The Vikings struggling without Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs was traded for a bag of stale oreo’s and a side order of soggy fries. Looking at the trade, it surely seems that he was more about his own numbers on the field, than the Minnesota Vikings. Stefon Diggs was more about himself more than he was about how the team was doing. A perfect example of a team first guy is TE Kyle Rudolph – he hardly got any targets the first half of the year – but we heard nothing about it. Diggs just couldn’t handle having another receiver on the team that got more attention than he was getting.
Diggs has now tarnished “the miracle” by his selfishness. This was a very good trade for the Vikings. The problem for Diggs is that he knew he wasn’t the WR1 on the team, and he knew he wouldn’t be paid as the Vikes WR1. Spielman has proven many times over he is very good at finding talent in later rounds of the draft, and the Vikings got a bunch of draft picks – for a draft class extremely deep at WR – plus they got the added bonus of stopping the drama that he brought.
I do not understand why Diggs would want to leave a top 10 Vikings offense to go and join the 23rd ranked Bills offense with a really young and inaccurate QB? We will see how much he enjoys playing in Buffalo with Josh Allen’s inaccuracy hitting just under 59% of his pass attempts. Allen has struggled with bad throws, he may have the arm to launch it, but his accuracy isn’t there. Buffalo was a decent team last season at 10-6, but Allen isn’t anywhere near a top QB so I am sure he will be upset over something again, by end of the season. People can laugh and bang on Kirk Cousins, for whatever he does on the field, but his less than 16% of his passes being logged as bad throws and 79% on target passing numbers are nothing to sneeze at.
The Vikes still have 29 year old Theilen, and his effortless WR skills, along with former LSU stud WR, Justin Jefferson, that they drafted 22nd overall, I think the Vikings will be ok. Diggs also has had the odd tendency to simply just disappear at times, as he had some problems playing on the road. Their TE crew, and Jefferson will help to compliment Thielen – who brings a hometown love and no drama to the team.
This was an excellent deal for the Vikings – Minnesota doesn’t need the hot headed drama that Diggs brought to the table, regardless of how talented he is. He will miss having 1600 total YDs weapon, Dalvin, 69% passer, Kirk and “always open” Adam on his team. Trust me, that reality will kick in after about 4-5 weeks. Diggs will be dealing with a whole lot of added pressure with being a WR1 on a “learning curve” team now, as well. The Vikings can challenge for a championship with what they have as weapons with Thielen and crew, Buffalo will not.
Don’t get me wrong, Diggs is a polished WR, and I am sure he will have his games where he gets to smile and get the crowd pumped up, and have his moments to shine.
But, with Stefon Diggs also comes some weird drama, if things aren’t going his way.
No Minnesota fan should be very disappointed with this trade other than the nostalgia factor of what he brought with him with the “Minneapolis Miracle”
His attitude will not be missed on the NFL field.
The Minnesota Vikings won out for the Stefon Diggs trade.

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