NBA’s Phoenix Suns has promise with their young team

The Phoenix Suns have been struggling for years, to find the right team chemistry that is necessary for them to make a push for a division title, let alone for the NBA title. With an average of just 22 wins /season since 2015 – and not winning 50 or more games since 2009.
Things have not been very good.
But, the Suns have a very talented young core with Deandre Ayton, Kelly Oubre, and Devin Booker, Booker will be just 24, Oubre will only be 25, and Ayton is just 21. At this stage of their careers, they are still just scratching the surface of their talent and their potential is very high.
There was a time when the Suns couldn’t hold their own with the likes of the Bucks, Houston, and Boston, but things are looking up.
The Suns have had their best season since 2014 and this 2020-21 team has a lot of winning talent.

Booker has the ability to put the ball on the floor, which in turn, puts a lot more pressure on the defender to have to watch for the cutter, because of his savvy passing ability, along with his lethal shooting of 49% and 26ppg. The 6-11 Ayton has been putting up 19ppg in the frontcourt, allowing Oubre to move around the perimeter – where Oubre is hanging his own 19 /game and shooting 35% from behind the arc. Ayton is not afraid to bring his tough bigman game to the court – he is the “lunchpail” kind of player, all teams love to have, and the Suns should definitely be glad to have him on their team, especially when it comes to his rebounding, where he is grabbing 12 /game, including 21 games of 3 or more off the offensive glass. Booker, Oubre, and Ayton all play around 33+ minutes /game, and get up more than 47 total shots /game.

The Suns have accomplished a lot with their offense with their young squad, putting up 113ppg, which puts them currently at 14th in the NBA.
It is the defensive side that needs the most improvement, which has not been out of the 20’s ranking since 2002, and if they hit the glass better, as a team, along with even slowing down their pacing – they could find themselves as a team that could get into the playoffs. Combining players who compliment each other is a great thing to have, and they have a team that can be good – having this kind of offensive punch should bring peace of mind to a team that should feel it’s on the cusp of getting to be a playoff team.

Not much has been expected of the young Phoenix team for many seasons, but they have shown they will not be pushed around by anyone.
Despite their aspirations – losing a lot leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but pushing the better teams in the NBA to the brink is a reason to feel hopeful, and hold their heads high. They can be a tough group to compete against in years to come with more growth and maturity from their young players, Phoenix needs to keep moving with these guys, and keep improving their defense.

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