How can you get clients


If you’re a bookie on any level, then you want to know how to get clients. The search is always ongoing, and it can be daunting. The biggest problem; going it alone. Many bookies struggle with getting new clients simply because they are one guy and it’s extremely difficult for one guy to do a job that takes many guys! It’s time to search for an alternative and it’s time to catch up with the ever-changing times. The pay per head sports books can have you online with a custom-built website, in a day or two.


Why does a pay per head matter?


  • The PPH provider gives you a service that can’t be found anywhere else. What they offer is a turnkey operation that includes a fantastic sportsbook with all the bells and whistles, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. You get all three for the great low price of around $7-$10 per head, per week.


  • You say you “can’t afford” to pay the fees. Are you sure? Let’s double-check how this works. The PPH charges you the bookie an average price between $7 and $10 per head, per week. You are charged just one time per week for active players only. Your players can place as many wagers as they choose during the week for the one-time fee. They may place one bet, or they may place 300 bets, you will only be charged the one-time price per head, per week.


  • Let’s suppose that you are being charged $7 per head and you have 100-active players. Those players all play at least one wager per week, so, you are indeed on the hook for all 100 of them. At 7 X 100, this means you will be paying $700 per week per head. This sounds like a big number but listen – Most bookies set a minimum wager amount. Meaning, for every wager placed in your sportsbook, the minimum amount that can be wagered is $10, $15, $20, or whatever amount that you feel comfortable with. This means that you are covering the cost of the PPH fee with one wager. In essence, the service is free.


  • You may be thinking, how can a PPH provider provide a free service? They are getting their money and they don’t care how you earn yours! You are paying the PPH fee and that’s what matters. The good news, they will never treat you as if they don’t care about helping to grow your business.


  • The PPH itself is the drawing card for new clients because you are online. This attracts new players by word of mouth. Sure, you get some of this as a street bookie, but let’s face the facts, not much. The best part about all of this… You are getting a custom-built website with the power of a parent company that’s Google ranked and well-known across the internet. You get free advertising.


  • What the PPH does is push you bookie business with SEO built language, meta tags that draw the right audience, and a blueprint for internet traffic. You couldn’t possibly expect this by building a personal bookie website. Number one, the cost alone is simply not worth it. Building a website will cost you a small fortune.


  • With a PPH you get a readymade website that’s customized for you and your gaming wants. The PPH has thought of it all and they offer the best software for operating a gaming website.


  • You can spend untold thousands of dollars on advertising and attract very few clients. The key is having a great website that appeals to bettors and that appeals to new bettors. Most bookies have no idea how to get this done. Don’t spend a small fortune. Stick with what works and what’s affordable. The PPH is easily the best value for any bookie’s money.


You need clients, you need cross action, and you need casino and racebook players. The best way to find these players is with a fantastic online gaming website. Now you can have that website for $7-$10 per head and recoup the cost through the use of a minimum wager amount in the sportsbook. Call the PPH today and start winning big.

2019-20 College Footballs Dazzling Dozen

In this Piece World Renowned Analyst Rob Vinciletti of VegasTopDogs Previews the Top 12 College Football teams for this Upcoming season and looks at top Power Angle that applies to each squad.

1. Clemson- The National Champs are stacked again this season and Dabo Swinney has Top QB Trevor Lawrence at the helm along with 8 returning starters on offense. They will have a bullseye on their back this year but could be undefeated in their final game at South Carolina where they have failed to cover 5 of the last 6 trips. When all is said and done we may see them in the Championship game once again.

2- Alabama- The Tide return 12 starters from last years team and should be a force once again. They have lost just 4 games over the last 4 years. The pack is narrowing on them and they will have a few tough games this year one of which will be against a 10 win LSU team that is loaded on both sides of the ball. The Tide could make it back to the championship game but this wont be an undefeated team. Alabama has failed to cover their last game 6 straight years.

3. Ohio St- Urban Meyer is gone and so is QB Dwayne Haskins, RB Mike Weber and WR Parris Campbell. However add coach Ryan Day and QB Justin Fields from Georgia and they might be even better on offense. Their defense will be much improved with J.K. Dobbins and DE Chase Young as they have 9 starters back on the stop unit. All of their tougher games come at home. However they must be very careful in their final game at Michigan as they go into a major revenge game.

