The Chicago Bears have been far better than we expected

Every year there are tons of football predictions – and every year they are made out to be wrong. Dallas was going to be great in 2018, starting off 3-0, by the bye week it showed that was a lie. In 2019, the Los Angeles Rams were going to dominate the season – by week 6, it showed that was also a lie…
Catch my drift?

There’s an awful lot that can happen over 16 games for anyone to truly know what is going to happen in an NFL season. It’s fun to guess and predict – but there’s always that team or player, that leaves us all shaking our heads. Coming into the 2020 season most thought that the Chicago Bears were a team that was still working on a lot of things and that their football squad was going to bumble along through another middling season.
Murmurs of 6-10, were in the midst!

“Da Bears” have a relatively older roster – then they added more experience to the team, through free agency, where they grabbed FS Tashaun Gipson from Houston. The signing of Gipson – definitely solidified the secondary for them. The huge influence that the 30 year old has had on the field has been great, with 28 total tackles and a game saving pick a few weeks ago. The 6-1 DB has always been productive, averaging 56 tackles /season since 2017 and compiling 24 career picks. His awareness is masterful – and has a great personality with teammates, Gipson brings a confidence which really helps their stud, Eddie Jackson and 22 year old rookie Jaylon Johnson when they are pressing. The 3 of them have been giving opponents plenty of headaches on game day. Having these guys to lurk in the secondary has meant that the Bears have enjoyed a secondary that is giving up very little through the airwaves. Giving up just 4 passing TDs and just 5.7 YPA has been a great feeling for the offense, when they get on the field.

Another reason for the revival of Chicago has been their passing attack. It is certainly hard to imagine a player doing more for his team than what Nick Foles brings to the field. After being smacked around throughout – Foles took the field for the Bears and as per his resume, brought them to a 30-26 win over Atlanta. He isn’t dominating or the most electrifying guys – but nobody finds a way to get more out of his QB skills, like he does. Foles still has so much respect for what he did back in 2017 with Philly. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mitchell Trubisky was having a better season that was expected from a guy with a career 6.7 YPA. But, I feel that we all saw the writing on the wall since they signed Foles. Trubisky got to get the respectful starting position, as it was his team for 3 seasons. But, we all know he just never has seemed to be “the guy” for the Bears. Nick seems to have this inspirational way of being able to will the team to win – despite not having any top 5 WRs on the team.
Foles is a winner, plain and simple.
Nick’s leadership qualities, his demeanor, and his arm will push Chicago to achieve what they have with less than what would be considered “great.” It’s true that the Bears are the shakiest of the winning teams.  But, with Foles on the field – the Bears will have a better chance to win.  

The uncertainty of sports is exactly what makes sports worth watching –  the skill, underdogs winning, and the unbridled competition. If we all knew what was the outcome every single time – would we really be all that interested? Most expected the Chicago Bears to be a middling football team, at best. But, we just can’t brush off the teams that keep fighting when they’re behind. The team that can pull out the W over the last second win or fighting back in the 4th. The Bears are a team that looks at the scoreboard, and know they need to pull it together – or they go home with the “L”.

No one expected anything from this team coming into this season – and now they are tied for first in the NFC North. And no one thought of them possibly fighting for the division – but a few games in, their heart and resolve have shown to be pretty strong. Who knows what we will be talking about in 5-6 weeks time.

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