2022 NFL Super Bowl Preview

This year’s Super Bowl is a matchup of incredible anticipation. The golden child, which is the Los Angeles Rams based on their huge offseason signings & Hollywood vibes vs the oddball kid but nobody saw coming. The Rams we’re a team destined for greatness this year. Having some top notch WRs and then getting 33 year old Matt Stafford as their field general. The Bengals on the other hand, were coming off of a 4 win season, have a very young team, and haven’t gotten past the NFL wildcard round of the playoffs since 1990. Cincinnati was not a favorite to come out of the AFC with teams like Buffalo and Kansas City standing in their way. 
But here we are. 
This is going to be a good one. We’re going to take a look at some of the key positions, and which team hold the advantage. 

QB; Cincinnati Bengals. 
I think the vast majority of NFL fans I’ve always understood that Matt Stafford was a stud. He was stuck on a dismal Detroit Lions team for 12 long seasons. Then he went to the Los Angeles Rams and had a phenomenal season with 41 TDs, 4886 YDs, including the most TD passes he has thrown since 2011. Then we have Joe Burrow, the 25-year old, number one pick in 2020. Having a season-ending injury last year, after having what was looking like what was going to be a very successful rookie campaign. And then this year, he bounced back with a fantastic year – taking a team that was winning an average of 5 games a year for the previous 5 years, to the Superbowl. Burrow quietly has a better interception rate, passing completion and higher QB rating than Stafford as well – he wins this matchup by a link.

RB; Cincinnati Bengals. 
Neither team is known for any exceptional running back play, both teams turn out roughly a steady 4 yards per carry. 
But the biggest difference is the ability for the running game to find the end zone. Which at the end of the day is going to be a huge advantage for Cincinnati. The Rams only put the ball in the end zone by the ground, 10 times on the whole year. Cincinnati was able to break the plane 16 times. Now granted, the Rams have not had the healthiest of back fields. But that also has to come into play. Give me 1200 yard rusher, Joe Mixon and his 13 TDs on the ground, any day, over what the Rams have in their backfield. 

WR; Cincinnati Bengals. 
This is one of the toughest to review, both teams are very talented at the wide receiver position. The Rams have the 1900+ YD WR in Cooper Kupp, that alone, is very hard to compete with, then on top of that, they also have 9 year veteran, Odell Beckham, who has been revitalized in Los Angeles. But before we give this victory to Los Angeles let’s take a look at Cincinnati. 21 yr old Jamarr Chase has been beyond expectations lighting up the NFL for 1455 YDs & 13 TDs this year. Then we also have 23 year old Tee Higgins who has been excellent in his first 2 years and now has a lethal counterpart in Chase, between the 2 of them alone they have 2500+ yards and 19 touchdowns. The key is the 3rd WR – slot Tyler Boyd, a secret weapon who also has the ability to break off a big play and also runs great routes across the middle of the field. Boyd has had 13 games of 4 or more catches this year you can certainly be a huge X Factor. 

OLINE; Los Angeles Rams
This one is one of the easier ones to reveal. Cincinnati has been notoriously bad with keeping Burrow standing upright. 
Joe sadly has been put to the dirt 51 times this year, an astonishing 8.9% sack percentage. Stafford, on the other hand, has been protected very well.  Having only been sacked 30 times for a measly 4.8% sack percentage. A QB with the opportunity to stand in the pocket and deliver, obviously has a very big advantage. 

DLINE; Cincinnati Bengals. 
Now hear me out before all of the hate comes at me. Yes, of course, I know that Aaron Donald plays for the Rams.  Aaron Donald is an easy walk in Hall of Famer when he retires, and quite honestly, one of the most difficult DTs to handle that I’ve ever seen. But after him on the defensive front the Rams are honestly pretty average. Cincinnati on the other hand, has three guys across that front that can cause a problem. The number one guy Trey Hendrickson at DE has been vicious on QBs this year and then on the other end they have Sam Hubbard who has also been a problem.  And then they have underrated Larry Ogunjobi at DT who also has 49 tackles and 7 sacks on the year. Cincinnati quietly has 36 sacks for their front line – opposed to 22 sacks to the front line of Los Angeles. 