4.Georgia-The Bulldogs have 13 starters back and ended the season with a sour taste in their mouth blowing a lead vs Alabama and then losing to Texas. They should be back and stronger than ever this year. QB Jake Fromm could make a big run for the Heisman and he will have a huge weapon in RB D’Andre Swift in the backfield. The only question is whether they can get past Alabama. A key spot for them in the season finale at Georgia Tech where they have covered 10 straight.

5.Oklahoma- The Sooners will stand tall once again in the BIG 12 and have a chance to have a prolific offense with Jalen Hurts at the helm. They return 9 starters on defense but they will have to really improve on that side of the ball and cant have another season where they allow 450+ yards per game. We like their chance at home vs Texas Tech where they have covered 3 straight and are 11-0 ats at home before 2+ road games.

6. Michigan. The Wolverines have 13 starters back from a solid 10 win team. They have a tough schedule once again but we know for sure they will be up for their last home game against Ohio St as they have 23 point revenge in that one and were not happy about allowing 62 points to their arch rival.

7. LSU- The Tigers may finally have a potent offense to go with the solid defense. They have Former New Orleans Saints offensive assistant Joe Brady in he fold and he will be in charge of the passing game and be the receivers coach. That should really help QB Joe Burrow. The team overall is Loaded with 8 starters back on both sides of the ball as they won 10 games last year. We will be backing them at home in a big revenge spot vs Florida.

8. Florida- The Gators came out of nowhere last year winning 10 games and bouncing back from a 4-7 year. They will be tough again this year under coach Dan Mullen and they have a red circle game at Kentucky as they have home loss revenge and have covered 5 of 6 there.

9. Texas- The Longhorns only have 8 starters back from last years 10 win team but QB Sam Ehlinger will have some of the best numbers in the country. They will have to overcome inexperience on both the offensive and defensive lines but should still be a force in the big 12. We will be looking at them hard vs Oklahoma as they have Playoff loss revenge.

10. Notre Dame- The Irish bring back 13 starters from last years 12 win team. The only loss coming at the hands of Clemson. If they can get past Georgia and Michigan, both of which are road games they can be right in the mix again. We like their chances at home vs USC where they have covered 3 straight vs the Trojans and 5 of 6 at home vs PAC 12 Schools.

11. Texas A@M- The Aggies did well winning 9 games under Jimbo Fisher. They will be a solid squad this year but they will be tested early with a road game at Clemson and later on with road games at LSU and Georgia as well as a home game with Alabama. They have 11 starter back and will either be real good or could fall off to a .500 team if things dont break their way.

12. Oregon- The Ducks won 9 games last season and will be Washington’s biggest threat in the Pac-12. They need Qb Herbert to stay healthy. They are loaded on both sides of the ball with 17 starters back and could better this rating. We will be looking at them hard when they play with home loss revenge at Stanford.

In closing we hope you enjoyed the Analysis and will be with us for another superb season in college football. Rob is the Only 2 time overall seasonal leader in combined football. Be sure to check his page daily for free selections and analysis in all major sports as he continues to use the most powerful and cutting edge data in the industry. Best of luck and enjoy this upcoming season.

Be sure to check his page daily for free selections and analysis in all major sports as he continues to use the most powerful and cutting edge data in the industry. Best of luck and enjoy this upcoming season. Be sure to visit VegasTopDogs for your college football and NFL winners.

Do You Need Sports Betting Software?

One of the most common questions we receive is whether or not a bookie needs to utilize betting software to run their business. The answer is absolutely. If you expect to compete with other bookies you need to ensure you can offer the same features. Sports bettors are used to technology nowadays and you’ll need betting software to retain your clients.


Benefits of Using Betting Software


  • Automation

Bettors expect to have their bets graded immediately after the result is final. The big PPH betting software providers also have other benefits such as clerks working 24/7 to ensure everything is automated for you, including grading wagers.

Plus, do you know how long it would take you each day to grade all of your clients bets? It takes a long time, especially once you begin to grow. You won’t have the time to focus on grading wagers or setting lines for every betting market. Bettors require the ability to bet on a wide range of sports and markets, which isn’t feasible if the process isn’t automated.

There are numerous other ways automation will help you out as a bookie. Your clients can open accounts instantly and securely. Privacy is important to bettors and most don’t want to have their betting history connected to their mobile phone number or email.


