Why Luka is going to win MVP this season

The MVP award is always an interesting yet controversial award during the NBA season. Heated debates and conversations will be had and everyone is going to state their case why their pick should win or has won. To some people, it’s all about numbers, to other people it’s about where the team is. This year we have a handful of guys who have been playing absolutely fantastic basketball this season, and any one of them truly could win it. We have players like the constantly improving Jayson Tatum, former 2x MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and last 2 years MVP winner, Nikola Jokic the current Vegas favorite this year so far, all of whom are having outstanding years. 

The last 5 winners of the MVP have come from a team that had around a 70% or better win percentage as a team. So definitely how good your team is, has shown to be a factor in deciding MVP.  But, you just shouldn’t be a 35 point scorer or a 15 rebound guy and be on a team that’s garbage. As an MVP, yes, you have to be a phenomenal player, but you also have to be a leader on the team and lead that group of guys as well as you can, to make other players better. You have to be the cog that makes that team good.
And there’s no other player in the league that does that better right now than Luka Doncic. 
Luka has led the Mavs to the 5th best record in the West with a bunch of second rounders and undrafted players.  Without the 6-7 PG on this team, they’re lucky to win 20 games for the season. 

Luka Doncic is playing out of his mind.
There are a lot of great players in the mix, but none are doing what he is doing this year.  Not to mention the fact that he’s got 9 games of 40pts or more so far. When he destroyed the Knicks for 60 points 21 rebounds and 10 assists, that truly is, and was, one of the greatest games in NBA history. Yes, he can be a ball dominant player, and he’s not one to give up the ball and move around without it. But the bottom line is, even as a player who has the ball in his hands what seems like 80% of the time every possession, he continually keeps everybody involved. And when you’re one of the other guys, and you know that he’s going to be ball dominant, all you have to do is move around, and his vision will get the ball to the right person as his 8.8 apg verifies. 

Without him, this team will be looking at a lottery pick and probably in the top 4 or 5 picks, he’s got that kind of impact for this team. There’s just nobody better than Luka right now in the NBA as far as being the best player on the team and the best player overall. Not to say that Tatum or Jokic aren’t excellent players and they certainly deserve to be in the conversation. But what Luka Doncic is doing this year is definitely worth being the MVP.
He is the player that adds the most value to the team and improves their odds for a deep playoff run.

I think this year’s MVP is Luka’s to lose. 
I’m not saying Dinwiddie or Christian Wood are scrubs, but when your next best players are those guys and you’re only a handful of games out of 1st in the west, you’re really carrying a team.

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