. He has been more than explosive, with 8 20+ YD scampers, as well as the tough 2 and 3 yard runs to keep drives alive, with 55 1st down runs. Murray has hit paydirt with 7 TDs as well, which is 1st for RBs in the NFL, and could end up with 14+ for the season.

Now, I know the reigning MVP, Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, has been marvelous with his usual self, as well as DE JJ Watt, but these 3 guys here are the MVP’s of the season so far, for what they have done as individuals and the value they have brought to their teams.

Written by TonyK of VegasTopDogs.com