  • Reports

The leading betting software providers all generate automatic reports when requested. If you want to take a financial snapshot of your operation you can instantly with the dozens of reports available to you. You’ll be able to see player balances, credit limits, exposure (overall, by sport or by betting market), weekly/monthly reports and much more.

Trying to keep all of this data up to date using Excel or a similar program would take you hours upon hours every week. If you don’t have betting software to perform these tasks you’ll limit your growth in several ways. First off, maintaining balances, payouts, etc. takes too long for every client. Plus, spending time on these tasks takes marketing time away.


  • Technology

Betting software has come a long way in the last ten years. When you use betting software your clients will be able to wager on sports, but also gamble in an online casino and bet on horses in the racebook. Having more betting options for your players is a great way to increase your revenue per player and to retain your clients who expect these options.


The best betting software will also allow your players to bet 24/7 from anywhere. All of the top PPH shops are mobile accessible meaning your clients can access their accounts on their smartphone from anywhere in the world. Many bettors are busy individuals and won’t always have the time to get on a computer to place their bets.


In conclusion, you definitely need betting software to become a bookie. I’ve listed several of the main reasons why you need software to be a successful bookmaker. Keep in mind, there are numerous other benefits too, which we discuss further on this website. Attaining betting software is no longer expensive either, so you really don’t have a reason not to.

Are you interested in Pay Per Head?


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This 2018-19 NCAA College Football season has been a long one, but a very good one indeed. It was exactly what every fan had hoped for and much more. From a gambling perspective it was even better. This was the year to make a lot of money. The big named programs covered week in and week out, many of the mid-tier programs were better than ever and surprised a lot of people. Overall, it was a great year to bet on college football.


Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Preview and Predictions


The good news, there is still time to win money! The season may be over but there is one last shot to rake it in and big. This championship game on Monday night is going to be one of the best that college fans have ever witnessed. It matters not if you hate Alabama, hate Clemson, hate the ACC or hate the SEC. What matters is making money. Who cares what teams are playing? What matters is who can win this thing and who has the better chance to win the team props. There are some really good ones, so be sure to ask your bookmaker about them and where to find them. Betting the props in this game is a much better way to go this year than betting sides or totals. Call your online bookie and ask.  


Online Sportsbooks Remain the ‘Best Bet’ for US Players


Here we are, the last hurrah, the final chapter that closes the book on the season. The Clemson Tigers come in with a 14-0 record and the Alabama Crimson tide come in with a 14-0 record. We all know that Nick Saban has done everything. This guy is 146-20 since 2007 as head coach of the Tide and has count them—Five national titles and this would be number six at Alabama, since taking over in 07.


Offshore Sportsbooks vs. Sports Betting in the US


Clemson is the only team to have beaten Alabama in a title game since Saban took over. Dabo Swinney is the second best coach in all of college football and his record proves it. He will have his team ready to play ball and this game will go to the last minute, right down to the wire and will be ever so close.


Props to look for:


  1. Alternative point spreads— this is a fun way to play a football game and especially fun if you have a particular rooting interest. It can certainly be a way to make some nice cash but also a way to further your chances of actually winning something. An alternative line shaves point off the favorite and adds points to the underdog. In a game like this one, an alternative spread can turn out extremely valuable. As you take or give points the price goes up, but you are certainly giving yourself a much better shot at winning the game. What would you rather play, Clemson + 5.5 or Clemson + .5? Maybe you like Alabama at -5.5, what would you rather play, -5.5 or -.5? On down the line Alternative spreads go. We have given you an example but again, check with your favorite online bookie.


  1. Winning Margin— another fun prop, that lets you bet the amount you think one team can win by, over another.


  1. Race to points— which team hits a certain number first? A big money maker if you play your cards right.


  1. Team to score first, total touchdowns by one team or the other team, first score method how many field goals, highest scoring quarter, total sacks, game to go overtime…. And many more.


Have fun with this game and bet the props. Dial up your bookie and find what props you like and know that this is the way in this game. Who knows who wins this thing… it’s going to be close. Betting the props is the best way to approach this years NCAA National CFB Championship Game.


College Football Bowl Action

The College Football Bowl games kickoff on Saturday with 5 Bowl matchups and our Expert Handicappers are ready

to roll at VegasTopDogs.

