Online Sportsbooks Gearing Up for Huge Football Season

Now that the United States Supreme Court has opened the doors to online sports gambling, gamblers are making a mad dash to find a great bookie for the upcoming NFL and NCAA College Football season. This year promises to be better than ever and there are more than a few teams that have a chance e to make the Superbowl.


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The Eagles were not on too many peoples list this time last year to win it all but look at them now. In football, you never know and when one team gets on a roll like the Eagles dud, they can ride the wave to a title. Who will it be this year and can the Eagle repeat? Yes, they can repeat. Don’t forget the two headed monster at the quarterback position between Wentz and Foles. This team is stacked with greatness and they will absolutely be a tough contender throughout the season.


Now is the time that you must be thinking of the finding a great-top notch bookie service. There are hundreds of them out there but don’t sell yourself short. Find one that has a great reputation for quick and easy payouts and find one that offers competitive odds.


What to look for:


Find a worthy sportsbook that caters to football.


Now, this may sound strange. You are probably thinking that most every sportsbook caters to football. That’s true. Most sportsbooks absolutely offer it along with all the major sports. The key word here is “worthy”. Who gets your business this year and why; is the question that you should be asking.

Questions to live by before depositing to a sportsbook:

  • Do they cater to American players?

  • Do they have a standup reputation for paying out?

  • Do they offer a 24/7 customer service hotline, with English speaking agents?

  • What about bonuses, do they offer good ones or only ones that will kill you with rollover?

  • Deposit options, are they quick easy and convenient?

  • Are their lines/odds competitive?


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These are just a few of the many questions that you will want to ask yourself before laying down your hard-earned cash. There are untold numbers of online sportsbooks, how can you possibly know which one or ones are best for you? Think of who you have been with. Are you 100% happy with their services? Do they or have they met every promise that they made to you? What about transparency, do you feel they are honest and upfront about their rules, regulations, and policies? You work hard for a living; you want playing to be easy. Who wants to hassle with not getting paid? You gamble for fun, but you gamble to win money. When you win, you want to be paid. If you are unhappy or simply would like to look around at the competition this year, then you should do so. A smart player will always keep more than one sportsbook in their portfolio. You must have more than one.

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