2 players on the Eagles that nobody is paying attention to

Because the Eagles are having such a disappointing and miserable season – it is easy to look over and ignore players on their team. They aren’t scaring anybody on the field, and they aren’t winning games – so why pay attention to anyone there? Because they do have some good and skilled talent on their sub .500 team.

Philadelphia has shown throughout the years that if they have guys with top end production, it has the chance to push them to the next level. They’ve had the likes of Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook in some great seasons where they won 12+ games and got to Super Bowls. Philadelphia is no stranger to having some pristine players that bleed green and bring them crazy fan support.

The Eagles have had some good contributions from several rotational players in recent seasons – some that were really good in their specific roles. We will take a look at a couple guys who have been their best players, players who don’t stop on the field, and many havent talked about in forever, for the Eagles. A couple in particular, that could easily be classed as overlooked.

Brandon Graham / 11 years / DE
There is plenty to like about the way Graham goes about his business on the field – he moves and attacks with violence and passion. Graham probably should have gone higher on the draft, than 13th back in 2010 – but then he probably would have been grabbed by a team that might not have used him the way the “Iggles” have over the years. He has brought the best QB pressure for them this year.

Graham was given the chance to take his game to another level, back in 2017 when he brought 9.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss to Philly – and with 8.5 sacks and 17 QB hits last season I think more opened their eyes. This year, at age 32,  Graham has been primed to bring his game even higher, as he is on pace for 14 sacks and around a career high in QB hits – he seems to play with a chip on his shoulder and it has been shown that he has all the tools of an excellent QB seeker for Philly.

If he continues his destructive course on becoming the key defensive guy for them – it will immediately improve the Eagles chances of making the postseason. I think he is still just getting into his best – he has a ton of upside. If Philadelphia can improve their LBs in the process, then the Eagles could have a tremendous front on their hands. The Eagles should be very excited to have him.

Miles Sanders / 2nd year / RB
Miles Sanders athletic traits have only been matched by his outstanding ability to be able to dip out of trouble when guys are crashing in around him. The 215lb RB has gotten into the opponents 2nd level consistently on his way to an awesome 6.1 YPC and 434 rushing YDs this year. Sanders also corralled 50 catches, while racking up 509 from the air in 2019.

There are plenty of really preeminent and dynamic traits surrounding Sanders – his toughness and legs in particular. He has all the speed and vision needed to be the real deal, and has grabbed a more prominent role in the Eagles offense, going from a very good 4.6 YPC in 2019 to 6.1 YPC this year. He has tremendous upside after a very good 2019 campaign – and he is only getting better.

And the increased responsibility is only going to assist in getting the best out of the 23 year old. He has the physical tools to be an elite player for Philly for many years to come. Getting him even more touches is something that will bode well for the Philadelphia Eagles organization. The former PSU back-fielder is a serious RB, with awesome skills who has quietly come to the frontline. With his knee injury it will hamper their odds tremendously, they absolutely need him in order to be somewhat competitive.

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