We have a lot of handicappers who sell picks on our site. Sometimes it can be tough to filter through everyone and make a decision on which expert has the best chance to make you money.  With the College Football Bowl games starting this Saturday we will break down some of the top experts from the College Football Season.  Other handicappers, well they specialize in types of bets. Some may be good at everything, others are better at totals than point spreads or vice versa.

Consider this article your private cheat sheet to higher profits this year and view all rankings in all sports here: VegasTopDogs Money Leaders

With the regular-season in the books, it’s time to focus our attention to the top handicappers to follow for bowl season.




If you are looking for one of our top bowl experts, A.J. Penny and his 58-33 college football record this season would be at the top of the list for most.  Hitting (64%) this year he is primed and ready on all bowl picks, which has netted his $100 players over $27,000 in profits. Don’t miss out on any bowl picks for 2018-19. Get signed up for a premium long-term subscription today for just $350.


Tony K:

No surprise to see TonyK and 3G-Sports as one of the top cappers to follow during bowl season. Tony is one of our top long-term earners on the college gridiron going 55-33 in college football this year and bring in over 14K for his $100 players. Be sure to grab his College Football Bowl Bonanza package now as he historically does extrmemly well during this time of the year.  Now is the perfect time to find a subscription that works best for you. Click here to view his packages!


Doug Upstone:

Doug Upstone has been at or near the top of the NCAAF leaderboard for most of the 2018 season. He is currently ranked No. 3, posting a 60% win rate during the regular season. There’s a good chance he will stay hot, as Doug has hit 61% (88-56) of all his bowl plays going back to 2014. If you are struggling to pick winners on your own, I encourage you to give Doug Upstone a try!


Ray Monohan

Here’s another guy that consistently shows to have an edge over the books in the College Football. He’s  delivered $93,000 in profits for his dime players this week.  A big chunk of those profits have come after the first month of the season. Ray has been hot across all leagues the past 30 days.  Find out what premium packages Ray has to offer and start winning more of your bets. Check out his premium plays here!


Boise State Broncos vs. Oregon Ducks – Las Vegas Bowl

Las Vegas Bowl

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Boise State Broncos vs. Oregon Ducks

This is a great game and you can expect more defense than Vegas probably wants you to think there will be. The Broncos can put the screw to teams and although they will have their hand full with a reasonably potent Oregon offense, remember this; this is not the same old Oregon Ducks. They are better than in the recent couple of years but not great. The Chip Kelly days are long gone as well as the high flying quarterback such as Marcus Mariota. There are a tons of great games this year and some, bring great sports betting value. Find out which ones are great, and find out which ones are not so great. Enjoy the bowl season and good luck.


The Broncos are a funny team. They can pour it on when they feel the need and urgency and they can also lay up a stinker at will. When they stink up the joint, they tend to do it in grand fashion. The Broncos are not the Broncos of a decade ago. Ten years ago and even further back they were an up and coming power house. Chris Petersen was in town and it was high scoring, good times. They were kicking everybody’s tail and taking the college football world by storm. That Broncos team and program in general, have left the building. The Broncos struggled against Fresno State but the defense kept them in it. If the Broncos win this game it will be on the strength of the defense.


The Ducks are not even close to the once grand powerhouse that they used to be. This program has fallen from grace and done it very quickly. The Oregon Ducks football program was a national frontrunner, a team that could be counted on to go the distance and always be a national championship contender. As much as Boise State is rebuilding, the Ducks are rebuilding even more. This team is trying to find itself in every way. The offense is tremendous when they find it and the defense is good when they use it! This game will be a competitive matchup and a back and forth duel. Look for the defense on both sides to be somewhat better than Vegas thinks it will be. Tis one could easily go under the total and should go to the wire. Have fun with this one and be sure to check out the latest prop odds. There are some good ones in this game.

This affair is always fun simply because of the Las Vegas presence. It’s even more fun to be there in person and have a little action on the side. There is nothing quite like betting on a game and seeing the game live, in person. The best thing, is cashing that ticket after the game. If you can’t be there in person, not all is lost. You can still dial up the online sports bookie service and win some cash. Have fun with this one and good luck.


How Yards Per Point can be utilized in College Football

How Yards Per Point can be utilized to identify Wagering Opportunities

The Yards Per Point (YPP) metric is a valuable tool for sports handicappers and professional bettors. The offensive version of YPP (OYYP) reveals how efficient a team is scoring points. The lower the number the better as it takes fewer yards to score points. Conversely, the defensive measure of YPP (DYPP) reveals how stingy or soft any defensive unit is when facing any type of offense. The more points per point, the stronger the defense. Of course, then we can use the offensive and defensive differential to reveal team rankings and good solid drill-down to team valuation.