LBs; Los Angeles Rams. 
This is another spot where the Rams truly excel. 
Leonard Floyd has been outstanding this year at the linebacker position with 9.5 sacks and 18 QB hits. Then they added 32 year old future hall-of-famer Von Miller, and he came in and tossed in 5 sacks in 8 games. In the short amount of time Miller has been with Los Angeles he also is 2nd on the team for TFL. 

SECONDARY; Los Angeles Rams. 
The Rams secondary has been tough as nails this year with 19 interceptions. Between Jalen Ramsey and Taylor Rapp they are very hard to beat in the air. Ramsey has 16 pases defended, and also has a forced fumble. Astonishingly, he also is 3rd on the team with 9 tackles for loss. Taylor Rapp is second on the team with 94 tackles and they also have Jordan Fuller at safety with a whopping 113. The Bengals truly don’t have anybody who competes with their secondary. 

So there you have it whether you agree, disagree, or have different views – make up your own mind. One thing but I think we can all agree on, is the game is going to be a lot of fun to watch. There is starpower all over the field, we have the favorite child in the Rams, and we have the unexpected love child in the Bengals. 
Let’s get ready to enjoy the show. 

Are the Bengals the most dangerous offensive team in the playoffs

The NFL playoffs are here and it’s time to see who are going to be the favorites to win it all.  Who are going to let down their fan base, and who forget to show up at the bus. You often hear how defense wins championships and in many cases this is absolutely true, as a defense with a top 10 ranking has been champion in 8 of the last 10.  
But I’ve always been a fan of the offensive scheme.
Personally, I feel a better offense has a slight advantage over a better defense. My reasoning – the offense knows exactly what the play is – the defense has to adjust. On the other hand, a team with the top 10 ranking scoring wise, has been champion 9 out of 10 seasons. So take your pick – what’s your preference? Bottom line – you typically need to be able to play well on both sides of the ball, but the age old saying that “defense wins championships” does not hold true as the sole cog behind a championship team – as scoring the ball is just as important in this day and age.

So what we’re going to examine here is – who has and who could be the most feared offensive team in the playoffs this year.

After their 26-19 win vs the Raiders on 1.15.2022 – the Cincinnati Bengals showed some great stuff when facing a tough Las Vegas team. The Bengals play in the division with Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Baltimore – all teams that are very tough to beat, and they all have a defense that is problematic to deal with. When you know your team is going against a viable and competitive defensive team, and you’re still hanging 27 points a game, that says something.

Cincinnati has seemed to thrive when it comes to needing to put points on the board. Their ability to not shrink when the pressure is on – has been spectacular. With the weapons the Bengals have on offense in JaMarr Chase & Tee Higgins, in particular, how can they not feel comfortable needing to score 30, if they need to?

They have looked even far better than I think most people expected them to look this year. They ended the season averaging 27 /game after scoring just 19 /game last year. Cincinnati also seems to have patience – whereas if things aren’t going smoothly early, they have a running game that’s more than capable of trudging along, until it’s time for Joe Burrow to let it rip. Their running game is only at 23rd for rushing yards – but it’s been proven that Joe Mixon can get yards, with his 1205 rushing YDs and 13 rushing TDs – he’s often actually overlooked because of the explosive weapons on the outside that they have. Having that as yet, another option, is an immense push in their favor.

Tee Higgins has phenomenal hands and makes some ridiculous catches in double teams. JaMarr Chase has such scorching, blazing speed that when he gets the ball he’s a constant threat to take off for a 50-yarder. And Tyler Boyd is such a good WR3 for them as he quietly has put up 67 catches and 828 YDs this season. And this is with a subpar Oline. The Bengals are a very dangerous team especially on big play ability. Their ability to score from 30 or 40 yds out at any given time is incredible. Chase had 22 plays of 20 or more yards this year and Higgins had 17 plays of 20 or more yards this year. They are very difficult to deal with – for even the best DBs. When Burrow has a little bit of time in that pocket and he can find his guys. Get down on your favorite picks now at AmericasBookie.
Look out!