Can the Lakers make it to the NBA Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers started this season off on very shaky ground at just 13-20 after 33 games. They couldn’t defend, they couldn’t hit jump shots, they were terrible at defending the arc, they were just a full-on disaster on the basketball court. The vast majority of media, fans, and analysts all were starting to think that the LA Lakers season was possibly over by the 2nd month.

Russell Westbrook was not gelling with this team – then he got traded to the Los Angeles Clippers and seemed to have found his rhythm over there, putting up 16ppg, 5rpg and 8apg in 21 games for the Clips, and more importantly, went from shooting 42% from the Lakers up to 49% for the Clips. 

And in the same vein – the Lakers started getting themselves back together after 2.24.2023.  Winning 63% of their games since then. They picked up Rui Hachimura, which gave them some good rebounding and range at the PF position, hard nosed shooter, Jarred Vanderbilt, and the very talented PG D’Angelo Russell, and the team started getting a really good chemistry on the court.
They have been scoring 121 per game over the 9 games they have played in the playoffs this year so far. Their defense has also greatly improved by giving up 12ppg less from what they were giving up during the regular season. They have won games by 30 and 40 points, they are not just squeaking by, they’re mauling teams and oddsmakers in Vegas see that.

38-year-old LeBron James has been playing really well with numbers like 

22ppg, 10rpg and 

5apg – it’s hard to ignore the fact that what he’s doing is beyond normal. And far beyond what could be expected of anyone playing the game at his age. Even though his scoring is down more than typical for him – the 20-year veteran has taken this team again on his 6’8 shoulders and is bringing them that much closer to another championship. 

Whether you like LeBron or don’t like the Lakers, this team has shown that they can play and compete with the best of them so far in these playoffs. The Lakers could be a big surprise at the end of this year. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit, to see them find their way into the NBA finals.

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