Who will be the Top NFL QB over the next 5 years

The NFL is filled with a whole load of great talent, and a bunch of really good young playing right now. We know the QB position is the ultimate position to have in the game today, especially with the style that the game is played right now. We will take a look at some of the best QBs playing right now, who are young and look to have the best future of the QBs today.

Joe Burrow; 
Watching Joe Burrow play behind that horrific offensive line and still having the success that he did is really something special. Out of all the quarterbacks that threw 30 TD passes or more, no other quarterback has been sacked more than Joe Burrow, who was sacked 117 times already, which comes to 39 sacks / season for the 26 year old QB. This is a guy who was constantly in jeopardy of being drilled in the backfield on virtually every pass play, yet still puts up 282 YPG and 68% passing completion /year. And on top of that, Joe doesn’t nearly have the feet that Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes have, he’s not stuck in cement, but teams aren’t concerned he’s going to bolt off for a 50-yard run when things go awry. It looks as if the game is already slowing down for him as he improved greatly from his first year where he still looked pretty solid where he is now already. 

Josh Allen; 
The 6-5 quarterback from Buffalo is one of the more exciting players in the NFL today. Not only does he have the build, he’s also very likable, and he has an incredible skill set. He’s a risk-taker, so he’s not afraid to sling the ball downfield; he isn’t afraid to take big chances. And his ability to be able to run when things fall apart has been obvious with his 36 rushing touchdowns since 2018, this guy knows how to move the chains, as he has picked up 5.7 /carry over his career. When he was a rookie he overthrew his guys too much, and he went down field too often as well, but he has greatly improved in both aspects of his game. This is a guy with awesome pure skill and an amazing future ahead of him.

Patrick Mahomes.
So I feel that Patrick Mahomes it’s kind of behind the eight-ball here, the reason being, because he’s the oldest of the QBs we’re discussing as he is sitting at 27 years old, he has 5 years playing behind him already. We know what he’s done over the last 5 years he hasn’t changed much, you know what you’re getting. You’re getting a quarterback with great accuracy, a huge arm, and the ability to make some insane throws that many other quarterbacks would dream of throwing. I just don’t think that in another 5 years he’s going to change much more than what we already have on the field. We know who Patrick Mahomes is. 
In 5 years Mahomes will be 32 years old. He’s going to be pretty awesome, still. 

Justin Herbert; 
Another stud quarterback who is only 24 years old, has shown signs of becoming a monster for the NFL to deal with for many many years. Already with 12,689 yards passing and 89 TD passes in just 3 years, Herbert has shown a great improvement in decision-making, as his pass completion percentage has always been good, hitting the 66% mark over the last 3 seasons. 
He doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions for the amount of passes that he throws, as he is only thrown interceptions 1.8% of the time and considered one of the VegasTopDogs

Granted, there are a lot of young quarterbacks who are very good. Dak is good, Kyler Murray can also play very well, but I just don’t know if they are going to be at these guys’ levels in another 5 years. These are the 3 that I think have the biggest chance to be the best in 5 years. Any one of these guys you can’t go wrong with, they all have exceptional quarterback ability and very bright futures in the NFL.

Who do you think will be the king of the mountain in 5 years?

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