The ATL Falcons need a new QB 

The Falcons have been a real tricky team to understand this year – which has been frustrating for their fans to say the least. Playing poorly during the first few drives of a game is almost tolerable – but when it starts to become a habit, that is where it can become a troubling concern for a team. Atlanta has been flat in almost every game, starting slow in almost every game –  as well as looking unprepared.

People have to stop making excuses for former MVP Matt Ryan, he has been a pro-bowler and has been a top notch QB many times in his 14 seasons, but his play against the better defenses this season hasn’t been very good where he has has gone 0-4 leading the Falcons to putting up just 8.25ppg and 216.75 YD /game, with 2 TDs and 7 picks. Ryan has also had problems struggling to beat teams on their home turf, with a 1-5 record, which is where he and the team should be thriving. So – if we break it down – it has been a train wreck for the Atlanta Falcons.

He doesn’t have the fastest feet, so when the front breaks down and gets through – he often eats the sack, as he has been put down 26 times so far. If he does have some time – he has been able to play adequately – but it clearly looks as if his lack of a superior Oline and subpar WRs are hindering him. The 6-4 QB has had a problem waiting for an open receiver to get open, but when his Oline breaks away the way it does, that is going to be a challenge.

It could be beneficial for them to have a more mobile QB who could possibly make a play with his feet when things break down. Would Atlanta be any worse off with a more mobile QB than where they are now?
Probably not.
The Falcons might need a QB that can handle the heat, when the front starts collapsing, a guy who can scramble and maybe make some plays. Atlanta doesn’t have the fortunes of having greatly talented WRs, or a top 5 Oline – which is why a mobile and better footed QB might work better for Atlanta. Having a mobile QB would be more preferable, for when things break down on the Oline –  and when Atlanta is getting too much pressure, having a more mobile QB who might be able to pick up 7-8 yards when things fall apart, and see what happens. A guy like that – could then be able to keep the defenses they face a little more unbalanced. They know Ryan isn’t a threat to move, let alone run for 10 yards. Tom Brady isn’t mobile, or have fast feet – but he also plays behind an Oline that is very strong and has great WRs for him to fire the ball to.

The Falcons Oline needs some work  – which is why having a mobile QB would probably be a benefit for them especially when their pocket passer is getting smacked around like he has. Atlanta knows the type of QB Matt Ryan is – yet they have not given him WRs that could help him, his receiving corps isn’t the group he needs around him, as he is now 36 years old and with 14 years of experience behind him. Between letting Julio go and the ongoing issues with Calvin Ridley, who they believed was going to be “their guy”  – they haven’t been able to recover with any real threats at the WR position.  Russell Gage has been inconsistent with 3 games of 6 catches of more, and 3 games with 30 or less yards, he either looks like a decent WR2 option or he is nonexistent, as his best receiver has been his TE Kyle Pitts this year with 709 YDs and 14.5 YPC.

Atlanta has underperformed this season, only scoring 18 /game. and the lack of Oline play for an aging QB has caused a ton of problems. Their 36 year old field general hasn’t had a ton of time to throw the ball – along with the team seemingly having no intention to fix this issue for their QB. Those kinds of problems can be the kiss of death for a team. Look for ATL to upgrade at QB with a top pick in the next draft.
Regardless of who the QB is.

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