How Khalil Mack has changed the Bears

The Chicago Bears picked up the 27 year old Khalil Mack – to bring to their roster. When they grabbed him – the Bears immediately thought Mack would be the answer to their unsuccessful and poor season woes. Mack went to a team with a proud history, and Mack has an amazing track record, that has immediately brought a great defensive presence to the Chicago organization. With 231 tackles and 40.5 sacks with the Raiders, and an incredible head for the game, over the previous 4 seasons – it was something the Bears certainly wanted to have on their struggling team.
The Bears had played many of the previous seasons without great offensive threats, with a low ended offensive team – but then they brought in Mack to immediately upgrade their already high ranked defensive squad to improve an already solid defense. Khalil has been playing great for the Raiders – and was contributing immensely for them, before being traded to Chicago.
The Chicago Bears have lacked a truly powerful presence on the defensive side of the ball for numerous seasons. Getting Khalil Mack was almost like a dream come true. Khalil brings a very real, and very serious threat to their opponents.
The Bears have only had 2 seasons of 10+ wins since 2007 – and that isn’t a good thing for any team to have hanging over their heads.
With that, the Bears haven’t been able to finish games with overwhelming defense and a bad offense. Since 2007 they have only had 4 seasons ranking in the top 10 for opponents ppg defense. And the Bears haven’t had a truly dominant defensive player since the likes of Richard Dent, Steve McMichael or a LB like Brian Urlacher. For a proud and gritty team like Chicago that has always had an enterprise for defense and brought fear to opponents, that is unacceptable.
They desperately needed a serious option for the team to look to – to make the big play, the big stop when needed – Chicago had just 1 season of 42 or more sacks since 2013 – adding Mack will immediately help them improve that and be able to terrify opponents for years to come. The team is already expected for 50+ sacks for this season. Khalil has gotten the Bears team ready to take the next steps, with great energy and an amazing motor. They have not always made the best defensive adjustments for the team recently,  but Mack brings excellent defensive leadership and a great leader to the team. Chicago can now change things up by picking up their pace or even by throwing in an unexpected blitzes through the game.
There’s something very hopeful about a team that makes the big moves, has a healthy roster, and has a new young coach in Matt Nagy who knows the game more for today’s style, and is much more open to ideas, that has to get teams more concerned. When the Chicago Bears are invading opponents on the field teams pay attention. Khalil Mack is going to instantly change the culture of Chicago Bears – and the Bears defensive system is built for his aggressive style.
There is really is no other way to win the big time game unless a team goes for the jugular; with Khalil Mack and a new offense with some spark, they will now be able to. This team is one that was slightly better than its 5-11 record in 2017, and given the supporting cast around their young QB, Mitch Trubisky – adding Khalil Mack to their already good D is going to get them over the hump, and fervently make the move to get to the postseason for the first time since 2010.
Mack is one of the best defensive players in the game – and very dangerous to offenses and any other player he goes up against. Teams will not be able to handle his speed and his power and will not be able to match up vs his skills. The 6-3 DE is a silky smooth player who brings great talent and a proud game back to the Chicago Bears. With a defensive TD, 4 forced fumbles, and 5 sacks over 5 games this year, Mack has delivered a truckload of abuse and has been monstrosity to a middling team that has needed a defensive leader for some time. The other teams in the division are in for a tough time dealing with Da Bears and their dominant pass rusher for years to come.
Mack has found a fantastic landing spot for himself, going to Chicago – I fully expect Mack to bring a great future to the Chicago Bears – in a very short time.  This is a positive move for Chicago – as they have put up just an average of 7-9 record since 2011, and haven’t won a division title since 2010. Simply put, Khalil Mack has and will, deliver when the pressure gets at its greatest for this team.

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