Put up or shut up time for NYG QB Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones showed signs that he has improved quarterbacking skills with 9 games of 2 TDs or more, including 5 TD passes vs division rival Washington back on 12/22/2019 in a 41-35 win. Along with throwing for 300 more passing yards on 5 occasions in his 27 games played. But, in games where Jones had an average on the ground or 7+ /carry, the Giants were a much better team winning 75% of their games. Meaning, his ability to run from the pocket has shown to be more valuable to the team than his actual ability to throw the ball thus far.

Jones has also struggled pretty badly in crunch time – as he has not been good in the 4th quarter or in close games.
He has shown a problem with playing even worse when the game is close – or the Giants need a drive, as his QBR rating in the 4th quarter plummeted to 73.4. And having thrown just 3 TD passes to 2 picks, and completing just 51% in close games, where there is less than 4 minutes and trailing in the score, he cannot be relied upon to move the ball or score the ball when they need points. A team’s QB is supposed to be the central cog of the team, the one the team looks to. And since we’re being brutally honest, the 6-5 QB has not been extremely accurate overall, with 9 games completing a miserable 59% or less. Those kinds of numbers are not going to win a whole lot of games for the G-men. When a QB is struggling to get the ball to his weapons – there typically are not good results.

He has shown to have some solid athletic ability being able to bust out of the pocket when things are collapsing around him – as has been showcased with his career 6.38 YDs /carry. And the 24 year old doesn’t take off immediately when things are falling apart – because he instinctively trusts his progression to find his guys, which is a good thing. As he doesnt panic – but he has had a problem being able to get the ball there, when he does sling it.

The division is not pretty but it certainly has a lot of movement for positive directions. The New York Giants can be a division winner, just as much as the next team. There genuinely isn’t a strong leader in the NFC East. Washington has made it clear that defense it’s going to be the biggest part of this team’s identity, as they dont have a great offensive tack or passing game. Dallas, regardless of how inconsistent they’ve been – still have a strong RB and some very dangerous WRs, and I do think, as well, that Dak Prescott is very underrated. Philly made some moves and has been rebuilding. This is the “magical 3rd year” for the former 6th overall pick – this is the year a QB has absolutely got to make or break it.

The Giants have made every possible move they could think of to try and surround him with help. 6-4 Kenny Golladay is a great deep threat receiver who can make big plays downfield, as he showed when he was in Detroit. The former Lion brings length and speed, he is coming off an injury plagued season, but with 11 TDs and 1190 YDs in 2019, he has shown he can carry the load as a WR1 when given the opportunity. Darius Slayton is also a receiver who showed the ability to be able to make plays with 50 catches and 751 yards and also chipped in with 3 TDs last year. 24 year old Saquon Barkley is a powerful and explosive RB coming back with the huge exponential ability to break off huge plays and to also be able to make plays out of the backfield with his hands, as he had 143 catches out of the backfield his first 29 games. How he will bounce back from his injury – we will see.

We need to stop pretending that “Danny Dimes” is as good as they want us to believe, he has not been worth the 6th overall draft pick from back in 2019. This is it for Daniel Jones put up or shut up – this is going to be the year we see what he can do. There are no more excuses – he has the team around him to show what he has. New York has shown they believe in him by not drafting a QB in this year’s draft.

If Daniel Jones does not show vast improvement this year with the team around him – I believe the Giants will either be drafting a QB next year – or making the move for a free agent.

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