How concerned should the Chicago White Sox be?

Regardless of what team you’re on, or what team you’re rooting for, every team in Major League Baseball goes through a rough patch. Whether you want to call it a losing streak, skid, it’s all the same. The team is struggling and they’re losing spots in their division and some fans are losing confidence. There’s a lot of different factors that go into a team when it’s going through a rough patch. Maybe they played some hot teams with some really heavy bats, maybe they dealt with some pitchers who were really into their groove, maybe it was just some upsets, there’s a lot of moving parts and why a team can be struggling.

Coming into the season after winning 93 games last year Chicago was easily the favorite to win the AL Central division again, at this point though, it looks as if they’re doing everything they can to lose the division. The White Sox didn’t expect to be behind in their divisional race this year. But, they are, and it’s time for them to play like defending division champions.

They’ve given up some games they should’ve won. Their ability to score runs has been less than acceptable this year, last year, they ended the season in 7th in runs scored – this year they are bumbling along in 27th place. Yasmani Grandal has been incredibly off this season so far, but we’re still only 56 games into the year. We’re talking about a guy that is usually going to bat around .245 – so his average right now of .175 is well below his usual. I have a hard time believing that his average is not going to end up far higher than where it is now.

We all know the Chicago offense and how good it can be. With Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson in their lineup they are always dangerous, the team is loaded with stars that can hit at a top level. But with the team leaders at just 7 home runs on the season, they don’t have any bat that shakes the cleats of any pitcher.

They do have some decent pitching on the team putting them at 6th in the majors for K’s. But, still their pitching has not been quite as reliable as it was last year, where they ended up at 5th in ERA. This year they have a 4.03 ERA, putting them 19th. But I still think that Dylan Cease has another level, and I think that Lucas Giolito brings a really good pitcher to this team as well. So I definitely think that once those  guys get themselves readjusted, both of them can win games for Chicago.

They do have some upcoming games against the Texas Rangers and the Tigers, in their division whom they should roll, and then they also have some games vs Baltimore, all series they should gain ground. But they also have an upcoming tough gauntlet coming up, vs the Houston Astros, and vs the Blue Jays. There’s going to be a lot learned in that stretch. One thing for sure, the Chi-Sox need to play better than they have been, to regain the  ground they lost so far this year.

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