As the first chart displayed next reveals, Ohio university has the most efficient offense in the nation scoring one point for every 11.2 yards they have gained. Of course, they are not the best offensive team overall, and I would add a strength of schedule and conference weighting if two teams are playing from disparate conference types.

So if two teams are from the same conference, then there is a presumed equality of SOS implied. Let’s now take a quick look at Penn State versus Ohio State, which is essentially the BIG Ten matchup of the year. Penn State ranks 5th posting an 11.6 OYYP ratio while OSU ranks 12th in DYYP allowing one point for every 19.8 yards allowed. On the other side of the ball, we see that PSU ranks best in DYYP allowing one point for every 29.6 yards allowed and OSU ranks 18th scoring one point for every 12.2 yards gained.

Taking a look at the more important YPP differential we see PSU ranked best with a 18.0 YPP differential and OSU ranked 10th best with a 8.0 YPP differential. The difference in ranking is marginal, but the difference in YPP performance is monumental between these two BIG TEN foes.

Ohio State has been coming on since their horrid loss at home to Oklahoma earlier this season. Over their last three games, they have posted a 15.3 differential reflecting much improved performances on both sides of the ball. Penn State has performed at superior levels for the entire season and are actually getting better on defense. These observations are not being mentioned in the media and by itself offers you a betting advantage for this matchup.

YPP Differential
Rank Team 2017 Last 3 Last 1 Home Away 2016
1 Penn State 18 15.4 8.6 25.2 2.2 2.9
2 Alabama 12.8 5.5 2 12.8 12.6 7.7
3 Washington 11 8 -10.9 8.4 11.9 6.4
4 Notre Dame 10.5 12.8 13.9 9.4 12.1 0.1
5 Marshall 8.8 29.5 17.6 18.8 4.1 -2
6 VA Tech 8.6 6 18.1 5.7 10.5 2.3
7 Central FL 8.5 6.8 4.4 10.2 6.8 2.1
8 Georgia 8.2 4.8 -2 8.6 7.7 -1.8
9 Clemson 7.8 6 3.1 12.7 6.3 3.7
10 Ohio State 7.6 13.3 16.8 2.2 18.2 7.8
11 Iowa 7.4 6.6 -11.3 17.1 -1.3 5.7
12 Wisconsin 7.3 7.2 9 5.5 12.6 5.9
13 TX Christian 7 12.1 — 5 9.8 0.2
14 Stanford 7 8.5 33.9 9.2 5 4.2
15 Auburn 6.9 3.1 4.6 9.5 5.6 6
16 S Carolina 5.9 5.8 6.6 2.2 9 -1.4
17 Iowa State 5.7 11.5 12.9 3.7 8 -0.8
18 Arkansas St 5.1 16.6 77.8 24.9 0.7 3.8
19 S Florida 4.9 6.2 0 9.5 3.1 3.2
20 Miami (FL) 4.6 0.2 3.2 0.5 15.5 4.8
21 Minnesota 4 -0.2 2.5 4.3 3.4 3.6
22 Kansas St 3.4 0.8 3 5 -1.3 4.8
23 Purdue 3.3 -0.1 -24 3.6 2.9 -5.3
24 Fla Atlantic 3.1 5.4 1.9 2.6 3.7 -2.9
25 Wyoming 3 7 -3 6.7 -3.4 1.1

So, based on this brief look at this huge showdown, there is a distinct advantage to Penn State, yet the media and the public are focusing on the facts that OSU is playing at home and has played so much better since the loss to Oklahoma. In my humble opinion, neither of those reasons is valid to make OSU a 7 point home favorite against a team that destroyed a very good Michigan team that does have a strong defensive unit.

Written by John Ryan of VegasTopDogs.

Top 3 College Football Spotlight Teams in 2017-18

My College Football Spotlight teams are squads that will improve by at least 3 games from the previous year. This often results in a lot of upset wins (covers). I would expect more of the same this coming season. Take a long look when any of the following teams are installed as underdogs this season.

