The Suns Devin Booker is a rising NBA Star

Devin Booker’s 26ppg performance is sadly getting overlooked by many, based on the team’s 26-39 record. But, make no mistake about it – Booker is coming off a phenomenal year. Having dropped 30 pts or more in 48% of the games this season, and carrying around a 26 ppg stat is pretty stout – along with drilling 49% of his shots from the field. The Suns finished very strong in the bubble and now added Chris Paul. Can a team guard somebody who can pull up basically from where ever they want and knock down buckets – and at the same time still be able to put the ball on the floor and drive and score at the pot? Every player in the game isn’t going to be built like a brick – but players can become just as dangerous by working on a deadly jump shot – as he certainly has.

Booker has been a weaker defender – as teams seem to try to pick on him in the tight moments of the game, where sometimes he seems to be aloof, but he plays pretty well against stronger opponents – with speed and timing shown over his 62 games he has played. He also is improving with cutting off lanes in the paint – but his biggest strength, without question, is his high ended offensive ability, he is an effortless positive contributor on the court. To me, Booker shows a lot of similarities to Dwyane Wade – but, with better range. And his feathery release gives him a ton of confidence.

He is the perfect cornerstone for a small ball team. As his shooting skills are off the chart, with 49% FG, hitting 36% from long range, and is still improving his mid range game – the next thing he needs to do is build a better defensive game, and a playoff body, as his build isn’t the biggest or toughest physique. Because that’s a different kind of play, as we all know, it gets a little tougher, and more physical.

He has been a stud, and an offensive behemoth for Phoenix – a blazing fire of offense. He needs the team to focus on D – as a better defense around him would be good. With no other guys on the team able to shut down any player or defend very well – it is going to be hard for him to outscore everyone else all the time. Booker, on his own, can dominate the scoreboard vs any team, which is a great start. He has a very bright future in the NBA – we will see how it plays out – it is tough for a solely offensive minded player to carry a team to anywhere very deep in the playoffs. Booker may not be a guy who can carry Phoenix to the championship on his shoulders alone – but he is definitely a guy where they can win – if there are some moves made in place for him to help lead the Suns to the NBA Playoffs.

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