MLB World Series Pick

World Series Picks

October is in full swing and while some of the sports world is tuned into the NFL other fans are concentrating on the old classic of fall baseball. Since this is the case, it is important to realize the battle for the World Series berth is definitely going to be a great struggle and one that only one team from the AL and one from the NL will reach. So which two of the teams are going to be making it to the World Series and which ones are going to be left sitting to watch the rest of the series?

AL Winner – Cleveland Indians

The Indians are not a favorite team for a lot of expert handicappers or even the odds makers in Vegas. However, the scrappy way the Indians were playing in the games all season definitely will lend to some credence of the Indians being able to pick up a few wins and make it to the series. Not to mention, the Indians have a fairly well balanced offense that is not relying on a single hitter to get the winning runs in for them. With the way the Indians play small ball as well, it will really help the Indians out as the ball will not fly out of the part as often in October.

The Red Sox and Yankees  are good teams and could pose a serious threat for the Indians, but they are teams that really seem to have worn themselves out in the regular season. You just have to look at some of the Yankees starters to see they lost a lot of velocity on pitches in September to see the long season wore on the pitchers.

NL Winner – Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have been able to battle through a lot of teams this year and even had to win a one game championship win for the NL West title. Not to mention the Dodgers have a younger pitching staff that was not really overworked at all during the regular season. Not to mention the Dodgers have been consistent in hitting on the year so far it is easy to see the Dodgers coming out of the NL swinging.

When you look at the Brewers or the Rockies you will notice that the only team between them that could challenge the Dodgers would be the Rockies. However, the Rockies were dominated in the regular season by the Dodgers and the Brewers, they simple to not have a pitching staff that will be able to stand up to the rigors that are seen in the playoffs.

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