Jeff’s Top 3 College Football Spotlight Teams in 2017-18

1) Texas Longhorns (2016 SU record: 5-7)

The Longhorns have six 4-star recruits and a very favorable schedule, which includes Maryland and San Jose State in back-to-back opening home games. I believe HC Tom Herman is a perfect fit, and this team should be energized with the new regime. Tom went 22-4 at Houston U and inherits a plethora of talent that Charlie Strong left behind. Toneil Carter Jr. is a stud in backfield with that unique combination of size, strength, and speed. He had offers from all of the top programs (Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame, ETC) but chose Texas. Shane Buechele took all the reps in Spring practice and his pinpoint accuracy should produce wins in what looks to be a high-powered offense. Gary Johnson will be a difference maker at inside linebacker. He will playing in the NFL for sure when is collegiate career is finished. A whopping 24 schools were begging for Johnson’s services and after watching him on tape I can see why. He’s going to be a special player for Texas! Herman takes over a roster returning 37 of the 44 in the two-deep from last season, stocked with back-to-back top 10 recruiting classes. I project the Longhorns with 10 wins in 2017-18, returning to a BOWL game.

2) Michigan State Spartans (2016 SU record: 3-9)

The Spartans started 2-0 last year and than managed to drop nine of their remaining 10 games. Ouch! That’s a big teaching lesson and this team should learn from it. This will really depend on if red shirt freshman Messiah de Weaver is the real deal at the QB position. He ran a pro style offense in high school and has all the skills to be a successful College Football quarterback. I think Weaver wins the job sooner rather than later. Last season, MSU had a net yardage differential of plus +30.2 and lost some close games while making silly mistakes. The schedule is favorable for a bounce back season. They open the year with four straight home games (BG, WM, ND, Iowa) sandwiched between a BYE week. The Spartans play @ Michigan on October 7th. That’s a tough one to win even with the Spartans adding four of Scouts Top 300 recruits. They will also host Indiana and Maryland later in the season which seems like winnable games. LJ Scott and Gerald Holmes are a great 1-2 punch in the backfield. The defense should be even better just for the simple fact of an easier schedule. I have Michigan State projected for 7 wins and returning to a BOWL game in what should be a happier time at Spartan Stadium.

3) Miami Hurricanes (2016 SU record: (9-4)

Miami ended last season winning five straight games including an upset victory against West Virginia (31-14) in the Russell Athletic Bowl. In 2001, Mark Richt went 8-4 overall and 5-3 in the conference. The very next year Georgia went 13-1 overall, 7-1 in the conference, and a Sugar Bowl victory. The former Bulldog knows how to coach and this team should benefit from another year in the system. Now, I realize that the Hurricanes must replace QB Brad Kaaya and his 3,532 passing yards with 27 touchdowns. Not to mention his 150.3 QB rating. Miami boasts one of the ACC’s top running backs in Mark Walton and a stop unit slated to rank among the best in the conference. The Hurricanes have a favorable schedule and most of the ACC Coastal is rebuilding. N’Kosi Perry is a four-star recruit with elite quarterback talent. I think he takes the job from redshirt junior Malik Rosier. Perry is extremely talented, but also very raw. He has loads of upside not just as a dual-threat QB, but also as a passer that can beat you from the pocket. The coaching staff is very high one him and has been compared to Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson. If Perry flops, the defense, coaching, and schedule will propel Miami U to at least 8 or 9 wins. If Perry flourishes and I think he will, look for the Hurricanes to reach 12 victories. A post New Year’s eve BOWL game seems likely if everything falls into place.

Good Luck, Jeff Hochman of VegasTopDogs.

Early College Football Lines for Week 1

Compliments of South Point Casino/Sportsbook in Las Vegas.
Last year’s schedule in Week 1 was one of the best ever,  said Mike Anthony, VegasTopDogs expert handicapper and former oddsmaker. The fact that these games are going up at the end of May will really jump-start the wagering handle now and throughout the summer months. These games will see a lot of action getting posted so early.
The South Point’s opening lines (home team in CAPS):
Saturday, Aug. 26
COLORADO STATE  -2  Oregon State
South Florida  -25  SAN JOSE STATE
Stanford  -38  Rice @Sydney, Australia

Thursday, Aug. 31
Ohio State  -21  INDIANA
MINNESOTA  -31  Buffalo
MEMPHIS  -23  Louisiana-Monroe
ARIZONA STATE -26  New Mexico State

