Can Mitch Trubisky get to the next level

I never was someone who head first bought into Mitch Trubisky coming out of North Carolina. With an 8-5 season on his shoulder and 13 starts in 2016 – it wasn’t enough for me to think he was going to be a big-time star in the NFL. Trubisky was very accurate in college, with 67% for his career – but had a good college receiving core with Ryan Switzer and Bug Howard, and I feel his one good year in UNC brought him some overvalued praise. But I would think many of us thought Jared Goff was a bust, after his 2016 season with 54% passing and his poor decision making – and we were proven wrong, with his 2 consecutive seasons of 28+ TDs and 62% passing rate – so who knows?
I think there has been some improvement across the board, as he had gone from 59% to 66% completion rate from 2017-2018 and 2.1% to 5.5% TD rate in the same period – all the while learning the QB position in the NFL under different regimes. Not too bad. And Trubisky only had one year under Nagy and before that – John Fox didn’t do anything to help him, and as he gets more comfortable in the Bears offense, I think he should improve his game. This is his 3rd season – in his 1st season, he was stuck with Fox – who was tanking the team, and he only played 12 games. In 2018 he played with a new head coach, with a new scheme, and he helped bring them to the postseason, and being honest – Trubisky was a very big part in last years success. Mitch isn’t the greatest passer in the league and probably never will be, but he has the ability to win the game for his team or lose it for them.
I don’t see Bears Mitch ever being a 40 passes / game, spread offense type QB, and he isn’t necessarily one the QB types that people crave to watch play the game.  In his first season in the Nagy offense – he started out shaky in the first 3 games – but then looked good heading through the last 3 games of the season with 3TD and 0 picks over the last few games. He has been more than subpar this season with 0 TDs thrown yet – so the process needs to stay the course.
A huge problem with this generation of fans – is they expect these young guys to come out of school and dominate the league, and win a SuperBowl right away. Only a small amount of guys have been able to do that – most probably should ride the pine before taking over – and earn the chance to be the guy. He has shown a few glimpses of being the Bears long time QB –  but his WR group have not been great either. Mitch needs to stop getting so anxious, and trust his guys – one of his biggest issues has been his consistency, with several games of less than 60% passing and 4 games with 2+ picks and then 3 games with 3+ TD passes and 3 games with 70%or better passing along with carrying a 10+ YPA in those games in 2018 – and it is obvious he is still working out some off season rust.
I wasn’t a fan of the pick in 2017 – and I still don’t think they should have traded what they did for him – and he has been awful so far with 174 YPG and a 58% completion pct. I think this season cam still end up as a leap for him and Nagy – Mitch Trubisky should get better – and I do look for him to improve. He still is making some poor decisions, and I think this high expectationed season could make or break him. But, Trubisky is nowhere near his ceiling yet. The Bears have looked less than great so far at 1-1 and are at the bottom of the NFL in passing yards this season – and Mitch has been repugnant at the helm. Trubisky seems to be getting more comfortable in the pocket – but the 25 year old still needs to get better with going through progressions, I don’t think I see him ever cracking the top 5 – but I think he could be in the top 12-15 conversation.
So here we go.

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