Why Nikola Jokic is the NBA MVP this year

There’s a lot of speculation at this point of the NBA season as to who is going to be the most valuable player for 2022.
We have Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has been spectacular for the Bucks with his 30ppg, 12rpg, and 6apg. And then we have the big man Joel Embiid who has been a truly dominant Force for the Philadelphia 76ers with his 30ppg, 12rpg, and 4apg. We obviously can’t forget about the defending MVP in Nikola Jokic, and what he has done with the Denver Nuggets this year, his numbers are actually better than they were last year when he won the MVP at 26ppg, 11rpg and 8apg. This year he had wrecked teams for 27ppg, 14rpg, along with 8apg. And then we have the underdog in Ja Morant, the 22 year-old, who has brought his game to another level this year, as well as bringing his team, the Memphis Grizzlies, to another level as well.

While it’s no easy task to choose who you think should win, and quite honestly you can make a case for any one of these guys to win it and I don’t think that anybody would complain. The fact that Jokic has completely shouldered this team even throughout issues with losing fellow 20 point scorer, Jamal Murray, this year speaks volumes. Jokic is a better rebounder than Embiid, and although “The Greek Freak” has good vision, he is still a better passer than Antetokounmpo. Nikola Jokic has been the best player in the NBA, plain and simple. He brings a slick old school style to the game that is a genuine treat to watch on the court, he is big at 7-0, but still has exceptional vision to make  pinpoint dimes. He is a player that makes me shake my head with at least one play every game.

Jokic has pushed his team as one of the best teams to come out of the West this year, as of this article, they are 46-32 and fighting still for the 4th slot, behind the Mavs and the Utah Jazz. He has shown not only the ability to score buckets, grab rebounds, and shoot incredibly well, but knowing how to lead his team and make the big plays when this team needed it when they struggled.

The Joker has clearly been the best player in the league this year, his numbers have been outstanding, and he’s done it completely on his shoulders, and still has his team in 6th place in the West. Losing a 20-point scorer like Jamal Murray and then just picking it up, and still pushing your team the way he has, is an incredible feat for anyone to do. Especially as every team they play knows the offense is going directly through him.

Although there are many players who definitely deserve to be in consideration for the most valuable player of their team this year, Jokic is the MVP and the one who deserves it.

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