Is Luka the best player in the NBA

The NBA resumes tonight with the second half of the season after the All-Star Break. We start off with a very general, yet very honest, statement.
Luka Doncic is a phenomenal player and still very young.
The 22 year old is putting up 26ppg, 8rpg, 9apg, with 13 games with 30 or more points this season. He has an almost throwback style that reminds me of old school guys – he has the presence and the skills to be one of the best I have ever watched play the game ever. The pace of the game today is much different compared to what it was years ago, so I think it is easier to get flashier numbers. Centers are running offenses like a point guard, and putting up 3s from different zip codes and knocking them down. Regardless of his generation.

I still feel the current lack of fundamentals runs amok in the NBA, which makes what Doncic does every night even more ridiculous. He has the important and basic fundamentals, he does the little things that are needed on the court. Basic off the ball stuff has just gone missing from much of the NBA these days, with the majority of teams playing the same pick and roll, 3point shot heavy styles with barely any movement on the court apart from the guy setting the initial pick. The 6-7 SG creates a fundamental game for Dallas, from the repetitive style of today’s game. Yes they still put up 37 shots from behind the arc, which is 9th in the NBA – they play to the standards of the NBA, but Doncic brings a core in their offense and a winning mentality.

Doncic has a tough streak as well – as he seems to seek out contact to wear out teams, and get opponents into trouble. His game would have transferred into the fantastic 80s and into the gritty 90s. The Slovenian leads the Mavs this season with 8 FTA /game – there is nobody on the team who gets to the line more than 3.4 times /game. As much as I am a huge fan of the older game, the current NBA game does have a lot of improved qualities than what was on the court in the 90s. Let’s call it like it is. These guys of today, are far better shooters, and more athletic. The range the league has these days is insane – and their athleticism is better.

The former overall 3rd pick is a monstrous player who is a truly complete player and a super gifted athlete, and to be blatantly honest, nobody can defend him. Having shot better than 46% or more, in 59% of his games this year, and having led the Mavs to an 11-3 record when firing 8 or more from downtown after 32 games, he does what he wants night in and night out. He can shoot with clean accuracy, he can rebound better than most other forwards, and passes better than most PGs.

Luka Doncic is an offensive machine, he knows his purpose for Dallas. He is a class act, with a strong mind and a special style of his own, he just keeps doing what he does, every night. LeBron James was once the best player in the league, although still one of the best, those years have passed. There are many younger players and they are taking over, but right now, give me Luka Doncic over any of them.

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