Will we see Jameis Winston at QB for New Orleans this season

Jameis Winston was signed to the New Orleans Saints for $1.1 million – a giant difference to the prior money he was previously making. The move was expected, but I still think Winston has starting QB talent talent. When Brees retires, I think Winston will get his chance to get the QB1 spot. Look at what Teddy Bridgewater accomplished under Brees, he got actual important game time and built the confidence that he needed with Brees out, and won much needed games. This was a great pick up, as Winston will be learning the position from one of the all time best. Teddy has a career 38 TDs, which is nothing great, and he looked better in New Orleans than he did in his previous years playing. Jameis has far more potential to explode, but a lower floor. Teddy isn’t nearly as much of a risk taker as Winston is. There’s risk vs reward theory between them. Jameis can certainly fire the ball and hang points on the board far better than Teddy has shown to be able to do, as shown by their 1.68 to 0.86 TD ratio /game differential. Although, Teddy is far more likeable and seems to be a great guy, which makes him a guy people root for. But, if we are being honest, as far as QB skills, Jameis is better, as far as arm strength, footwork, and courage.

If anyone thinks that the Saints aren’t going to give a guy like Winston control of that offense when Drew Brees retires, then maybe they don’t understand the reason he was brought in. Drew Brees is 41 years old, he likely isn’t going to play for a whole lot longer, which I also think the Saints know this. They are getting prepared for the shift. Winston is just 25, and still has some enormous potential, he was lighting up defenses for 274 yards /game in his 5 years in Tampa Bay. And the way the Saints play, Jameis likely wouldn’t have to throw 35 times a game, with Alvin Kamara in the backfield, but know that he has the arm to be able to unleash if need be. Playing on a better balanced team, like New Orleans is great for any QB, let alone, a guy like Winston, who hasn’t been able to enjoy any semblance of offensive balance. I don’t think they are going to bring Jameis in to run the team the exact same way Drew ran things, but they will let Winston take over a game much more than they allowed Teddy to.

Jameis was a 1st overall pick, in 2015, I think most people would agree he’s talented, with a cannon of an arm, and can make big plays. He’s also been a turnover machine, with 88 career picks, including 3 seasons of 15 or more, and 50 career fumbles.But he’s also been a TD and passing yard machine as well, with 121, including 3 seasons with 22+ TDs and 11 game winning drives, and with 3 seasons throwing for 4000 YDs or more in his backpack. I think being on the bench can be very humbling for him since he’s not been anything but QB1 since high school, I feel this could help him. His career is definitely savable, he’s young, and getting the chance to learn from a future HOFer QB like Drew Brees will be invaluable.

Jameis going to New Orleans was a very good signing, he could be very good, with better decision-making. As long as he can eliminate the stupid interceptions, New Orleans will have a fantastic QB on their hands. I firmly believe the Saints will be able to turn him around under the legendary Brees and his QB smarts.

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