Friday, Sept. 1
EASTERN MICHIGAN  -12.5  Charlotte
Washington  -33  RUTGERS
WISCONSIN  -37  Utah State
NORTHERN ILLINOIS  -2  Boston College
Colorado  Off  Colorado State @Denver

Saturday, Sept. 2
MICHIGAN STATE  -18  Bowling Green
IOWA  -11.5  Wyoming
Miami (Ohio)  -8.5  MARSHALL
CLEMSON  -40  Kent State
Massachusetts  Off  COASTAL CAROLINA
PENN STATE  -39  Akron
Louisville  -27  Purdue @Indianapolis
NEBRASKA  -19  Arkansas State
CENTRAL FLORIDA  -21  Florida International
ILLINOIS  -11  Ball State
OKLAHOMA  -48  Texas-El Paso
NORTH CAROLINA  -14  California
MISSISSIPPI  -22.5  South Alabama
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA  -19  Western Michigan
Louisiana State  -8  Brigham Young @Houston
TEXAS  -23  Maryland
NOTRE DAME  -11  Temple
AUBURN  -36  Georgia Southern
GEORGIA  -11  Appalachian State
North Carolina State  -8  South Carolina @Charlotte
Michigan  -3  Florida @Arlington, Texas
Vanderbilt  -10.5  MIDDLE TENNESSEE
Alabama  -4  Florida State @Atlanta

Sunday, Sept. 3
Virginia Tech  -5  West Virginia @Landover, Md.
UCLA  -4  Texas A&M

Monday, Sept. 4
Tennessee  -3  Georgia Tech @Atlanta

Check out VegasTopDogs for more sports betting info, predictions and articles.

Double Digit College Football Bowl Mastery


The college bowl season is underway with a multitude of games for the gridiron faithful and sports investors as well. After a week off we are back with our College Football System of the Week which takes a look at a special situation involving bowl favorites.

With so many college bowl games and so many different types of teams facing one another you might expect us to have a complex college system for this week’s bowl action. Well we are presenting a college bowl system that is far from complex it is very simple in terms of what it requires to be active. Do not let its simplicity fool you it has been deadly to the bookmakers posting a 100 percent perfect record against the spread since 1981.

When researching systems most of us have a few parameters that we would consider baseline parameters such as favorites, underdogs, home games, away games, etc. So we began this week’s work wondering how double-digit favorites performed in bowl games.

The sports investment marketplace is a lot like the Stock Market in that it is cyclical in nature with underdogs the play for a period of time and then there is a correction in the market and favorites become the play for cashing tickets at the window. One fact that makes our system so powerful it has not been affected by the corrections in the sports market over the last thirty-six years. When it qualifies a play it wins both straight up and against the spread.

All we asked of our double-digit bowl favorite was for them to be coming off a straight up win in their last game while their opponent ended their regular season by suffering a straight up loss. The final parameter for our system asks that our opponent not be on extended rest of forty-four days or more prior to their bowl game. That is the system of the week with just a few simple parameters making up our perfect situation.

The NCAA Football System of the Week tells us to Play ON a Bowl favorite of ten or more points coming off a straight up win versus an opponent with less than forty-four days rest coming off a regular season straight up loss. The system has a record of 9-0 SU winning by an average of 25.11 points per game and 9-0 ATS covering the spread by an average of 12.33 points per game since 1981.

We were surprised by the number of games that are active in our system this bowl season. Since 1981 there have been just nine qualifying contests until this year where we currently have four active bowl games in our perfect system. We could see that number change moving forward because one of the system parameters is based on the actual line on the game (double-digit favorite).

For us the first qualified game is the one that we are using as our NCAA Football System Play of the Week. We head south to the Miami Beach Bowl at Marlins Park where the Central Michigan Chippewas will take on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane on Monday night. Tulsa ended their season by defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats 40 to 37. The Central Michigan Chippewas were not as fortunate they lost on the road at Eastern Michigan as a 1-point road favorite 26 to 21 to give them a .500 record of 6-6 SU on the season. The oddsmakers have installed the Tulsa Golden Hurricane as 12.5-point favorites in this game.

With all the system parameters met we will step to the window and make our play on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane minus the points in the Miami Beach Bowl on Monday night. Remember there are three more qualified games in our system and they may also deserve a look for a possible play in their respective bowl matchups. Have a great College Bowl Season and as always good luck.

Written by Cajun Sports of VegasTopDogs.