What impact will Klay Thompson have returning to Golden State

The anticipated return of Klay Thompson this year for Golden State Warriors is exceptionally exciting. Thompson had an incredible career up to the point until he suffered devastating injuries that took him out for 2 years. Klay was a steady 20 point scorer and was dropping 3 threes per game, along with very good defense, and a smooth silky shot that every defender was afraid of. Thompson was the kind of player that you knew was going to get his team 20pts and big shots every game in his sleep.

Golden State gaining Thompson alongside one of the most lethal shooters in NBA history, Steph Curry, again is only going to improve this team. This same team that has been  demolishing opponents all season long without him, adding a player of his skill back is only going to help an already awesome roster.  They’ve been putting up 110 ppg this season, with excellent defense, and top 3 ranked shooting from downtown. The Warriors are already one of the top favorites to win the championship this year – if Klay comes in and just is able to knock down a couple shots here and there until he gets the stamina and full confidence built back up they’ll be fine.

I don’t expect Thompson to waltz back in just dominate and start picking up right where he left off. But the inspiration & threat that he will immediately bring to this team is huge. His return will immediately add one more dimension to their already powerful offense. This Warriors team is already well aware of the awesome damage that Steph and Klay can apply on the court together.

People still have to remember he hasn’t played NBA basketball in 2 seasons. So he isn’t going to explode quickly, it’s going to take some time. I don’t expect him to come in and immediately get 35 minutes a night, but I do expect him to keep efficiency because that’s what great players do. Thompson is going to come into this team and do what he does best – and that’s knock down buckets. I cannot imagine him just fading away into nothingness even after his devastating injuries.

I don’t see him being the same guy that he was – but the Golden State Warriors has numerous players who can all chip in with important points in the game. I don’t think that they actually need Klay to be the 2nd weapon on a nightly basis anymore, what he does give them is that one more threat – where a defender knows that with his shooting ability – he has the ability to drop 25 at any moment. I’m very excited to see Klay back on the court. As a fan of comeback stories and great shooting – it’ll be very nice to see that back. I’m personally rooting for him to do what he does best – shoot the ball at a very high level.

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