Tom Brady has changed the culture in Tampa Bay

Last season, Tom Brady passed for 4,057 yards with 24 TD passes and just 8 interceptions – and it was widely looked at as a down year. His 4,057 passing YDs was better than Aaron Rodgers – however, Brady completed just 60.8% of his passes in the season. I guess that is what was unacceptable. We are so used to the 65% passing pct seasons – that is called spoiled, and borderline underappreciated. He also averaged just 6.6 yards per attempt in 2019 which is not great, he definitely wasn’t launching the ball downfield in New England. Brady is nearing the end of his career, at age 43, he’s certainly not a kid. But he’s shown over the last 3-4 years that he can still be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. With over 16500 YDs and 113 TD passes in the last 4 seasons, that has been verified, including, at 40, led the NFL in pass attempts and YPG.

Now, Brady has restarted his career after 20 outstanding years with the New England Patriots unleashes a bunch of super interesting issues. Along with hope and a ton of fun possibilities for Tampa. He doesn’t scramble like Winston with a career 4.2 YPC, and he probably can’t fire the ball like Winston can either. But he brings the link to a team that has won just an average of 6.5 games over the last 4 seasons. So far, in 2020 – they are 5-2, well on their way to crushing their win average.

We all know Mr Tom Terrific is accurate, and has only thrown a total of 29 interceptions in his previous 4 seasons. Which is less than Winston threw last season alone, where he threw the big 3-0. Winston has thrown 88 picks in his 5 seasons in Tampa – with 3 seasons with 15 or more thrown picks. Brady brought a far less risky style of play. Brady heading to Tampa Bay was the story during the off-season, and getting a chance to play with guys who are not just adequate, but top quality. His best receivers in New England were Julian Edelman and Mohamed Sanu. Edelman wasn’t able to stay on the field, and Sanu was good for under 26 YD /game. His tight ends, Benjamin Watson and Matt LaCosse, were all but irrelevant with a combined 1 TD and 30 catches.

TB12 now also has a sweet running game to enjoy, led by Ronald Jones at running back. The 23 year old RB Ronald Jones II – who has rushed for an impressive 506 yards and 4 scores out of the backfield. And he has exceeded all expectations after a tricky first 2 years – and once 230lb RB, Leonard Fournette gets healthy, the Bucs can have a wicked dual threat backfield. That is an awful lot to handle coming from behind the Oline – with Brady as their QB, the Buccaneers offense will likely get even better, as the season goes on. They have put up 31 or more in 4 of 7 games – and Brady’s numbers have been getting better as we move forward in the 2020 year. The big question will be if the rest of the team can rise up along with him – these guys hadn’t had someone with his drive or expectations on the field with them. He expects production and drive from his guys.

Brady has a ton of talent on the field with him, with receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. A couple of really good WRs who had almost 2500 YDs and 17 TDs last year between them – this year Evans has 6 TDs and Godwin has added almost 70 YDs /game – they have been more than ok with “the old fella” slinging the ball. If Godwin can get 100% – the Bucs success will be multiplied – he has only played in 4 games, his presence on the field makes them that much more dangerous. Brady’s having elite wide receiver talent in Evans and Godwin is going to only help him even more as we move along.

Tampa Bay now has an MVP quarterback, a strong run game and a legit defense that gives up just around 20ppg. These are all the exact important things every team in the NFL wants to have. The Buccaneers offense with Brady slinging it, running the rock, and a good D – I think have a heavy hand on the pulse of the postseason.  Tom Brady can and will lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the playoffs. The Buccaneers face a few more tough opponents this year in the Saints and the Chiefs – if they win the games they “should win” – then they can easily get 12-13 wins, and be fighting for homefield as well. New Orleans and Carolina just do not have the completeness to win the NFC South division – Tampa Bay will have a chance to win with No. 12 under center.

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